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eagleeye23 13th Sep 2010 02:35

Can anybody tell me if one if one does not get selected first time, how long should you wait before re-applying? Thanks in advance

eagleeye23 13th Sep 2010 02:39

Applying second time
Can anybody tell me how long you should wait before you re-apply after having not been selected first time. Thanks

Capt Krunch 13th Sep 2010 05:43


no less that 1 year.

poisoned by compromise

fight30 13th Sep 2010 11:37

Qatar Interview
Hi guys,

Just looking for any up to date and relevant info on the interview process. I have been called for interview next week and would appreciate any info.

I know some of you will begin to complain and tell me to use the search function... I have.... most of the info is months if not years old. I have read all 100 pages of this thread.

If anyone has any info or tips on the interview, exam, or sim I would (and others) would love to hear them or feel free to PM me also.

Thank you in advance

non0 14th Sep 2010 07:06

what is the latest package deal for FO?
Can someone confirm what's written on pjn? thanks

"FO Base 18000 QR + flight hours 10300 housing. No more housing allowance since 1 year. All F.O allocated in company accomodations with cameras and airline staff personnel to check incoming and outcoming guests, etc"

777LR Driver 14th Sep 2010 10:02

FO's deal:-

18000QR Basic
300QR Utility Allowance
1500QR Transport allowance
50000QR Schooling (per annum)
300QR Utilities
90QR per hour flying rate + overnight allowances that differ from destination to destination. (between 150QR to 250QR per night)

Word on the street is now that FO's are able to take the housing allowance which is 10000QR - things are changing. :ok:

non0 14th Sep 2010 10:42

Thanks 777

... and everything tax free? do they have a sort of 401k?
what is the money conversion behind the benefit from their website
  • Comprehensive life insurance:
  • Loss of licence insurance:
  • End of service gratuity:

777LR Driver 14th Sep 2010 11:00

Once you get here you'll need to open an account based in Doha, whichever bank you'd like it to be and you'll be paid tax free into that - then its up to you if you want to transfer it etc.

Medical insurance covers everything excl - dental, optical and maternal.
Loss of licence - can't remember off top of my head but can find out.

Mach4000 14th Sep 2010 11:46

Hey guys.

Do any of you guys have some info regading the S/O t&c's? How long until F/O? Upgrade on same type etc?

169west 14th Sep 2010 13:02

Talking about Banks
Which Bank are available and what they offer.
Everybody suggest IBQ and HSBC but what about other option and why?

gesot 14th Sep 2010 16:01

There are 3 stages : a) Written test b) interview c) SIM probably on A330 .

ACE is enough i think for the written test. At interview, i was in more than one hour . Interview questions were about the history of Qatar Airways , why you want to join Qatar , about your self etc.
The SIM was in A330. With two engines all the time and they don't let you to use even the FPV. ILS on EGLL 27R.

I attended the assessment 9 days ago and i have not any answer yet, positive or negative. If somebody has any idea, how long does an answer from Qatar take, positive or negative please inform us.

gjln 14th Sep 2010 18:17

Qatar's Email
hello everyone,
I am trying to send the Application to the email provided on the APP.
I just received a postmaster stating that this email address is full that I have to try later.
Did this happen to someone?

jetzdrvr 14th Sep 2010 18:48


it all depends on where you live. If in the US. You are allowed up to 94,000 a year tax free and you deduct out of that any days you spend in the US. Also, you have to be a bonnafind resident is I think is what they call it. You can really check it out yourself on the IRS website.

for all those that have interviews coming up, where is your interview?

Mine was in Miami. 5 out of 9 guys failed the written and I have no sympathy for them whatsoever, you come unprepared and this is what you get. Study the Ace the Pilot interview book and you will be fine. A lot of ICAO questions. Make sure you know length in meter or at least how to convert.

As far as the HR, make sure you know a lot about QR and their history. And you can find it all online. I was actually surprised to find out they have won the best cabin award 6 years in a row. And they are proud of many of their awards. Also answer honestly. They asked me what is something I have done that I should have delegated to somone else, and what is a mistake I made on a checkride. Well all make mistakes what they want to know is what have you learned from a mistake you made.

The sim ride was in an A320 and it was ok other than the A320 does not have chevrons for the power setting. I am not sure if they have an A330 in Miami. I am used to placing the throttle by looking at the chevrons. I bought the ADD ON for FS X Airbus Series volume 2 A330/340. That was more than enough to get me ready even though they put me in an A320 sim. The only difference was the power settings. They even asked me on the interview what I did to prepare for interview and I told them.

I think it took about 2.5 weeks to tell me that they have selcted me, it's a weird letter saying they have selected you but need to finalize some paper. than a week after that they sent me an offer letter to sgin and send back to them.

I ve read all the posts over here and talk to pilots that work there. Both 777 and A320 pilots. It's not as bad as some pilots make it out to be on this forum.

JCUERVO 14th Sep 2010 19:55

Good post, a word of advice as you can imagen,
THIS IS NOT KANSAS as they say...And to be honest I would say 90%of what u read here as unbelivable as some of it might be is based in fact...

If u decide to come here its all about money or other needs! Forget career progression(as it is random at best, all about the right place and time) or adherence to contract...320 is by far the hardest fleet due to poor schedueling practices, and if you consider pay, it actually pays the least out of all the fleets (think very little per-diem and low block hours to duty time ratio) the difference can sometimes be as much as 2000$ a month as compared to a 777 FO

Like I said its mostly mind set, but everyone is dissapointed at some point in seeing how a company with so much potential and capital is managed in such a poor and unregarding way...
Rant over!

Che Xindamail 15th Sep 2010 13:44

non0, Everything is tax free. If you stay in company accomodation you won't see any bills, although if you exceed the utilities allowance the balance will be deducted from your salary (never actually checked).
Unless you have a large mortgage at home, or other payments, you will not have that many expenses in Doha apart from your car and food. That is unless you have more than one kid, in which case you will be out of pocket for school fees.
What is 401k? Can't answer that one.
F/Os now get the 10k housing allowance and are moving out of company accomodation as we speak.
Company accomodation is the luck of the draw, but at least everybody has the option of renting their own place. Never buy!

non0 15th Sep 2010 14:25

Thanks Che, check your PM!

N1 Limit 15th Sep 2010 15:37

Hey Jetzdrvr please check your inbox i sent you a PM.Regards

mikeldi 15th Sep 2010 17:13

Asessment on Ocotber 6th
Is anybody besides me invited for the interview and simulator asessment on October 6th, because I still waiting for all travel arrangements along with the qatari visa...... It`s been 13 days since I received the @-mail and the time for the interview is getting shorter.....

Fly4Fun 15th Sep 2010 18:17

So guys, for when an improvement on terms and conditions at QR?

Jeffdh17 15th Sep 2010 22:40


Recruiting has just returned from a four day holiday I believe. That's probably why the inbox is full. Perhaps they will get it cleaned out and allow you to send it over soon!

Good Luck.

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