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Qatari515 30th Jul 2009 10:32


try to differentiate between "pro-company" and objective mate! I am not pro or contra company, I just try to paint a picture coming as close as possible to reality. And if this does not match your opinion, BOOHOO! Grow up.

What is wrong with MFF anyway. Many companies do it, so why should QR not do it?
It is the only way to attract new instructors on the A320 fleet, because remember once they accept they will be stuck for several years.

And be honest, there is almost NO difference between the two types anyway! So what exactly is the big deal? I have both types on my licence since many years and it takes me exactly 1 minute to get used from one to the other when entering the flightdeck!

Safety? Dont make me laugh! QR has hired pilots form all different backgrounds with very little experience straight on the A330! If they are able to survive, so will the A320 instructors, believe me!

Or are you guys on A330 a little bit too comfortable, thinking that you are sooo much better because you fly a widebody jet? So only you should be given the chance to instruct on your BIG bird?

Wake up and smell the roses! The bigger the airplane, the easier it is to operate! It is designed that way...

That is exactly the problem with most pilots here in this region. Their ego grows with the increase of MTOW of their airplane! Just like small kids. And you know what, your bosses know that! Thats exactly how they keep on selling you lies...

Wake up boys! Pink elephants do NOT exist!

Medical: do not worry. 99% is covered by the medical insurance and most hospitals in Doha know the deal with QR staff.

loc22550 30th Jul 2009 17:29

Nothing really new..Rumors about MFF came already YEARS ago if i'm not wrong...!Nothing happens as usual...only for TRE/TRI and even some of them have been promised MFF but they are still waiting for it.....
So cool down...and believe it only when you will see it!

ARGPILOT757 30th Jul 2009 17:45

Hey guys! Anybody going for the 24th/25th Aug interviews?? Would like to share some info?? PM to me please. Thanks:ok:

The Tramp 30th Jul 2009 19:10

Interesting Q515
You are obviously not a native speaker of English, but your eloquence is charming. I fault your logic in a number of ways. The first being the 330 is not the same as the 320 and I, as you, have thousand(s) of hours on each 'type'. Each and every aircraft type has its own peculiarities and should be treated individually. For example, as an Instructor, I have seen many people being caught out by simply stepping from a 320 to a 321. (extra mass, speeds, wing loading etc)

Etihad backed away from the MFF for safety reasons. I agree, that in a dangerous manner QR has employed relatively inexperienced pilots on the larger aircraft types; BUT do do two things make a right? And I mean do-do .... cos that is what will happen, we will be in the .....

NoJoke made a post previously; and as EPR like yours, I like his. Posts that is. ;)

AirbusMaster 30th Jul 2009 19:17

to QR 515
With all respect to all opinions....MFF is a risky business when a pilot don't fly enough hours on the new type.

If QR management thinks it is useful...how come they are not going ahead with it? 1 instructor per year is a joke, or maybe just to tempt pilots to come into training!

If you want to know if the 2 planes are the same or not, please go to the sim and try landing each one of them and judge for yourself.

Some airlines stopped it after the cost of "Hard Landings" repairs bcame too high.

crj700cpt 31st Jul 2009 14:23

QR interview
Hey pilots!

Anybody going for the 24th/25th Aug interviews?
I Would like to share some info?

PM to me please.
Thanks and have a nice flighthttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

crj700cpt 31st Jul 2009 14:28

QR interview
Hey pilots.

Anybody going for the 24th/25th Aug interviews?

Please I Would like to share some informations?

Private Message to me please.

Thanks and have a nice flighthttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

gulf_slf 31st Jul 2009 19:34

QR Applicants: Ian Heywood, ex employee is still being hung out to dry!
In case you were not aware Ian Heywood (ex Global Sale Director for QR) is still awaiting a full clearance from the airline even though he was found innocent of all charges of Industrial Espionage brought by the 'poison dwarf'.

The judges who pronounced his innocence are now being questioned by the various government entities as to their findings. So care all round if you take up employment in Qatar and especially with QR. Dont take anything for granted with QR and don't say you were not warned!

oryxbollocks 31st Jul 2009 23:20

515. As usual, right on the money. Egos too big for the planes they fly.

CCQ or MFF, whatever it's called is what Airbus designed into their jets. To move from a 330 to a 340 or 320 is no big deal and is regularly done. What is required is recency and this is something that is difficult to achieve with QR due to inefficient rostering 320/330 and lack of aircraft numbers 340/330.

So let the training department pilots be qualified MFF in order to attract and keep REAL trainers rather than lose the good ones and end up with losers.


B204GT 1st Aug 2009 04:32

Hi guys,

I am invited to the August 10th/11th interview. As I have 2300+ hours on the right seat of a 777 and from reading this thread, I assumed that they'll most likely put me on the 777 fleet. But the other day when they sent me the details of my interview I found out that my sim evaluation is going to be on the Airbus 330 sim. I know it's just an evaluation but on the other hand, if they're thinking of hiring me as 777 type rated it seems odd they're evaluating me on the A330 sim...

Can anyone tell me if there's still a chance they'll still put me on the 777 fleet?

Also if anyone's going on the 10th/11th interview as well, let me know... would be great to meet up in Doha for a few drinks!!

A320 Man 1st Aug 2009 13:49

Oryxbollocks MFF
Oryxbollocks, you really mentioned the core of the problem of the MFF in QA, it is the recency that makes it unsafe practice.

How can you ask a pilot to fly once or twice a month on a new type with low total hours on that type and keep a safe standard?
And more than this…you ask them to fly another type extensively in between!

I talked with the only 3 instructors who are performing the MFF, one of them said it is OK (but he was in the office most of time), the other 2 said it is very dangerous and will stay dangerous till the roster is planned for 50/50 duty.

Do we have to suffer an incident to realize these facts?
P.S when the 2 instructors expressed their concern, the management said: "aha…do you want to cancel the MFF so you can enjoy flying only the A330? Forget it" !!!

Typical QA style.

No one really knows if they want the MFF or not? it looks like the management is divided between themselves over this project.

NoJoke 1st Aug 2009 14:53

MFF is great on paper, but when done as a half-hearted attempt to massage the egos of few A320 instructors, it unsafe at the best and ultimately dangerous at the worst. With some, it may be satisfying to the ego flying a big jet. To others its nothing new, and is merely a life style issue.

To keep the penis envy at bay, perhaps a way of sweetening the pill for the 320 guys, could be a way forward. Pay scales like those of the two star Loco operator down the road might help. We don't see too many AA complaints on the web. Even limiting the hours our 320 pilots fly while guaranteeing minimum hours might help (yep it happened before). This would cost money, but in the long term improve lifestyle and perhaps even keep pilots. I think the management is slowly, painfully so, realising that people are leaving in the face of the worst recession since 1930 and that they have to act now before its too late. Wait for the mass exodus, and it will be too late.

Now, we are allowed OJ, PAX meals and a newspaper; who now knows the munificence of the boss. ;)

loc22550 1st Aug 2009 15:00

Be careful...ONE newspaper only...!:} black and white in the ACN...
Wondering how many airlines release such aircrew notices.....

Emma Gemma 1st Aug 2009 15:44

I dont see the advantage of putting Boeing guys directly on the 330 if they get the job .
Learn one thing: In QR things don't make sense and they do as they wish!

NoJoke 1st Aug 2009 16:26

Thats why I said a newspaper ;) A pumps, if you are offered the 330 then think yourself lucky. If you want, you could always swap with the poor sods on the 320. :sad: As EG said there is no logic here.

Emma Gemma 1st Aug 2009 17:13

Not working together efficiently and communication in between the different departments can be really difficult. It's also wise to get everything in written, easier said than done, because otherwise they might deny to have ever dealt with you. Verbal promises don't mean anything.

HR rules the airline and is a complete mess.

loc22550 1st Aug 2009 17:58

yes lucky guys on 330...sometime they operate 3 cockpit crew..so i guess..3 newspapers..whaaoo!:uhoh:

Capt Krunch 1st Aug 2009 20:12

QA needs pilots on the B777, and the A320.. also some pilots on the A300, the A330 is the most stable of the fleets but thats leaving out the boys on the A346 of course.
so needless to say, if you have experience on a particular fleet then that is most likely where you will be sent, if you have no type experience then it will be a crap shoot what you get.

pay no attention to what you fly in the SIM check, it means nothing. we want to see basic flying skills and we use any SIM available to do it.
if your presently flying a conventional aircraft (i.e. Boeing) and you have a eval in a Airbus, my advise would be to get a bit familiar on where things are located and how to use them to get yourself around the patch, don't worry about the rest, the transition to flying side stick you'll probably find surprisingly easy. after-all your all pilots correct ?

Poisoned by Compromise

NoJoke 1st Aug 2009 20:59

EG me old love, verbal promises are not up-held???? :eek: I am not surprised as the written promises, ie. Contract (If you have one) and T & Cs are stamped into the mud - sorry sand. :p

Capt Krunch 2nd Aug 2009 01:11

A pumps

Have you being on Hols?
No, I but I try not to mutter on with useless information, and will only submit this poor mans opinion at opportune occasions.

Can I ask r you familiar wit the latest questions asked at the interview and any knowledge on the Tech questions.
any information I dispense on this topic could be out dated and in doing-so may or may not help you, so i'd rather just say, being studied in all the previous mentioned topics would give you an advantage.
by the way, the rhumb line, mercator chart questions have been known to pop up a time or two in the past.

Poisoned by Compromise

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