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169west 19th Mar 2010 18:52

Cap Krunch

Thanks and yes the bar has been raised!

goosensheep 20th Mar 2010 11:28

Anyone knows if I will receive a confirmation that my application has been received from QR?
Send it some time ago but hasn't heard anything. I send via email. Should I send with ordinary mail as well?


abel.amir 22nd Mar 2010 05:06

Orders from the 9th Floor is not to give any current pilot employed with Qatar the Holiday Villa.:( :{
Strictly reserved for "NEW JOINERS" according to the short window cleaner that works on the 9th Floor. :E

Capt Krunch 22nd Mar 2010 07:26


there is noting new about that. When the new pilot accommodations were first introduced at QA, it was also the law of the land that it is ONLY for the new joiners and senior pilots would have to find there own place to live. At one time it was the only was QA could have pilots even consider joining the airline (pre-economy crash). Even today it would be very difficult for a senior pilot to get into company accommodation, not impossible but not easy. Then again, from what I have witnessed.. it's better to be far far away from the spying eyes of company housing.
being surrounded by QA staff is not my idea of the "not bringing work home" concept.:ugh:

Shut'em down, get out, drive home and forget any of it happened.. until the next trip.

Poisoned by Compromise

Capt Krunch 23rd Mar 2010 16:47


to be perfectly honest with you thats a bit to long to not be contacted. You might have read on this thread that some guys wait months to be contacted and thats quite true for Pilots. For Cabin Crew the process is much less complicated and usually within a week or 2 you would get a call / email. If the airline rejects you'll never know because they do not call you, on occasion they have been known to send a email. if they did call everyone who was not accepted they would need someone who could do that full time as they interview hundreds of applicants every month.

I dont want to be your barer of bad news, you might still have a chance. I will also add that you might have fallen thru the cracks or information misplaced. if you have a email contact or something of that nature then at this point in time it won't hurt to make some form of contact, so you know for sure where you stand.
good luck.

Poisoned by Compromise

jetstreamhoney 23rd Mar 2010 17:20

Thanks for that Krunch,

We were told we would hear after 3 weeks at the interview so was holding out til then. They said we would definitely hear either way though and have been on a few forums for cabin crew and there are people who have received both congrats and regrets emails. I spoke to a couple of others who were also on my AD and they haven't heard either so was still hoping....I agree with you though, it doesn't look promising. Was going to leave it til Friday and contact them then if I still haven't heard anything.

mile low 25th Mar 2010 11:50

Does anybody know how long it takes after the inital application until Qatar Airways responds? Have applied a week ago and haven`t heard anything yet.Just wonder if they received my appplication at all after i some problems sending it before.
Thanks for sharing any experience

Fubaliera 25th Mar 2010 12:11

If you have a job, its a blessing

mile low 25th Mar 2010 12:24

Yes I have a job,but believe me it is not blessing.If it would be possible i would offer you to swop jobs for a while and then we would see.I know for sure that Qatar is far from being a perfect job,but it could be worse i guess.That`s probably not everybodies opinion here,as I read all this bad stuff.
But i still would like to give it a try and there is still a chance I don`t have to worry about how bad it might be as I still have to get invited and pass the interview etc...
So for the moment it would be interesting to know when and if they respond to applications???

HiddenDragon 27th Mar 2010 20:46

I`ve applied in early January!
Still waiting for an answer...

Any info regarding Qatar Airways admissions, contracts and rosters for the time being?


msian1147 28th Mar 2010 10:06

is it possible to get an upgrade on the A346?

when are they phasing out the A346?

boeingboeingbong 28th Mar 2010 14:54

I applied in November and haven't heard anything yet - I can take a hint!

azlee_19 29th Mar 2010 01:35

tell me about it, been waiting since mid nov too..

BAP 29th Mar 2010 09:07

Hi guys.

I am joining qatar soon. And just to give you a heads up. They do tend to misplace applications, so if you haven't heard anything after a long time, contact them again.

They lost mine, and a few of my friends applications.

The best of luck!

HiddenDragon 29th Mar 2010 10:01

In what fleet were you admitted?
Do you have any info regarding Qatar Airways admissions, contracts and rosters for the time being?


BAP 29th Mar 2010 10:22

i go on the 777.

Not sure about the roster, I expect the worst from what I have read in here. Commuting is definitely not possible, which is a shame.

HiddenDragon 29th Mar 2010 10:32

Some told me that in the 777 fleet was possible to commute 15/15 days.
Even in other fleets? Thats a real shame! I was expecting that...

So they tell you that directly in the assessment interview?

BAP 29th Mar 2010 10:40

15/15. Well that sounds too good to be true! Not heard that from anybody.

I think Ive heard about a TRE with Qatar who got a commuting roster, but not sure . And if thats the case, it may only be given to trainers etc

Maybe someone currently working for Qatar Airways, can shed some light on this??

Yes they do make it clear that you have to relocate to Doha, and that commuting isnt possible. We can only hope this changes in the future, but I wouldn't expect it to!

HiddenDragon 29th Mar 2010 11:07

I went to Qatar in mid January and spent some time with a friend that told me that it was possible. I talk every week with him and he stands with it. I dont know, maybe they have changed rosters recently.
He is in A320`s fleet and in that I know it is impossible!
I am prone to A330/777
But for me the commuting was a :ok:

loc22550 29th Mar 2010 11:49


THERE is NO commuting roster in Q.R if you are employed under a Qatar Airways contract!(the only possibility WAS to request up to 9 days off in a row through the bidding system(notice to crew from the 03 may2009)...this opportunity has just been "removed" (few months ago)WITHOUT ANY official note to crew(as usual), so plenty of space for any rumors now, the last one i "heard"..: 3 days off maximum in a row..BUT again NOTHING official!:confused:

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