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zman 26th Aug 2011 00:36

bond start
Hello guys,

can anyone at Qatar tell me if the bond is withdrawn from the start or once you are online? i have heard both can someone confirm!!!

i hope its after training so you have money coming from hrs flying!!

Miguel. 26th Aug 2011 08:51

After final line check.

zman 26th Aug 2011 13:18

thx Miguel are you there now?

Gypsy 27th Aug 2011 08:19

Please can someone help with these questions; I am early fifties and looking at DEC and have previously done both long and short haul: -

Is the Capts pay the same on all fleets. How much can you expect to take home?

What is the retirement age?

I have 2 teenagers - any info on schools would be appreciated - which are most popular with expat famillies - how do the fees work out and how much is subsidised?

Thanks very much in advance

Non Zero 27th Aug 2011 08:56

Is the Capts pay the same on all fleets. How much can you expect to take home?
10K$ - 12K$ without housing

What is the retirement age?

which are most popular with expat famillies - how do the fees work out and how much is subsidised?
In Doha you have the best schools in the Middle East ... Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M ... but of course, not cheap!

Dream Driver 27th Aug 2011 15:10

Hi Gypsy,

The Captain pay is the same on all fleets, expect a bit more on the 330/777 due to more overnights. Go to this website Qatar Airways jobs, payscales and entry requirements. , the figures are accurate. you can add 1500QR for transport allowance and 400QR for telephone. Taking 80h/month seems to be a good average for the block hour calculation. I let you do the math.

You will be entitle up to a maximum of 105 000QR per annum for eligible children. There are many English school as described by Non Zero.

Good Luck
DD :cool:

Dream Driver 27th Aug 2011 15:12

Dear fellow pilots :8
What is the best accomodation, the "holiday villas" which you can find here Holiday Villa Hotel Accomodation At Doha, Qatar or "Ain Khalid Gate", sorry no link.
Maybe some of you tried both? Any pro and con?

aviationboy 28th Aug 2011 02:40

geez you would be living in the lap of luxury over there :eek:

Gypsy 29th Aug 2011 21:03

school subsidy
Non Zero and Dream Driver - thanks for your reply to my questions. Just one more if I may ; would they reimburse school fees elsewhere or do the kids have to be at school in Qatar?

Non Zero 29th Aug 2011 21:18

... anywhere, happy!

zman 29th Aug 2011 21:49

how is the company condo?

family with one child ?

can you get better going on your own?

nutwrencher 29th Aug 2011 22:36

Zman to answer your questions:

Bond repayment depends on your rank at joining:

Capt/Fo - Repayment starts from day 1

So/ Fast Track So - Repayment starts from final line check


Yes you can get much better with the money outside, but they will not let you take the money now. You will have to put your name on the waiting list to leave company accom/ I think the waiting time is around 1yr at the moment but not 100% sure

MIke SieRRa 29th Aug 2011 23:50

Fast Track SO
Any idea what the Fast Track SO salary is? There is no mention of it on the website. They only talk about the FO + Captains.
Also how long can you can expect before moving up to FO on the 320?

zman 30th Aug 2011 02:14

so fos get type fee withdrawn from day one so all you are left with is 4500 a month?

that sucks since you wont get line pay until month 3 or 4!!!

how are those accomadations? any good ?

family of 3 plus a dog

menikos 31st Aug 2011 14:12

Hello, is it right that during the process they don't focus too much on the sim as it is most of the time on the A330 and not easy to handle the first time for boeing rated people, my friend had a lot of trouble during him sim session and a little bit concern as it wasn't so good ?

Why they put boeing guys on the 330 sim, they cannot expect from them high standard itcs really tricky if you have to fight with the bird like my friend told me, I hope I'll do better than him.

Thx :ok:

Capt Aviator 31st Aug 2011 15:20


If you don't mind. When did you and your friend apply?
When were you and your friend informed of the assessment date?
Did your friend make it?

Confirm both of you applied as F/O.


Capt Aviator 31st Aug 2011 15:22


Again if you don't mind.
When was your friend's and when is your assessment date?


Dream Driver 31st Aug 2011 15:47

Thanks IThoughtTheredBeFood. What type of accommodation is in West bay, hotel apartments or condo-village? Any link maybe?

blusky75 31st Aug 2011 21:47

4th Sept.
someone on this date? pm me :)

zerotohero 1st Sep 2011 01:13

Pay rates for F/O
There is lots of different info on pay here, could someone put it in simple terms in US$ once on line as an F/O

Free Apartment
No Bills
Uniform Paid
$XXXX in your pocket to spend on hookers every month.


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