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THR MCT 23rd Jun 2009 18:10

J Noke
English is my forth language I assume it is your first, I wonder how many do you speak? ENNNNglish only is the answer :ugh:
how about spanish probably none
may be French zero AS WELL
OR Italian double zero
I have been flying longuer then you think, just for your info the school I graduate from you cann't even seat the entrance exams
What is your education level barely finished high school I presume may be not even a diploma perhaps a certificate.
the day you get a university degree we can talk for the timebeing enjoy flying:{


panadol qr 23rd Jun 2009 18:32

Universety education in QR is not importatnt as we can see . Majority of managers in QR has no education at all . You need to know only how to say "YES SIR " to CEO and you become mananger and the day you say "NO SIR"you are not a mananger any more . Avrige 1-2 y till you say NO first time .
Qatar Airways is an airline run by "i am scared" system and it works good for only 1 person who is in charge of it .
Why cabin crew behave as they do ? ( i am scared to be reported )
Why pilots do strange things (i am scared to be called to office if i use brain so better dont )
Why manangers scared to change anything ? (scared to be removed from managment)
Who survive in system like that ? S.S.S ,R.N, P.M ,H.F,Snake..... all "strong people"
Its better to take food from pilots and give them Rayan water.
Cool but you know that a pilot who do 30-50 sectors /month can save or spend airline money depends if he is happy or not and since we have 90% unhappy pilots you figure it out what they do .
Happy guyz are one which left QR and now smille from out .
I agree with MZFW001 increase cost to increase respect .
$ can talk sometimes

NoJoke 23rd Jun 2009 19:20

Thr Idle
Oh dear. Seem to have touched a nerve. Most of your assumptions are quite wide of the mark. Education, languages etc. Keep dreaming though. :rolleyes:

QTRminator 24th Jun 2009 11:50

"in the case of placement on which fleet for DEC
let me assure you that any second officer who made it trough QR training is safer :rolleyes: and fly better than any DEC no matter what is his previous experience I wonder if QR start giving interviews as the same level as for command upgrade how many DEC will survive my personnel opinion 0%."

Even if I agree that the screening process for DEC must be changed, that statement made my day as well, very funny!:D

Throttle_to_bottle 24th Jun 2009 12:23

Hey guys/girls, I donít post on here much Ė Iím not a pilot, and far from an expert about what goes on in the ultra-pointy end Ė but I work in the industry and I'm interested in hearing a range of views about whatís going around the traps in our business. I think the rough-n-tumble of vigorous debate is a very good thing, but it really pis$$es me off when posters start picking on someone elseís grammar/spelling - especially when itís obvious that that person isnít a native English speaker. How many English speakers can articulate a coherent argument in another language? I certainly couldnít. Itís not just this thread; so many on pprune seem to quickly degenerate into personal attacks. I reckon itís a cheap shot. Whether you agree with someone elseís views or not; argue the substance not the presentation. My two cents worth anyway....

ArkPilot 24th Jun 2009 12:45

If your chosen profession requires you to be fluent in spoken English you demean yourself, as well as the airline you represent, attempting to argue a point in less than elementary English.;)

Throttle_to_bottle 24th Jun 2009 13:10

Mate, Iím not trying to argue that speaking English isnít important for a professional pilot. My point was that there is a difference between being able to read/write/speak English sufficiently well to do your job vs. passing an Oxford University English exam. It just seems to me that too often on pprune, when people feel they canít adequately argue their point, they resort to attacking someone elseís grammar/spelling. And very often (in my limited observation) that person is someone who doesnít speak English as their first language. Iím going to stop this now; I never meant to start a big argument Ė just wanted to point out something that pished me off. Get into it boys...

shneidertrophy 24th Jun 2009 14:42

waste of webspace!
What a totally useless discussion you guys are pursuing here! Boy oh boy, scheduling is not working you hard enough if this is what you elect to spend your little free time on!

Get on with it, please, and stop this tread hijack! More intelligent discussions are being held at kindergarten!

STOP----Thread Hijack ABORT --STOP

I kind of liked that remark about the DEC screening. It is absolutely true that, in case the DEC guys would be put through the same ruthless screening and training process than the one our upgrade candidates have to go through, at leas 50% , if not more, of the selected DECs would fail!

Make no mistake, those guys are expected to know everything, fly like Chuck Yeager, have command abilities from day number 1 etc etc etc.
I have seen it lately on several occasions. I joined as a DEC but I have to admit that I would have needed lots and lots of studying to make it through those interviews!

So DEC brothers, be aware of this fact next time you sit in your B777 or A330 cockpit. You have been EXTREMELY lucky and many of you know this! Those poor fellas in their A320s who just passed their upgrades, deserved that seat probably more than you do!

NoJoke 24th Jun 2009 16:16

Mr Troph
Must agree with most of your points. I was also a DEC, but don't sell yourself down the river. We all (most of us) had to make the grade at sometime or other. :ok:

Sam773 26th Jun 2009 12:07

Some of CSD&CS they will get upgrade to S/o.

msian1147 26th Jun 2009 17:04

'Some of CSD&CS they will get upgrade to S/o'

you're joking right? :}

loc22550 29th Jun 2009 13:13

Captain upgrade today in Qr takes around 5+... years...
Yes they still receiving A/C.. : A-320 ß B777.

pippobaudo 30th Jun 2009 16:31

What about suggestions for the interview?
I mean, any book title......dedicated website or something else to getting well prepared?
I have just my "ACE the technical pilot interview".....:eek:

Blacksteel7 30th Jun 2009 18:42

" is it true that there is a time limit to re-enter ayn khalid at night?"
This is applicable only to pilot's wife. :} :E

georgechfl 1st Jul 2009 03:03

Hiring Fo's?? I don't see any job listing at the site....can anyone give us some answers on when they will hire again and some interview info would be nice?:D

loc22550 1st Jul 2009 04:34

time limit only applied fo cabin crew accomodation, not for cockpit crew accomodation ..(not yet..:})!.

Blacksteel7 1st Jul 2009 06:49

The Ain Khalid Gate was named as: Ghetto, Disneyland,Fantasy Island and so on. After that I will name it "Alcatraz Island" (San Francisco Bay).:}

"is it true that there is a time limit to re-enter ayn khalid at night?"

I can't believe this is a serious question! :=

Well! As loc22550 said: "not yet..." :}

loc22550 1st Jul 2009 08:45

yes..maybe it will be part of the so called new housing policy:\(everything possible in this airline)...supposed to be released in june..2009.. i guess...??oops we are the 1st of july today...:eek:

Blascksteel;donīt blame EPR for his relevant question..:i can understand you known.. lots of think/rules in this kindergarten (QR) are difficult to believe from outside.

Fubaliera 1st Jul 2009 21:50

ain khaled
Its Also Called Al Caliente

belgianconnection 3rd Jul 2009 15:46

anybody care to share some kind of roster???
I am thinking of applying but am wondering if it would be possible to commute back to europe once in a while?


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