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vaschandi 17th Dec 2010 09:40


I heard 15%, again supposedly straight from the horses mouth.


Planned was 20% from basic; --reduction of housing allowance.

Now it will be 15%; housing allowance remains (10k F/O, 12K CPT)

Not sure if it will pe postdated to APR 09;--I rather doubt--, but you will
be surprised when checking your next payrole.

(Yes, I know!--Still one week before christmas)

moonlight_path 17th Dec 2010 20:40

great way to describe QR
it not only highlightes the interview process at QR but it also describes our day to day dilemma at either the technical or the towers building. :ugh:
When I am ask what qatar is like from now on from our friends that want to join here I will send them this video...


YouTube - monty python job interview

loc22550 18th Dec 2010 03:43

6% buffer in the number of pilot..so no need for salary increase..hmmm...
Well yes today they bring pilots in Doha as soon as they got one on the market,(so scared he/she might have a look elsewhere...) let him.her enjoy his/her live in doha for a couple of months doing nothing (as there is no simulator slot available..).
So No wonder we don't have increase if on the other hand the company has to pay people for months doing nothing...:hmm:

If you really want to attract new guys today with famiky and make them STAY, i think the company should do something with:
-Pension fund and/or end of service benefit.
-education allowance
-Seniority reward....(salary increase up to 5 years seniority only doesn't make sense),introducing seniority in bidding system..?

loc22550 18th Dec 2010 05:14

No my friend....Bidding system for flights&days off has NOTHING to do with seniority!(only for vacation bid)

thunderbird-1 18th Dec 2010 11:41

Well yes today they bring pilots in Doha as soon as they got one on the market
Hi, Is Qatar Airways that desperate to find pilots? I sent my application a month ago, called them, they confirmed that I was in the system but so far no sign from them. I have way more than the mini requirement :ugh:
So what's going on in Qatar :confused:

tomohark 21st Dec 2010 12:56

Looking for information on the interview
taking advantage of some of you who attended the interview process, could you give me details about it please:

1.Assessment exam.
2.Oral Interview
Is there a tech exam, what is it based on, Regulations,
Any information would be great.

ask26 23rd Dec 2010 15:27

Can someone explain to be what is an XTBN. Is it the same as a Standby, or, if you do not get called by the start of that day - then you have the day off?

Any references to point to?


Linerider 23rd Dec 2010 17:28

Although you will not find it written anywhere, I have been advised by people in the training department that it means the following:

XTBN is - To Be Notified (no idea why they put an X before it).
You have not been allocated any duty on that day, however you can be called for duty as long as they notify you before 10PM the previous night.

Therefore it is not the same as Standby.

169west 24th Dec 2010 16:56

Merry Christmas to you All!

loc22550 25th Dec 2010 03:05

"Max days off.."?..you mean MINIMUM....Agree that in Q.R. those days unfortunatly the minimum becomes the maximum ..(days off... rest....),thats the way they think here..but it shouldn't..
Because As far as i known there is no rules regarding Max days off!

Daft Wader 25th Dec 2010 05:27

XTBN - Is used ( Or should be ) used for U/T Pilots only .

May the farce be with you

Daft Wader


noise of freedom 25th Dec 2010 09:44


in this company,that pretends to be a 5 star airline,even if there are plenty of pilots and the bidding system will give you more then 8 days off because all rotations are covered they will just remove the days off and put either a STBY or XTBN....why???
Because they are IDIOTS....they are loosing all the good pilots,the one able to find a better job.
Why AAB doesn't realize the image and the economical damage the crewing dept is doing to the company???

All this stress for no reason....until...something will happen...

and **** happens....


loc22550 26th Dec 2010 14:31

"we ""can not"" allocate more than 8 days off"....yes sure.....
Lets not be naive..
-Cabin crew can have their STBY or TBN turn into days off so they can enjoy 5..6 days off in a row!!(true story).
-For Cockpit crew its just the opposite: you bid for days off they will give you STBY instead....
Does it make sense....?

Captain Partzee 26th Dec 2010 15:35

Bid system! It's a joke.:mad:
Corruption system.

loc22550 28th Dec 2010 12:10

Vaschandi:"you will be surprised when checking your next payrole"
We probably don't use the same calendar..:
You are 3 months ahead for your 1st of april fool.:ooh:

JB10 28th Dec 2010 14:16

Hi Guys,

Sorry to go back to a previous question, is all recruitment now for the A320 only? Heard rumours of being stuck on the 320 for 3 years before being entitled for a fleet transfer.

Just want to know if I am wasting their time going for an interview.


Captain Partzee 28th Dec 2010 14:28

"Heard rumors of being stuck on the 320 for 3 years before being entitled for a fleet transfer." Insha'Allah! :E

But if you get some friends at the management department you can jump a bunch of drivers. :}
seniority list it's a joke :mad:

loc22550 28th Dec 2010 14:36

Yes well mainly on 320...thats what i heard....
""Wasting time ""why..is it shamful to fly the A-320, it's hard work yes for sure especially here in Q.R.
As a New joiner you should accept to join and follow the queue my friend.. not to by pass it! Make sense?

This whimsical guy said NEXT payroll...:\

non0 28th Dec 2010 16:37

... unfortunately in this showbis there will be always a younger available to do your job for for less ... this is the bloody true Brian!

Fubaliera 28th Dec 2010 16:52

All the SAS F/Os called back rumor is 30 will leave this month .

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