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inmigrante 28th Jun 2010 19:03

Cap Krunch : any roadshow in South América ?
Thank You

sandpit66 29th Jun 2010 11:46

Dropped entry requirements
I see Qatar has dropped their entry requirements from 2000TT to 1000 Jet. Does this mean they are struggling to find FO's to fill the seats of their narrow and wide body fleets?

loc22550 29th Jun 2010 13:14

Do you see any other reason to drop the requirement? I don't.

Shit & unfair Roster (A-320!)-a Mafia Spoiling the entire jeppensen system-seniority not reward-Not a single confirmed annual leave ticket(i you dare to take your well deserved leave during summer time or any other "high" period-No consideration-No thanks-Management only waiting for you to do the first mistake to punish you-one of the lowest wage/conditon compared to our neighbouring rival here in the gulf....
What do you expect.....:confused:

cruisinfobrewsin 29th Jun 2010 18:26

Dude why dont you jus leave, Mo fo??? sick n tired of your bitchin!!!!:ugh:

loc22550 29th Jun 2010 18:42

Next time come here with usefull informations instead of just blaming people who rise true fact and issue.

KRUGERFLAP 30th Jun 2010 01:23

Cheap First Officers to come ( Second Officer now is a guy with 1500 hs of MCC turboprop,WOW) WTF!!!!!!

That,apart from reducing the min for First officers to 1000 TT and can include fighter pilots (High Performance Military Jets ) ,lol.

Flight Deck Crew Requirements | Qatar Airways

Second Officers - Fast Track
Minimum of 1,500 hours in Modern Multi Pilot Turbo-Prop greater than 12,000kg MTOW
Valid ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL
Valid Class 1 Medical.
ICAO English Proficiency Minimum level 4.
Age below 35 years.

People who waited for raise in the salary will in reality see a new lower salary

airwjo 30th Jun 2010 09:47

well said krugerflap

i think the same - there were rumors last year about an increase nothing happened - this year, well rumors - nothing but rumors

and why should they increase the salary? punch of new people coming every month (especially on 330 and 777 passing by the guys from 320 and 300), and somebody wrote earlier, because they NEED the job, so why?

situation will get worse instead of better, rostering mafia screwing everything, new leave system a joke, no more 4 off days in a row and and and

doha - well, just come and see


sandpit66 30th Jun 2010 09:58

Sorry to see you guys are clearly frustrated there...

For some of us, Qatar is the ONLY option left-its this or allow my ATPL license to expire. I was made redundant 10 months ago and have had no luck in getting another job due to the current climate here in Europe.

So... while it may be terrible there for you, its going to be a whole lot better than what I have going for me at the moment. I'm certain i'm not the only person in this situation. So please...Give us a bit of slack. ---Everything you are saying now has been said a million times in the previous hundred or so pages!

(I have 3000TT, Jet, and I applied 2 months ago, haven't heard a thing, and am obviously confused now the requirements have been dropped, as they stand i now more than meet the minimum requirements and still haven't got a call)

ForeverYoung 30th Jun 2010 13:15

Be careful what you wish for...
Will your family be joining you in Doha?

When I answered this question the interview was clearly over. The interviewer, a Brit, began to drill down. If we hire you there is a 99.9% chance you will be an FO on the A320, not the 777. When will you see your family? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/wbored.gif

From what I read in this forum, why would I subject my family to 30 days a month in Doha when I will only be there for 8? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif Why should they be made to suffer because of where I choose to work?

Mine was an honest answer. His response though was quite telling. Clearly they want a captive workforce. It is then impossible for the unhappy pilot to get off the airplane in London with no intention of returning while his family is being held hostage in Doha. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/censored.gif

airwjo 30th Jun 2010 15:52

it is a cage here, you are right. all they want is, that you work, family, your interests, friends are another thing.

i do not mind working, not at all, but at least give something back - if you want something from rostering it is 100% not possible unless you go to your chief pilot, ask for permission - takes too much effort and too much time
on the other hand, if they want something from you, you have to do it, without asking - if you ask, you will get in trouble sooner or later.

and to you foreveryoung: obviously nobody briefed you, that they do not want to hear the truth or be yourself - be honest
anyway, i think you will not miss it

good luck with your career :ok:

flyingsaucer 30th Jun 2010 18:02


What can a first year FO bring each month at Qatar, and what other benefits are provided such as lodging and school for children.


ask26 30th Jun 2010 18:26

You could just look on PPJN, but...

Basic for an F/O/month
18000 QR
10000 QR or Accom (for F/O you have no choice..pretty much)
1500 Transport
300 Utilities

50000 QR Education up to 3 kids, but that is total not per child.

Depending on fleet flying pay per month once established about 8000 QR.

Most Europeans have been left with no choice and accept it's either a long-distance relationship or move them over and enjoy the pool.

If you are single and want to meet women remember this fact: 350000 women, 1.2 million men. 'Ladies Day' over here tend to become sausage fests. Nice...

FlyingTinCans 1st Jul 2010 19:46

Can anyone give me info on the second officer - 'fast track' positions at Qatar?
How fast is fast track? Or to put it another way how many hours would you need as a second officer to get a 'promotion'? And im guessing you would be a SO on a Widebody then offered a position as a FO on the 320 fleet? Also whats the SO pay like?

Tried the search function/google/and Qatar website and found nada!


BIGBAD 1st Jul 2010 23:05

'Ladies Day' over here tend to become sausage fests.
Well that's great if you're German !

it is a cage here, you are right. all they want is, that you work, family, your interests, friends are another thing.
I've worked for several other airlines and none of them have given a sh*t about any of the above, most employers don't !!!

I think the dropping in requirements for second officers doesn't mean no raise in salary - they obviously can't recruit enough people !!

BIGBAD 1st Jul 2010 23:54

just think is it really as bad as all the people moaning on hear say - it just seems to be the same 5 or 6 sad fuc*ers every time on here. Because they have no real life outside of this website.

There must be almost 2000 pilots here - is every single one of them unhappy ?? no just they same old whingers on here, have a look back - you will see only 5 or 6 of the same names on here complaining - please get a life, then you might not complain - there are lots of attractive crew here - just find a nice one to fu*k and chill out.................................

Flyer1015 1st Jul 2010 23:59

For any Americans who have interviewed at QR, did everyone have their ATPL? OR did anyone get a call with Comm-ME/I and ATP Written completed? Sorry, we don't have a "frozen" ATPL in America, so I'm trying to gauge if it's still okay to apply to QR with a Comm-ME/I and ATP Written completed.

airwjo 2nd Jul 2010 06:31

well bigbad

seems you live in a different world - my wife and i, we enjoy it here - :confused:

she just came back from europe - having drinks outside, nice weather, no dust, normal traffic, no stupid what to do, GREEN, not only the pool-villagio-city center-inland sea

and for me, i came here to have a career, get some money in the pocket

i get neither my expected money - nor i have a career - and how the airline is run, it is a joke, just make some small adjustments (it does not even cost them anything) and it would be the best in the world, but here, with their closed mind short term thinking, corruption etc.

what shall i say - did i miss anything

yes, you r right, most of the companies, they do not care about your private life, but if you get 5900 euros with no retirement scheme, school fees from another planet (and i want my kids in a good school), health care system= just take come panadol, dust, crazy traffic, uncivilized and uneducated people

you should think twice of coming here

ps: have fun with your cabin crew(kinder garden) and get in trouble, you will be neither the first nor the last one

Royalblue 3rd Jul 2010 01:22

I have some friends that went to Miami for the interview...25-28 ppl failed on the written out of 30.why the he'll they are wasting our time trying to recruit us pilots when they ask jaa questions????it's just stupid... Flying in the busiest airports in the world makes u worthless cause u don't know how to read a jaa metar and taf???if they were really that desperate they wouldn't ask those things....if they need us pilots they need to change the mentality. 3 guys had 4000 plus hours.....just my opinion

Captain Partzee 3rd Jul 2010 07:51

I'm sure. You are not ready to become a captain. :mad:

loc22550 3rd Jul 2010 08:03

Quote By BIGBAD:
"Just find a nice one to Fu*k and chill out.."
This kind of childish quote sure doesn't come out from a very mature & developped brain.

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