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xjpilot 15th Jul 2010 05:05

Just have to have the written complete

Jeffdh17 15th Jul 2010 11:06


Would you mind letting me know how much time lapsed from your application submission to an invite for the interview?

lfrk 15th Jul 2010 12:43

I sent my applicatoion for the 1st time in March, then a second time end of june and them I called.

So I don't know witch application they took, It could 2 or 4 months for me.

I have been told back in April that they were recruiting only rated pilots and they would take some non rated again by the end of summer, as i am not rated on 777 or airbus it's seem true.

Apparantly they are very busy that why it takes that long.


menikos 15th Jul 2010 15:49

Hope for the best, do you mind to tell us how many hours you have ?

Thx :ok:

Jeffdh17 15th Jul 2010 17:23


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I applied in Feb and then again at the end of June. So perhaps I'm getting closer to the top of the list.

Can you clarify something for me? In your post you mentioned that you called them? Am I reading that correctly? Or did you mean to say they called you? If you initiated the call, would you mind sharing your contact with me?

You can PM me if you like.

Best of luck to you on the interview.

cp35 15th Jul 2010 23:58

paid leave
I was just looking at the website on benefits, is there no paid leave in the contract. would appreciate anyone replying.

loc22550 16th Jul 2010 05:42

NO paid leave in QR.
Here you get paid for the work performed..nothing less and.. off course nothing more!
No extra..No Bonus,No 13 month,No paid leave,No pension,No salary increase after 5 years seniority...
Make your math before joining...:bored:

ironbutt57 16th Jul 2010 06:36

You mean to say they dont pay you during your annual leave??:confused:

loc22550 16th Jul 2010 07:48

Yes They do pay your basic salary off course..but No "Paid leave" as we call it in Europe or elsewhere.. i guess thats what cp35 means..

cp35 16th Jul 2010 09:39

paid leave
Thanks for the reply, just to clarify, they do give an annual leave ( how much?) but only paid basic during leave. Is that correct?.

ironbutt57 16th Jul 2010 12:04

All carriers here pay only basic during your annual leave, of course your housing as well...sounds "paid" to me...

loc22550 17th Jul 2010 08:15

During leave you get : BASIC + (house allowance if you have it) + TRANSPORT + UTILITY+ (erp).
But here in Q.R. the Flight allowance may represent up to 2O % of your salary...thats why when you go on leave you will see a difference...

cp35 17th Jul 2010 11:37

paid leave
Thanks LOC22550,
so how long is the paid leave entitlement?

loc22550 17th Jul 2010 14:45

you have 42 days leave/year . (have to be taken by 7 days slot: 7 days or 15 days or 21 days split between two periods of 6 month: from april- september(21 days) and from october-march(21 days).
-When you take 2 weeks or 3 weeks in a row, you will have one day off before and one day off after you slot.
-No day off before or after(unless you are lucky with your roster) if you take only one week. Don't ask me why...

cp35 19th Jul 2010 09:08

paid leave
Thanks for the info LOC22550.

Another question, the website says the basic is $9500 based on 75 hours, does that include your flying allowance?

loc22550 19th Jul 2010 10:12

yes it does. 9500 U$ = basic salary +7O hours of flying allowance (meal allowance not included(layover)).
BUT It ASSUME you will fly 70 hours..if you fly less than 70 hours you will get less, if you fly more you will get more...

sandpit66 19th Jul 2010 10:34

Interview process
Hi guys,

Just looking for any up to date and relevant info on the interview process. I have been called for interview next week and would appreciate any info.

I know some of you will begin to complain and tell me to use the search function... I have.... most of the info is months if not years old. I have read all 100 pages of this thread.

If anyone has any info or tips on the interview, exam, or sim I would (and others) would love to hear them or feel free to PM me also.

Thank you in advance

Jeffdh17 19th Jul 2010 11:36

App Time

Congrats and good luck. Don't have any interview info for you, but if you wouldn't mind posting the length of time it took to get the call for an interview from your application date it would be most appreciated.


sandpit66 19th Jul 2010 11:57


I first applied at the end of April and then re-sent everything 6 weeks later following up with a call to the HR dept. Once I got through it took only 2 weeks to get called for the interview.
3000TT, - no Airbus or Boeing rating.

Jeffdh17 19th Jul 2010 12:11

Grea.t thanks! Would you mind PM'ing me the phone # you called for HR?

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