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sandpit66 2nd Jun 2010 15:49

Wow mate-cheers on behalf of everyone for the very informative run down on your experience there. Some very helpful info in there.

Do you mind me asking your experience and also when you first applied to Qatar. Just looking for a timeline from application to first contact and then invitation to Doha.

Thanks in advance, Hoping you get the call your looking for!

Uncle Wiggily 2nd Jun 2010 15:57

GF4RCE: Very informative. Good work. Quick question: Are you really looking forward to relocating to Qatar? If you could get an equal job in Europe, would you not stay there? I spent some time in Doha and I found the place rather boring. OK, really boring. I think there are loads of good pilots at Qatar....it's just the fact that it is, well....Qatar.

RoyBoy20 3rd Jun 2010 15:46


What are the chances for someone to get a direct entry on the A330/340 with only A320 experience? Im currently flying the baby bus as an FO in Europe with pretty good conditions, and would only consider moving if there is a chance to see a widebody sooner rather than later!


shneidertrophy 6th Jun 2010 16:15

By all means RoYBoy,

bring your 320 experience overhere and join on the A330/340....I am sure the 500 pilots on the A320 list plus the troops on the A300 will not mind you doing that for a bit!
Plus you will be sooooo popular, with all that UK based A320 experience you are willing to share.....Jeeewizz!

My guess is you would have to do some time on the A320 (Max 3 years) before you transfer to ANY other type.

This all being said...if you would have been a 737 driver that just might have worked on the B777. But on the bus....dont think so!

NoJoke 6th Jun 2010 16:22

Nerve you hit just

Watch out Roy - Lots of jealous people here.

loc22550 6th Jun 2010 18:12

Why don't you try EK if you want to fly the A-330.!
They are desperated for F/O on A-330..and at least there you will not by-pass and sack the morale of senior 320 pilots waiting for a well deserved transfer!(no A-320 in EK).:hmm:( on top of that you will enjoy better condition as well).
But off course if you perform well during the interview and insist that you only want to join QR on A-330,they might take you.You have nothing to loose anyway..
Today QR is still recruiting Brand new F/O on 330!

RoyBoy20 6th Jun 2010 22:42

Thats what I was thinking anyway. The main reason I ask was because they do not state anything on their application process in regards to Direct entry 320/330/340. It's a generic form and unlike Etihad they do not list which fleet you would like to apply for.

Thanks for info guys.

loc22550 7th Jun 2010 08:09

Well EPR SET..thats an endless discussion of course But let me raise 3 remarks:

-1/knowning that today in QR it takes easily 5..6 years to become a CPT there is plenty of time to be transfered on long haul fleet in between before coming back on the short haul fleet as a captain or even being upgraded on the long a haul as QR upgrades people from right to left on 330&777

-2/A SENIOR f/O who is stuck&blocked on 320 (or by passed by junior guy going straight on 330) for 5.. 6 years will be most probably upgraded on... 320.

-3/At the same time the lucky one(F/O) who join straight the company on 330 today will most probably be upgraded on the 330 or 777 or 350 or 787 in the next 5..6 years.
( imagine the difference just in term of salary!).

moh737 8th Jun 2010 14:44


I would like to hire you as my lawyer!!:D

Aviator330 9th Jun 2010 10:58

When is the next interviews in Australia
anyone when is the next interviews in australia,singapore or any other places in asia for FO direct entry with Qatar airways.
Info please

sandpit66 12th Jun 2010 22:40

Application process
Hi guys,

A strange query but aimed mostly at guys who applied in the last few months.

I applied about 7 weeks ago via email. I sent all requested documents and the application obviously but heard nothing back-I did not even get an 'auto-reply' saying they would be in touch.

I emailed again a few days ago looking for an update on the status of my application and received an auto-reply within 10 minutes saying thanks for the application and they would be in touch etc. I decided to resend my CV etc and got the same auto reply.

Is this a new thing that they have introduced or is it the case (im hoping not) that they never received my first application as i received no auto reply?

Any heads up would be appreciated. Sorry to guys this doesn't interest!

MD_Attitude 13th Jun 2010 07:40

G'day mate .I applied to Qatar as well twice and i didnt even got the auto reply.Do you mind sending me the email address the one you got the auto reply.much appreciated mate

bmwm5 14th Jun 2010 07:35

Anyone who knows when will there be a roadshow in asia or oz?any details is much appreciated.thank you

Capt Krunch 14th Jun 2010 07:53


Melbourne, June 19th

Poisoned by compromise

skytrek21 14th Jun 2010 13:09

Capt. Krunch...do you know of any roadshows in Asia. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


thone 16th Jun 2010 16:05

It took them about five months to get back to me. I forgot I even applied. Then I got an email inviting me to an interview just two weeks.

Capt Krunch 21st Jun 2010 18:42


the actual narrative report written by the TRE, is what they want.

it's not a go/no go document, so don't worry about it to much

Poisoned by Compromise

cf680c2b 25th Jun 2010 14:48

John Smith
Settle down buddy!

There are parts of the world where guys with a lot more time are still driving cessnas because they are considered to have insufficient experience. The fact that you are flying a bus at less than grand should be cause for you to wake in the morning, get on your knees and thank whoever you pray to.

Remember, minimum requirements are just that. Above it is something called competitive requirements. Thats the level where most airlines recruit.

Stay where you are........build your experience....then start your voyage to the new world, Captain.

ROKAPE 26th Jun 2010 05:45

If Qatar Airways are willing to employ Utah for 3 years and the QANTAS EBA allows it then he is able to do it. However Utah's perceived actions of saving more junior pilots positions at QF is irrelevant to others when he is willing to take a position and seniority at another airline for a 'world tour'. 1000 hrs A330? Unfortunately getting the ATIS and sitting in the high chair doing the radio isn't 1000 hrs A330.

This reminds me of the QANTAS Second Officer that would take LWOP during the Gulf prawn spotting season. Flying a Baron while the GA multi engine desperados looked on with gritted teeth....

butterfly68 26th Jun 2010 11:36

Does anyone know if Qatar does interviews in other places than Miami and Doha?:confused:

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