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Capt Krunch 3rd Jul 2010 11:08


Qatar Airways is a JAA compliant airline. Atleast you need to know how to read a Metar and Taf to work here. :rolleyes:
QA does not need US pilots as you put it, the requirement is for pilots. The Failure rate is lower in Asian or European interviews due to the fact they are more familiar with the JAA system.
At present only 3 out of the near 90 destinations QA operates are in the US. Our pilots need to know much more than just the FAA system.

there is a whole world out there mate, and it's not called America.

Poisoned by Compromise

Royalblue 3rd Jul 2010 15:34

So you are telling me that all the heavy mainline us pilots have problems on going to all the other places in the world without having jaa experience and knowledge? I assume u have tons of experience and hours so u know that after a certain point it's all the same. You train pilots to your company standards an they adapt with no problems. Why some us pilots that got hired there couple years ago have no problems at all???it's all bs IMO .....and the world has more countries than America of course but..... Tell me how many of your fo s have been in a busy environment 24/7 like JFK,chicago, ewr, clt,atl etc etc...

kempilot 3rd Jul 2010 17:03

I went in December and passed the written. Why? Because I asked what the written was and I prepared for it. All the JAA info is available on line. Took a lot of reading, but doable.
I did not get the job because I pulled a boner in the sim!! LOL

jaarrgh 3rd Jul 2010 19:07

Kempilot, don't know if it means something different in the US but, if you really pulled one of those in the sim its likely to be seen as a little 'informal'. Best of luck though.

Royalblue, I think there are some busy airports outside the States. I get your point but don't, please, insinuate that existing QR FOs are inferior to you because not all are from busy US fields.

Royalblue 3rd Jul 2010 20:06

You got me wrong.I am not insulting any of the fos of Qatar or saying I am superior. Just make it fair to everybody like ek does...if u check their written it's not as bad as Qatar. Flying is flying has nothing to do with nonsense questions about weird mountainous clouds nor seconds of passenger evacuation....either way u always follow the checklist ;) . U prefer to have a fo with 1000 hours with full knowledge of the jaa or a guy with 4-5k hours that's been on tough situations before and has better knowledge of crm(due to more experience) when shit hits the fan?

Royalblue 4th Jul 2010 06:33

I will just keep silence and not comment on the previous post... :) keep the good job down there and fly safe

Gutter Airways 4th Jul 2010 15:15

Royalblue, I agree with you, the selection process shouldn't be so heavily weighted towards the technical exam. They should try to build a more complete picture on the individual. Procedural differences can be picked up on line, but things like good judgment, good flight deck management, good handling are of much greater benefit and cannot always be taught and take longer to acquire. The company needs to recognise this.

To the US guys, my adivce to you, definitely don't go into the exam 'freestyling'. Put in some study before hand. The more good guys down here the better. :ok:

Royalblue 4th Jul 2010 16:29

Thanks gutter that's exactly what I was trying to say. It's impossible to cover all the jaa questions in the short period between your notice and interview date when u fly the line. It's just a waste of qatars money an our time to fly all the way to Doha to fail in 30 mins without even doing a personal interview......overall pretty good experience but the way they deal with the technical questions just makes no sense.

DHC6to8 4th Jul 2010 17:18

What is the current hiring expereince at?
Hi gals and guys, I have been reading the thread for awhile now and I was wondering what the current hiring experience is at? I saw on the recruitment webpage that Qatar is now accepting applications from 1000 hour heavy turboprop captains...
Has the barrel gone dry of willing jet endorsed and experienced f/o's??

atpcliff 5th Jul 2010 04:01


My buddy showed me that QR has just lowered their requirements:

First Officers
Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories:
- Multi Crew, Multi Engine Jet Aircraft
- Command Turbo-Prop above 20,000kg MTOW
- High Performance Military Jets
Valid ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL
Valid Instrument Rating
Valid Class 1 Medical.
ICAO English Proficiency Minimum level 4.
Age below 50 years at date of joining
Experience Commensurate With Age

I applied about a year ago, when I met the minimums. After 2 or 3 months, they raised them and I did not meet them. Now I meet them again, so I will re-apply.

US Pilots:
The US does NOT have the easiest system of testing. That award goes to the countries where it is practical (and NOT uncommon) to pay money, and get your testing results and/or licenses without doing anything, hence no studying needed.

Do I think QR should change their written test? The question is irrelevant to us pilots thinking about QR. QR controls their own recruitment process, and they can do whatever they want. If you don't like it, don't apply.
On the other hand, if enough pilots fail the written, and they are short enough, they will probably change the written test to reduce the number of failures.


Royalblue 5th Jul 2010 04:21

Well a good example is EK. Middle east company looking for pilots from all over the world. 50% + ppl fail on sim and psychic test. Is that fair? YES.... at 4000+ hours U got plenty of experience to fly any profile they give u. If u have a bad day then yes its a good reason to fail your interview. Failing on answering about climb gradient % on go around is a different story....2-3 years ago Qatar used to take in consideration written+personal interview and then give u thumbs up or down for the sim . Hopefully they will realise that instead of dropping the mins to 250 hours in the future :). Don't get me wrong I still want to come and work there :)

Capt Krunch 5th Jul 2010 08:59


stop thinking that it is some kind of flying club over here. I joined nearly a decade ago and even then you had to pass the written before carrying on to the interview. granted it was a much different exam than that of today, it was an actually direct copy of the Cathay Pacific written. The standard has been raised for good reason. The old process seen many people with a very low standard slip thru. To help prevent this from happening the management change back then adjusted the standard.

just because so many candidates on that side of the world do not meet the standard, that will not change anything here mate. Many pilots still make it thru, as did the candidates from Spanair, SAS, Virgin Atlantic, Thompson Fly, FlyBe, Zoom, XL Airways, Varig, Aerolinas Argentina, LanChile TAM, Alitalia, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, EvaAir, early retired Cathay Pacific pilots have already joined, and the list goes on.
I can assure you all of the above know what the G/A climb gradient is. After all it's not rocket science.

Poisoned by Compromise

Mr Angry from Purley 5th Jul 2010 16:32

Capt Krunch
The voice of reason, the truth and common sense.
You're communication skills are top notch, you should get a job in Management!! :\

Jeffdh17 6th Jul 2010 21:38

Question about application and hiring mins
Hello all. Quick question for anyone that might know. I see that EFIS time of 500 hours is requested from applicants. The application I completed however has nowhere to indicate that one actually has EFIS time.

Does anyone know if this is derived from the a/c types you've flown as listed on the app?

Are there any other ways of communicating this information to them outside of the app and resume?

Thanks in advance!

kamelthorn 7th Jul 2010 14:21

As per JAR 25/121 subpart B, a 2.1% climb gradient is required for a twin engine aircraft with an engine out and a 2.7% for a 4 engine aircraft.

Hope this helps.:ok:

safelife 7th Jul 2010 22:36

It's 2.4 isn't it for a twin.

Gutter Airways 8th Jul 2010 02:40

Approach Climb: 2.1% (2.5% for CATII/III approach).

safelife, 2.4% is for the second segment in the take-off flight path.

Vmeup 13th Jul 2010 08:33

SO Fast track
Hello all,

Can anyone shed some light on the SO fast track program for which the requirements have been posted?

ie. Who are the target candidates (what level of experience will a competitive candidate have)? What does the term "Fast Track" imply? Is the program designed as a cruise relief pilot program for the ULH, and LH fleets, or will it be a program spread across the various fleets? Obviously, salary information and any details of the recruitment process (if at all different from the FO recruitment) will also be appreciated.



lfrk 14th Jul 2010 18:53


I've been invited in doha for the interview. Can someone tell me if it's the same process than before (mean few pages earlier on this topic ) or I can expect new stuff.

Also for wicht of fleet are they recruiting for 777 or 320?

Many thanks

nicholasblonde 15th Jul 2010 00:34

Hey guys--I noticed the requirements section no longer states (FAA written examination not accepted) (fATPL requirement).

Anyone know if they've removed that req. or does it still stand??? My internal contacts weren't sure what the current policy was on FAA written + CPL


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