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Qatari515 15th May 2010 16:16

Flying Big Guns...

The opportunity to see the world...

All sounds soooo nice and part of it is correct. But one should never forget:


Good luck to all the Egyptian and Spanish Brethren about to leave the company, going back to their heimat! Hopefully some day during my active career I can do the same...:\

Utah 16th May 2010 11:24

Hey Iver
Cheers for taking the time to write & express your concerns. I am aware of the unhappy Aussies in the ME. I am quite confident though that in my situation it would be a good thing.

It would not be a matter of weather or not Qantas will take me back, as I would be taking Leave with out pay (LWOP) which is covered by our EBA (enterprise barganing agreement). Many Qantas pilots take this opportunity throughout there career to explore the world be it flying or not, then return to there jobs where they left off. You're job with Qantas under these terms & conditions is 100% safe & there are infact Qantas pilots taking LWOP who are working for Qatar already.

As for me I am single with no ties & would love to see as much of the world as possible both flying & on the ground. Financially I may take a small pay cut but this is not of concern too me & the fact they work you hard is even better as the less time spent at home for me the better. It would be a great 3 years, flying to many destinations I will never get the opportunity too with Qantas, work with people from all different backgrounds around the world & be able to go home at the end of it.

There is also an aussie rules footy team called the kangaroos in Qatar i could join, not that I'd be there much to play, but things dont look that bad. I guess its what you make of it. Once again though I'm after a 3 year life & career experience, my future will still be with Qantas & not at risk.

sandpit66 16th May 2010 12:16

QR Update
Hi guys, Just looking for an update from the last bunch of guys to get in. How long is the application process taking? From sending the email to hearing back from them? Once (and if you are lucky enough to get a reply), How long does it take to head to DOHA for interviews and sim check?

Before the usual chaps start shouting at me to use the search function...I have, and I have read all 94 pages of this thread, for better or for worse. Most of you have to agree that alot of info in there is now out of date as there is posts dating back 2/3 years. Surely things are changing, and someone might be kind enough to give an update as of 2010 and not 2007. Thanks in advance, Happy Landings!

Capt Krunch 16th May 2010 12:25


You paint a pretty picture of flowers and big fluffy clouds that life is going your way as if you have nothing to worry about. But remember just one thing, while your painting your world pretty colors with your big happy paint brush and coming to QA to enhance your little world, you may just be taking the job from one who really needs one and struggling to make ends meet whose life and family depend on getting work, anywhere even here.

I'm sorry, but in this day and age I dont have time for dreamers who have the world handed to them, when i'm constantly meeting people who are having difficulty keeping a roof over their families head and living here separated from the life and ones they love just to make it work.

Try to think a bit further than yourself Utah.. it's not all about you and your fluffy cloud mate.

Poisoned by Compromise

Capt Krunch 16th May 2010 12:38


I'm no expert in this area, but I have seen guys get a response within weeks (sometimes less than 2) and then again I have spoken with guys who have waited months. To be perfectly honest, the recruiting department is trying their best to keep up with it all as they always have. Many things have changed over the years and they are continually changing as we speak.

Once you do hear from them it can be just a matter of days until you are in Qatar for assessment. In one case I know, someone was contacted via email and within 3 weeks they arrived in Doha for assessment. having said that, this is not the way from everyone, but hang in there and I'm quite confident that you will hear something.. (providing you meet the qualifications).. if it's been more than 4 months then it might be an idea to send a email feeler to check on your status.

Poisoned by Compromise

sandpit66 16th May 2010 12:51

Capt Krunch
Thanks a million for your reply. I very much appreciate it. I meet the requirements and more so im keeping my fingers crossed.

loc22550 16th May 2010 16:31

off Course Mile low they are recruiting DEC!
Do you known that QR actually recruits A-320 rated pilots-MD 80 rated pilots from outside...to go to the...777!!

Only in QR you will see such a think!:ugh:

Capt Krunch 17th May 2010 06:48

QR actually recruits A-320 rated pilots-MD 80 rated pilots from outside...to go to the...777!!
Well, there is some past truths in loc22550's post. BUT this practice has stopped with the revamping of the recruitment process. So don't get excited, you'll be disappointed.

Poisoned by compromise

loc22550 17th May 2010 06:56

So does it mean it will not happen again...?:=
Revamping of process in QR is like wind direction...different everyday.
What is true today may not be tomorrow.

Utah 17th May 2010 15:09

Hey Captain Crunch!
Pretty strong words buddy but unfortunately you know nothing of me, my past or ALL of the reasons for my decision to possibly leave Qantas for a while.

For starters lets get your little fluffy cloud crap straigtened out. I'm not sure on your background mate & nore would i pass unfair judgment on it as you have on mine. However for your information I spent 10 years in general aviation in Australia working in remote areas (that make the ME look like a tropical oasis might i add) getting paid less than that needed to make ends meet, consistantly needing a second & sometimes third job in the earlier days to keep my head above water. So if the clouds fluffy mate its because i spent 10 years fluffing it & if you've got a problem with that its your problem not mine, I worked my ass off & made major sacrafices to get where I am end of story.

Now as for taking other peoples jobs again you couldnt be further from the truth. You seem to know alot about this fluffy cloud mate but did you know that Qantas is asking its pilots to take leave without pay & reduced flying to avoid redundancies of people at the bottom of the seniority list in the current economic downturn? Well just incase you didnt know all about that too know you do. So infact I would be taking a paycut to come work for Qatar, but by doing so would be saving other more junior qantas pilots already employed with financial commitments from losing there jobs, then houses too follow etc...

By the way, thanks for answering the other persons question & in doing so mine also. I shall sleep better on my fluffy cloud tonight thanks to your help.


divinesoul 17th May 2010 19:42


sexcellent reply lol.

190.20 19th May 2010 06:10

Capt Krunch,

Thanks for your answer, always "poisoned by commitment" hahaha I like you :}
And about the fluffy cloud: I can't help it, Utah's answer made me ROTFL :p really good comeback!

Capt Krunch, do you know that girl Karma? hahahahahahaha


loc22550 19th May 2010 07:33

capt Krunch:
Do You mean that anybody willing to change of job or ailrine today should think twice like:
"Oooh..Maybe i should leave my seat For somebody else ..?????"
Sorry to disappoint you but I'm afraid a lot of people don't think like you....:bored:

Capt Krunch 19th May 2010 08:13

I dont normally respond to this type of thing but the fact remains. If you have a job, good for you. Leave the other jobs for ones who are not so fortunate. Thats my meaning and feeling..

as for UTAH response.. nice .. but everyone has a sad story don't they.. I don't feel for it and I don't waver from my opinion. Everyone knows this is not a career airline and most of the people who come here are people who NEED a job, or people who need a decent break in the industry. Those colleagues who are lucky enough to have a job that will look after them in the future should be more considerate of those less fortunate. UTAHs response with regards to looking after his own kind by leaving seems all very noble but .. his particular country has more aviation options and opportunities, (not as good as is once was I realize), not so for other places in the world. Some people do not have the luxury of a choice.

Aviation is a smal industry as we all know and Yes I know Karma. what goes around will one day come around.

as a multi cultural airline everyone has an opinion that differs from the rest, mine being no different.

Poisoned by Compromise

Heading090 19th May 2010 12:42




190.20 28th May 2010 18:08

I'm sorry but I don't remember posting anything in any Latin America's forum :confused:

If I did so please let me know, because I really don't know what you are talking about.....but I'm having a hard time believing I would post anything racist anywhere, since I'm an expat pilot myself living in a foreing country.....Oh! and I'm latin american myself! ;)

[email protected] :ok:

SMOOTHFLIER 29th May 2010 17:57

does anyone know if a bankrupt pilot can work for qatar?
would they recruit someone who is bankrupt?

Capt Krunch 30th May 2010 10:47


it may cause problems for you in the Americas, but out here no one wants to hear of your personal problems back home. As long as you meet the grade in all aspects, thats the deciding factor.

Rest assured, your personal finances will not make a difference in the interview selection at QA.

poisoned by compromise

thone 1st Jun 2010 17:18

I got invited to an interview in Miami this month. I accepted it a week ago, but they didn't give me any info about accomidations or travel. Does anyone know if they put you up in a hotel or is it up to me?

cl65 1st Jun 2010 20:07

Hello. how are you doing?. congrats and good luck on the interview.

Do you mind telling us your quals. do you currently fly an regional jet and when did you apply there.

Was the notification in the form of email or phone call?


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