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irishone 25th Feb 2010 21:18

That's what I figured thanks linerider.

wheelbarrow 26th Feb 2010 23:22

To get back to the title of this thread....
Been offered DEC on B777 and want to know what it's like for people joining now....ie what accomodation is provided for captains joining (heard rumours no villas left) , what the roster is likely to be, how much of the stuff on here is true, and whether you can enjoy life down there in sunny Qatar? What is there to do? I know a lot of cynics will come back and say how :mad: it all is, but would appreciate some information relevant to a new joiner. I can keep my uniform buttoned and my hat on, but what's it like actually living there???And more importantly, cause she is the one spending more time there, will my wife be able to have a life there or not? What is the social scene like?
I am asking all these questions because the information alluded to in the title does not seem to be here. Here's hoping for some informative, unbiased answers, though guess that may be a tall order......

Capt Krunch 27th Feb 2010 05:20


I once new a friend that had a good deal of 747 classic command (+8000 PIC) as well as others Classic heavy wide-body jets. A educated professional. the only draw back was he had only 350hr EFIS as F/O on a Airbus which he obtained years previous. He was denied an interview by HR based on the 500hr EFIS requirement.:ugh:

Havign said that I have also seen QA hire a guy straight off the DC-8 as a DEC on a A330 with no Glass time at all. needless to say he didn't make the training but did get the job initially.

So there is not telling what your chances are, but they do tend to stick to the min criteria. You must make it thru the HR gate before anyone else sees your CV.


the accommodation this has been covered a million times. do a SEARCH you might find something there. Generally speaking, yes there is no Villas left at the moment, but that might change tomorrow or it might change next year. there is no way of knowing. You'll hear one batch of new hires get a 3 bedroom apt. then the next batch are in a Villa somewhere.. it happens, for the most part expect an apartment or go find your own place. which is over priced to say the least.
Enjoying Qatar itself is completely up to your own expectations of enjoyment. this is not a western society so dont expect anything like you have back home. there are bars in the major hotels. entertainment is limited. Socializing with your friends at BBQ's or desert trips can be entertaining. having said that I have been here for a very long time by QA standards and quite frankly have not been out to the desert in years.. the novelty wears off quite easily. As for your wife, the divorce and separation rate here is very high. I wont say the airline or country causes that, but if you have some fractures in your relationship now, coming here will surely not make it any better. There is really nothing for a house wife to do and getting jobs is very difficult based on the sponsorship system they have here not to mention the Qatarization scheme.
there are allot of expats in this country (we are all the workers) so meeting people is no problem. One this is for certain, you wont see to many smiling faces wandering around in public. It certainly tells me something about living here, But then again i'm still here :ugh:

Poisoned by Compromise

Captain Oryx 27th Feb 2010 13:45


Just to pile on KK's post. He is correct about housing. Currently, there are villas empty in two places (not Ain Khalid), that doesn't necessarily mean they are "available". If you ask facilities reps they will tell you the villas have been "assigned". Name of the game, patience.

Ther are different wives' organizations for your spouse to join. While wives' clubs may not be your spouses' cup-o-tea, she may find some interesting people within the ranks. Again, patience is the key.

Good luck!:ok: Congrats!

nicholasblonde 1st Mar 2010 00:40

Anyone have an answer for my question above--re: what's the staffing/delivery look like through 2010....and will they probably be hiring FOs on the A320 through the end of the year???

Thanks for any guesses!

Captain Ned Kelly 2nd Mar 2010 12:22

Good news for the ones thinking in joining Qatar Airways. Next School year the allowance will cover just one kid. “Insha'Allah”! :eek: :{

Go in peace!

Fubaliera 2nd Mar 2010 14:41

Its called Ain Khaled population control. The less school fees the dependants

Captain Ned Kelly 2nd Mar 2010 17:55

I guess you are wrong. This isn’t an effective way. You were born.:}
And it's my guess: your boyfriend doesn’t like kids. :mad:

cuallnow 3rd Mar 2010 12:12

Hi Ned, can you explain your last? How has it changed? Did the allowance reduce from the 50,000QR per year or have school fees risen?
Many thanks in advance.

loc22550 3rd Mar 2010 12:31

captain NED KELLY:
Nothing new i think....the actual school fees is basicaly just enough to cover one kid in most of the case..

Captain Ned Kelly 3rd Mar 2010 13:01

The school fees will rise around 25%. And the schools here play like a Cartel. Don’t forget the most famous contemporary cartel is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec).
Go in peace! :ok:

cuallnow 3rd Mar 2010 15:28

Thanks for the quick answer Ned. Hows the accomodation situation? The allowance would seem to cover the rental of a Villa according to the web but without knowing where's good/bad to live its not posible to make an informed decision, thoughts?

nicholasblonde 3rd Mar 2010 17:39

Anyone know if Qatari will be hiring through Fall 2010?

Anyone know what the delivery sched is for 2010?


Capt Krunch 4th Mar 2010 03:06


Anyone know if Qatari will be hiring through Fall 2010?
Qatar Airways has been steadily hiring pilots since long before I joined nearly a decade ago, so my guess would be .. YES .. they will be hiring in all of 2010 and well beyond.

Anyone know what the delivery sched is for 2010
One per month B777 for the next couple years until we have the full order, then comes the near 40 - B787 then comes the 60 - A350's.. In the usual QA fashion it's 1 per month until the order is complete :{

In QA the aircraft come and destinations increase regardless if Flt ops can cope or not. Commercial does not communicate with Flt Ops nor do they care too. QA has always gotten lucky, just as it seems we will park the new machines, some airline somewhere in the world goes bust and we get pilots, or as in recent times, many are made redundant and .. well.. saved again.

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Flyer1015 6th Mar 2010 01:50

Hey, for anyone who knows, I meet all the requirements and wanted to apply, but I had a question regarding the Frozen ATPL requirement. With the FAA, there is no 'frozen ATP'. Just a Commerical/ME/Instrument with the ATP written passed. Should I even bother, worth a shot, don't waste my time? Worse case scenario, I figure I should apply and the worse that can happen is they won't call. Best case scenario would be they do call and interview.

Raba1998 7th Mar 2010 08:44

Interview with QR
Hey man, congrats on the news. Can you advise me on the interview and what to expect? is there a place in this forum to look for tips on the interview? Any contribution with be appreciate it.


Capt Krunch 7th Mar 2010 10:17


Tip : Use the SEARCH function.. the topic has been covered millions of times :ugh:

Poisoned by Compromise

Stuck_in_an_ATR 7th Mar 2010 17:35

Anyone knows if ATR-72 time is regarded by QR as EFIS time? Otherwise I'm still stuck... :}

169west 9th Mar 2010 15:50

... better hurry-up with application! Qr will get pilots from the India-based National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)!

Gulf Times ? Qatar?s top-selling English daily newspaper - Qatar

Stuck_in_an_ATR 9th Mar 2010 16:13

Wonder if those Indian S/O's will call themselves "Captains", as they do in India... :}

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