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PUPY 199 1st Jun 2009 08:47

Yes QR accept pilots with glasses but the rule is : you are not alowed to put them on as you might see the true !

flex50 1st Jun 2009 11:12

that was a good one....!! :D

loc22550 1st Jun 2009 11:20

Flex50 ,PUPY was "Ironic"...
Yes they do accept pilots with glasses.

flex50 1st Jun 2009 11:22

really, thats good news to hear! i got their forms yday for employment procedure!

flex50 1st Jun 2009 11:25

are u working with QR at the moment?

loc22550 1st Jun 2009 11:40

yes.Don't worry Too much about the medical... it's not Korean Air here..no need to be an astronaut!

flex50 1st Jun 2009 11:55

gud man, let me start filling the forms at least! may god bless u for INFO! :D

kimbruce 2nd Jun 2009 14:07

typical interview questions
TYPICAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR A320 AND A330 ARE LISTED HERE ****************.webs.com dont forget the www infront

georgechfl 2nd Jun 2009 22:33

I just wanted to know whats the current hiring process with qatar......Just got downgraded from CA and +250 furloughs for my regional...:bored:....kind of sad but I think its time to leave the US.....any info will be helpful ...3100 hours on CRJ and only 700 pic(couldn't even break the 1000pic :uhoh:)....first post here :)

georgechfl 2nd Jun 2009 23:24

Just finished with my application.....Just got downgraded today to FO from CA on my regional :confused:.....Any info on the hiring process and how long it takes will be awesome....I am done with USA probably , things are getting really nasty...3100 hours total and 600 pic on CRJ....I will need some guidance ;D........AND btw I need to remind u how is life at MESA AIRLINES before ppl start telling me its crap at QA.....6 days on and 1 off 3 weeks straight for this month , almost 2 years reserve as CA, 12-16 hours duty days with crappy 30 mins leggs, 72 hours guarantee($3200 a month:rolleyes:), 8 legs a day , $300 health insurance per person a month, no vacation slots ohhhh and I forgot downgrades and furloughs on top of that.....:p

Che Xindamail 3rd Jun 2009 00:07

I attended a walk-in interview and there we did a surprise 50 question tech quiz, most of it common sense stuff and nothing you can really study for. With your experience I wouldn't worry. I think the required passrate was 80%. After that it was a quick chat with two pilots, simple get-to-know-you stuff, all very friendly. A week later it was a simulator check ride in Doha. Take-off, engine failure, VOR approach to land. That's it. Also very friendly.
I guess you will apply for an F/O position. Judging by other posts, it might be a tough job, but at least it keeps you flying, and whatever rating they give you will be great for later.
Good luck!

georgechfl 3rd Jun 2009 00:14

I can't find any info on the timeline between your submitted application and when they will contact you. Do you have also to go to Qatar for interview? Paid ticket or not,payscale for first year FO?Pls any info will be helpfull :cool:

luck7711 3rd Jun 2009 00:47

George, I would try Air Arabia or Bahrain air first.
Qr is very bad.

georgechfl 3rd Jun 2009 03:19

They both need 320 type and be current.....I am just a CRJ barbie jet CA :eek:

B204GT 3rd Jun 2009 09:42

Hi, can anyone tell me if Qatar is actively hiring right now and if so how do I apply?

I've been to the Qatar's Flight Deck Crew Recruitment website and read all the information. But when I click on the "Apply Now" button, I get redirected to the Flight Deck Crew Job Search website and there I can't find any job openings or how to apply.. :ugh:

Or if anyone who actually knows someone in their HR department and can provide me with the HR's e-mail, that would be great... thanks!

loc22550 3rd Jun 2009 10:39

George:With 600h as PIC you might be accepted but as a F/O for sure and i guess on 320!
Life on 320 is not always a healthy journey here,with alternance of night&day time flight with minimum rest in between!very tiring sometime and leading to sleep disruption.
Because in our 5 stars roster departement here... they consider pilots(expecially on 320) as Robots with a ON/OFF "sleep switch" you activate as soon as you arrive home in order to be fresh for your next duty!

shampoo_9 3rd Jun 2009 17:20

you remind me of my old days

wingmaaan 4th Jun 2009 09:50

Hi there,
i am also interested in flying for qatar airways, are they recruiting at the moment? canīt find a way to apply...iīm a320 pic rated with 2000hrs on type..how big are chances to get invited? even if work seems to be bad on the a320 in qatar,believe me, canīt be worse then here!

wingmaaan 4th Jun 2009 09:55

i am also interested to fly for qatar, but how can i apply? did not find a way so fare...i am 320 rated with 2000hrs pic on type,will i have chances to get invited as pic?
even if work on the 320 in qatar seems a bad workingplace, believe me, there are even worse places to work at!

wingmaaan 4th Jun 2009 10:03

same here,
i thought they need pilots.how can i apply? iīm 320 rated with 2000hrs pic on type. will i have chances?

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