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ConfusedDxb 14th Feb 2010 13:44

How is the pay scales in QR...in HR and Admin?
Been recently offered a position at QR but I believe the pay scale is very low. More over I'm of a managerial level and the package offered is much lower..hence I'd have to step down on my title and pay. Unfortunately, time is of the essence right now..with the bad job market this seems to be the only positive response.
Is there really scope for growth in QR or would I be making a big mistake. Thanks..:confused:

Fubaliera 14th Feb 2010 14:12

If your Indian, youll fit right in. If your westerner then forget it.

ConfusedDxb 14th Feb 2010 15:27

QR must be filled with Indians then! Sad, though..that they pay so low..wouldn't have expected it from such a 5 star airline

BIGBAD 15th Feb 2010 18:11

does anybody know what the rosters are like on the 330?

what destinations they fly to? how hard do they work ? do they force you to take days off down route ?


Linerider 15th Feb 2010 18:42

For an FO on the A330 it is very busy at the moment as so many FOs left recently; you could expect to fly around 90 hours a month. As for captains it is getting busier due to the FO shortage - they are flying captains with captains.

The A330 has the greatest number of destinations of any fleet here:
Middle East, Africa, Asia, Far East and Europe. Most flights will be layovers. Generally 24 hour layovers with some up to 48 hours.

As I previously mentioned on this page, you will be allocated some of your days off down-route. You don't get any choice in the matter.

ericthewellread 15th Feb 2010 20:36

Requirements For Entry To Training
I was looking in the wrong place, as the authority for Qatar is the QCAA not the GCAA.


The relevant QCAA regulations are pasted below:

QCAR-FCL 1.240 -Type and Class Ratings - Requirements
(See Appendices 1 to 3 to QCAR-FCL 1.240)
A valid type rating contained in a licence issued by an ICAO Contacted State may be transferred to a QCAR-FCL licence, subject to the appropriate proficiency check, provided the applicant is in current flying practice and has not less than 500 hours flying experience as a pilot on that type, provided QCAR-FCL 1.250, 1.251. 1.255 or 1.260 as applicable, are met.
Appendix 1 to QCAR-FCL 1.020 & 1.050 - Minimum requirements for the issue of QCAR FCL licence/ratings for Qatar Qualified Service Pilots
An applicant for QCAR FCL Licence/Rating shall comply with requirement as set out in the table below:
Licence sought
Required Experience
Current flying practice: 12 hours within the last 12 months
> 1500 flying hours as P1.
Meets the requirements of QCAR-FCL 1.280
Appendix 2 to QCAR-FCL 1.055- Type Rating Training Organisations for the Issue of type ratings only to pilot licence holders [or associated instructor ratings / authorisations for TRI, SFI or MCCI

The TRTOs shall be responsible for ensuring that trainees meet at least the pre-requisite conditions for type rating training as set out in QCAR-FCL 1.250.

QCAR-FCL 1.250 - Type Rating, Multi-Pilot- Conditions
(See AMC FCL 1.261(d))
(See Appendix 1 to QCAR FCL 1.261(d))
(See Appendix 1 to QCARFCL1.261 (d))
(See Appendix 1 to QCARFCL1.520 & 1.525)
Pre-requisite conditions for training: An applicant for the first type rating course for a multi- pilot aeroplane type shall:
have at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command of aeroplanes;
have a valid multi-engine instrument rating (A);
hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of multi-crew cooperation (MCC). If the MCC course is to be added to the type rating course (see QCAR-FCL1.261 and 1.262 and AMC FCL 1.261(d) and Appendix 1 to QCAR-FCL 1.261(d), this requirement is not applicable; and
have met the requirements of QCAR-FCL 1.285, or
Be a student currently undergoing training on a MPL(A) integrated training course.]
Applicants having:
either a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC in accordance with QCAR-FCL 2 and experience of more than 100 hours as a pilot of a multi-pilot helicopter, or
experience of more than 500 hours as a pilot on multi-pilot helicopter, or
experience of at least 500 hours as a pilot in multi-pilot operation in accordance with QCAR-OPS on single pilotaeroplanes QCAR/FAR 23 multi-engine aeroplanes, shall be considered to meet the requirements of MCC;
The level of knowledge assumed to be held by holders of the PPL(A) or CPL(A) and type ratings for multi-pilot aeroplanes issued under requirements other than QCARFCL will not be a substitute for showing compliance with the requirements of (4) above.
The issue of an additional multi-pilot type ratings requires a valid multi-engine instrument rating.

I am going to take a stab at answering my own question. My tentative answer to my question of, [does Qatar Airways require a candidate to be current prior to starting a type rating course ?] is yes, because of the QCAA regulations. Not necessarily current on type, but in current flying practice which apparently means "12 hours within the last 12 months." The only place I found where this term is defined is here:

AMC - FCL 1.020 - Credit for Military Service
Current flying Status means the pilot has flown at least 12 hours in the last 12 months proceeding his/her licence application
The REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY TO TRAINING, the last item (d) "...requires a valid multi-engine instrument rating," it appears that for a multi-engine instrument rating to be valid, the pilot would have to have a current instrument proficiency check, on a multiengine airplane.

For my situation, having not flown any aircraft in 4.5 years, if I purchased 777 sim time & passed a FAA 61.58 PIC proficiency check, operation of aircraft requiring more than one pilot flight crewmember, that would take care of the valid multi-engine instrument rating. If this takes, say four hours, then I would need eight additional hours (in some aircraft) to have the minimum 12 hours within the last 12 months. The class of aircraft is not specified, so I dont see why it could not be in a single engine Cessna.

Alternately, I could get an instrument proficiency check in a light twin, with the balance of the 12 hours in a single engine Cessna, & meet the requirements for starting a type rating course.

Yes, it would be best to get a definitive answer from QR, & I will attempt to do this via email to them, but their answer may not come, & I must make a decision soon.

Does anyone know if my plan to get current for the QR interview will work?


BIGBAD 16th Feb 2010 09:11

as far as i understand you get 7 days off a month. So if you get days off down route, you can constantly be away with no time back in Doha ?? or it is maybe just 1 or 2 days a month off down route ?

can you bid for trips or request certain trips ? what's it like trying to get days off or leave when you want it ?

loc22550 16th Feb 2010 09:35

-Most of your days off (7..8../month) will be in Doha.
-Sometime you might have 1..2 days off down the route..
-Yes you can bid for some particular trip/flight/layover..some of them are more popular than others so..more difficult to have it...(especially on 320!)
-Latest rumor is that you can only bid/have 3 days off in a row!Good news for people who want to get out of Doha and go home !:uhoh:
(simply because ONE "mistake" has been done..so the CEO has decided that EVERYBODY should pay for it: standard procedure in Q.R.!:ugh:).
-Leave..well keep your fingers crossed in order to have what you bid for..
especially as a new joiner,shouldn't be a problem if you are a senior crew.

bumba 16th Feb 2010 11:46

how many hours/month are you flying on the 320 and what about an average FO will fly on the same plane? thanks

Time Traveller 16th Feb 2010 12:02

My apologies eric; When I said GCAA, I meant QCAA.

I did suggest to them that I go home and quickly do a piston IRT to get current. All they said was 'hmmm' - Wasnt sure what to make of that. But remember you are in a much stronger position than I was.

Capt Krunch 16th Feb 2010 12:09


to be perfectly honest. If you told someone in the interview that you were current on a Cessna or some form of piston light twin I think it would get a good laugh. Do realize that the min req in the QCAA is just that. the min required to meet QCAA approval. unlike days gone by, today QA holds a higher standard than that of the QCAA min requirement and in doing so the QCAA are quite happy.

IMHO, if your that far lapsed and sure you can meet the technical part of the interview with ease, then get current in a sim. if you believe that you meet the standard, even if it means investing in yourself, and if you have a studied all.. then why not make the investment. there is no job guarantee but you just never know until you try. if all fails then at least your current and it was a interesting experience.

now some might argue that this place is not worth doing all that, but that opinion is left up to the individual.

Poisoned by compromise

stansdead 16th Feb 2010 15:23

How inflexible are QR on the 6000 total/2000 Command requirement?

Current A320 Captain, but with a little less than these requirements.

Any ideas ladies/gents?

Many thanks....

Capt Krunch 17th Feb 2010 03:54


it's not flexible, not even by 1 hour.:=

if you left it to the pilots and pilots on the interview team i'm sure there would be a bit of flexibility. But the fact remains you are selected by the HR recruitment office for flight deck, they follow the company guide lines to the letter. Having said that, i'm sure there are plenty of guys who slipped thru the cracks in the past.
Best of luck, you never know unless you try.

Poisoned by compromise

loc22550 17th Feb 2010 07:28

usually ..On A-320 we use to fly ..60..70 hours/month(you might double the figure for the duty time)..with "minimum" days off:..8.. days off/month.!
I'm sure the guys flying 330 having ..15 days off/month make more money than us....
Is this fair.....??!:=
Welcome to the 320..!

stansdead 17th Feb 2010 09:55

I think I get the picture!! Cheers!!

bumba 17th Feb 2010 12:08

Loc thanks, and don't get me wrong but I wish I was there!

jaarrgh 19th Feb 2010 07:30

Do the 330 guys do both trips 2-4 days and 'there and back' days? BNG and Linerider any thoughts?

Angleofattack320 21st Feb 2010 03:01

320 Rosters and latest info on assessments
I will be coming to Doha in the coming weeks. Any info on the latest assessments and what the 320 rosters are like:)

Capt Krunch 21st Feb 2010 06:33


I see your a probationary ppruner .. but do us all a favor and use the SEARCH function to find your answer as this topic has been covered no less than a million times :ugh:

Poisoned by Compromise

FlyingTinCans 21st Feb 2010 22:19

Hi guys,
first time post on the ME forum, ive trawled through this thread and tried the search function but cant seem to find the answer on how flexible qatar are with the min reqs.

I have a 1000TT, 700 EFIS not 320 rated. Any point in putting in a CV or will I get laughed out the door (and this thread!)

*duck and cover* :ok:

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