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FAinbaires 26th Apr 2009 14:13

Tattoes & QA
Hello guys,

Do u know if it is ok to have a tattoo and be able to be hired at QA? It's not visible, i have it on my back, but some airlines are really strict when it comes to a Zero tattoo policy.



Carjockey 26th Apr 2009 14:14

If you are joining QR you should read this thread,


and this one:


If after reading these threads you still decide to join QR, be prepared to jumpsheep 'cos the only other way out is to give 3 months notice.

Good luck!

PUPY 199 27th Apr 2009 02:25

Qr Facts
What you are told on intervew & whats fact when you sign contract

You are told on intervew :
Capt get 4 bedroom villa and F/O 3 bedroom apartment ha ha
When you jojn you will get apartment both Capt and F/O and you will be told "at the moment we dont have villa for you " this momant will contionue till you are gone

You are told you can get 4 days off every months so you can travel home
When you jojn you will be suprised to know that is not so true

You are told if you jojn A320 you will stay 2 y on type
When you jojn you will meet Capt and F/O already serving 3,5 years with no info of transfere

They did not told you on intervew that there is ACN ( air crew notice ) if you count in past till now about 600 starting ( it is not alowed)

They did not tell you if you rest in empty first class instead in buisness class you will be didacted 5000 euro from yore salary

They did not tell you that if you resign you are stuck in Doha for 3 months as airline cancel yore "exit permit" so you can not leave country

They did not tell you if you dont have hat and you are seen from 9 floor you get a warning letter and you can not be transfered or promnoted for 1 year or more .

They did not tell you that you will change chif pilot and chief training every 1-2 years .

They did not tell you that at the moment in last 30 days QR have 2 Capt and 9 F/O jumpshifted to other airline whithout resignation ( guess why )

Welcome to 5 star airline ! Sorry its 4 star since few months a go .

ArkPilot 27th Apr 2009 03:53

Do they give English spelling/grammar lessons?:}

shneidertrophy 27th Apr 2009 05:15

Not anymore by the looks of it!:}

Pupy, do not be such a drama queen mate. Part of what you are saying is true, part is popular gossip and part is none of your business as a line pilot!

Housing situation: No idea how that disaster is being handled at the moment but I do know a new phase at the Ain Khaled concentration camp is being finished now. It contains villas with private swimming pool though which makes me a bit worried. NO WAY HR will allow these houses to be given to PILOTS, they will keep them to themselves as usual and pilots will get whateve is leftover!

4 days off/month works on the widebody fleets. Works sometimes on the A320 but in no way QR wants you to commute home easily. As a mather of fact, none of the middle eastern legacy carriers wants you to commute home on a regular bases so NO BIG DEAL.

If you join now, no matter what fleet you will be put on, expect to be stuck on that fleet for MIN 3 years! A320 is the only existing fleet which is expanding (A330 reduction/stable, A340 stable, B777 new fleet thus expanding, A300 stable) so people on A320 might expect to be stuck a bit longer!

ACN: Whats the big deal?

Resting in first class/not wearing your hat are all KNOWN rules and regulations, which by the way exist in very similar forms in both EK as EY as well. If you cost what cost wants to be that pigheaded "I know it better" pilot by braking these rules, you will have to bare the consequences! So once more, whats the big deal?

Resigning from ANY airline in the gulf can be a very very tricky and frustrating operation. This is due to the pre-historic labour laws in this region. Prepare yourself well and expect the worst when resigning!

Flight Ops management changes: what do you care about that? Chief pilots and their deputees are in general useless to you anyway (some exceptions of course like SS, PJ). So if they change them its like changing a boring picture on a wall in your hallway, most of the times nobody notices!

For once and for all people, it is " JUMPING SHIP". Nothing to do with Jumping Sheep (interesting one this one, especially in this region:}), jumping shift or whatever else people come up with! It happens all over the region, not only in QR, and should not be a big deal to you. Be glad you are a pilot and the option is there for you to use when needed! :suspect:Regarding those numbers you mentioned, just mention as well that these are mostly Capt going to Air Asia for a management position or FOs chasing a quick command!

All of this has been discussed over and over again here so get a grip!:mad:

vaschandi 27th Apr 2009 06:09

Jumping sheep
Hi Schneider!

Now you just confuse us more!

YouTube - Jumping Sheep

PUPY 199 27th Apr 2009 07:17

Woops Shnider wrong info
Capt :
Felix Chin - Vietnam Air
Chincila -Vietnam Air
Jazen - R.J
Hundik-Korean Air
Belusik-Korean Air
......... Air Asia ,Etihad,Watanaya,Wizz,.....
How many management position is in Air Asia when we have 5 Capt left there ?

Management change effect all pilots : every new has a new way to show boss that he can save :fuel,cost, anything to look good in boss eyes and step by step we lose benifits .

shneidertrophy 27th Apr 2009 10:13

Hi Pupy,

(nice nickname by the way...)

Thanks for the info. That's what I was waiting for! I will assume its correct!:ok:

Have a great day!


so that is what jumping sheep is all about! Thanks for the video. I was expecting content not allowed on youtube but guess I was wrong there as well :E

Carjockey 27th Apr 2009 10:16

Jumping Sheep

Just to clear up any misunderstandings, the term is 'Jumping Ship' which is an old sailing term applied to crew members who do not return from shore leave, or who join the crew of another ship and abandon their previous ship.

The 'sheep' bit is a mispronunciation of the word 'ship', OK so far? Good...

The term 'Jumping Sheep' could be construed literally as meaning sheep (or lambs maybe) frolicking in a field, but it also conjures up images of a man in big wellies performing an act of bestiality on an unfortunate creature. In other words a sheep sh:mad:er.

Neither of the above terms should be confused with a 'Woolly Jumper', which is an item of clothing worn in rather colder climates. A 'Woolly Jumper' is also a colloquial/humorous term to describe 'Sheep', but don't let this confuse you.

A 'Woolly Jumper' is not a 'Sheep Jumper', which would more accurately describe our friend in the wellies mentioned above.

So to sum up, if you are getting sh:mad:ed by your management, pack your woolly jumper, jump ship and head to Dunnunda land, where you may even meet a real sheep jumper.


vaschandi 27th Apr 2009 11:28

Tweenies wooly jumper
I really love your explanations and I am impressed that somebody
knows Dunnunda Land!

Thatīs my last one-- promised-- but did you ever hear something
about Tweenies wooly jumper?

YouTube - Tweenies Wooly jumper


Carjockey 27th Apr 2009 12:02

Brilliant! I think the 'Tweenies' would be a very appropriate form of in flight entertainment for QR, somebody should bring it up with the top management immediately.

Now getting back to sheep, I've just found this picture of a half-breed sheep...


Let this serve as a warning to all those contemplating any sheep jumping...


Che Xindamail 27th Apr 2009 13:15

Finally a QR thread with a sense of humour, and some common sense as well.
That is an absolutely horrendous picture! Is it a peep? or a shig? Brilliant. Couldn't stop laughing. I like that last comment as well...

Carjockey 27th Apr 2009 14:00

I understand that it's actually an 'Austrian Mangalitza gilt'

Furry pig sells for Ģ250 at swine auction - Telegraph

But whatever it is, it looks horrendous to me...:yuk:

cabinsecured 27th Apr 2009 18:25

wasnt this CARJOCKEY guy the supposedly passenger who complained about miserable flight in qr in another tread or am i mistaken???????.for a passenger he seems to know alot about qr......

cochise 27th Apr 2009 19:27

Isn't that Alf from the TV program? :ok::}

DU7532 28th Apr 2009 10:35

Can anyone tell me what foreign roaming mobile telephone sim cards work in Qatar?

When I was there last month for my interview, in Doha, none of my foreign sim cards worked, one from Vodaphone, e-plus, and 2 others from europe.

Is this the case for all. Does this mean we can only be contactable on Qtel numbers?



pba 28th Apr 2009 11:04

Reg Sim card
My Vodaphone card worked ok and also comviq. W vodaphone dont forget to go in to sim manager under entertainement menu and set to away. I did not know about this procedure before and got seriously frustrated.

gulf_slf 28th Apr 2009 11:37

Dont cross the poison Dwarf .........
Take care !

The Former director of Global Sales for QR is still fighting to dismiss charges against him for Industrial Espionage by the airline! This Ex BA chap is now home in UK (after having being held in solitary confinement for 21 days last May 08) having been found innocent by the Doha courts of all charges against him in December, however the poison dwarf set his legal dogs after him on appeal! The case is still pending against him!

QR legal team failed to present any substantial evidence against him (when they even bothered to turn up for the hearings!), however he now has significant legal bills to cover as a result of his enforced stay in Doha. The offer of a senior position with a large European airline disappeared while he was a 'guest of QR' awaiting of trial. Given the state of the aviation world at present he is avidly seeking a new role, whilst having this situation by the poison dwarf still hanging over him....

A total vindictive action without substance against this former employee by the poison dwarf now threatens his livelihood & career........

a cautionary tale about crossing the wrong person in the airline and how you can be treated by them.........

shneidertrophy 28th Apr 2009 21:16

Did nobody warn him beforehand?

We all know not to cross the little big man....:}

Pin Head 29th Apr 2009 10:20

But are they recruiting at the minute?

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