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Flyingstig 12th Jan 2012 08:13

During the interview will the wifey be present or will she be in another room .
Probably not even in the same building!
To be brutally honest, if someone asked me if he could have his wife attend the interview with him I would probably scrub the interview, sorry.
Think about the messages it could be sending.

As for the other questions, I agree with the replies you've had.
Good luck!

blusky75 12th Jan 2012 11:01

It's true alright , I've a mate starting this month who has been told to find his own place because the company accomodation is full

?!?!? full also Hotel Villa and the other place? For how long are they going not to provide the accomodation?

inner 12th Jan 2012 11:31

No provided accomodation anymore??? That' a serious drawback. Perhaps by the time i'm invited to attend the selection proces they've build a new compound or skyscraper.:).

av8tordude 12th Jan 2012 12:37

Guys relax! QR does not own HV or AKG. They just find the accommodation and rent from the owners. Until the find new accommodations, you will get a hotel room for the one month and then you will receive 10K Qr/month housing allowance.

speedhold 12th Jan 2012 13:03

Hi guys I know so many people have asked this question but coming from the USA can anyone give info on what to look at for the written ... I have seen some sites on jaa atpl stuff but what subject matters should I look at any ideas... And I'm guessing it's multiple choice ....

StephanK 12th Jan 2012 14:22

@ Speedhold

Hi guys I know so many people have asked this question but coming from the USA can anyone give info on what to look at for the written ... I have seen some sites on jaa atpl stuff but what subject matters should I look at any ideas... And I'm guessing it's multiple choice ....

Hi. Are you going in February for the interviews ?
I guess im having the same question , cant seem to find something specific. I think mostly concentrate in Meteorology qb's , A bit of basic human performance , Holding Speeds operational proceedures and some Chicken Tikka Masala mach no calculations. Oh also some Principle of flights.
Whats ur view ?

av8tordude 12th Jan 2012 15:49

StephanK & Speedhold

It would be a grave injustice for anyone to tell you what subject area(s) to study and foolish of you to only concentrate on any one area(s), as there are five different tests covering all parts of the JAA subject areas. But...from all the gouge I've read and conversation I had from fellow interviewers, I put the bulk of my efforts into studying Performance, Mass & Balance, Meterology, Principle of Flight, Human Perf. and reading Ace the Pilot Tech. Interview book. I also did study (not much) Radio Navigation, Operational Procedures, & IFR Comm. I did not study Air Law because I was told QR will give you that training during indoc. By the way, there are no formulas on any of the test that I'm aware of (at least none of the guys in my group mention it). QR does give you a calculator to use during the test, but I only use the calculator on one question and I only used it to check my mental math calculation was correct.

It may seem like a lot of preparation and studying :eek:, but if you really want to work at QR, I would not recommend half stepping. QR is hiring a lot, but not everyone is getting the job.:=

speedhold 12th Jan 2012 15:55

Okay thanks are they hiring for all types of ac they have or is based on exerience level or is it what ever they have available. In other words did they ask you which ac you wanted during interview

av8tordude 12th Jan 2012 16:22

They did not ask me what aircraft I prefer. From the last information I received, they are hiring into all aircraft, but your experience will probably dictate what aircraft they assign.

FlyPurdue 12th Jan 2012 17:45

Hello All -

I am 50 hours short of the multiengine / multicrew jet time for the Fast Track Second Officer position. Would it behove me to fill out the application now, or just wait for this months pattern to be complete, and then have the 300 hours?


Capt Krunch 12th Jan 2012 18:13


Just be advised that Qatar Airways does check your logged experience and history. Also for those who are already hired, they spot check past information for verification.

There have been guys who have been hired, trained and on-line flying when a spot check of past experience was conducted, those who were found with conflicting information were terminated with no notice.
Moreover, the times set forth with regards to the required minimums are strictly adheard to. Even within the airline there have been some pending upgrade of first officers to captain that were postponed due to the fact that the first officer candidate was 10hrs short of the minimum time required.:ugh:

Poisoned by compromise

FlyPurdue 12th Jan 2012 18:18

Thank you Captain! It was never my plan to falsify my logbooks and records. On Emirates hiring page, it mentions that you can be up to 500 hours short in any category, but must have the stated minimums for a start date. I was simply wondering if Qatar had a similar option. At this point, I will just wait a little longer before application - such that I meet all the published requirements.


Black Pudding 12th Jan 2012 18:35

Capt Krunch

Do you know what the housing allowance will be for Second Officers or Fast Track Second Officers who have no option of provided accomodation on arrival ? I am hoping its enough to be able to find accomodation. If its half until upgrade to FO, they will shoot themselves in the foot again and no one will come !

TwoTone-7 12th Jan 2012 19:02

So hypothetically speaking. If you are joining as an SO and QR offered you housing allowance of QR6000. You would not join Black Pudding?

By the way, at present. One month accommodation is being provided.

drfaust 12th Jan 2012 19:56

Recently attended selection in Doha with QR. Friendly reception in fantastic Hotel, easy going interview and simulator. If Qatar offers me a position I will expect them to deliver what they promised on their presentation. That means either accommodation or accommodation allowance. Honestly, I think people are having to find their own accommodation simply because their HR department must be busy with all these new joiners and might not be able to cope. The easy way is to just pony up the 12,000 QR and people sort themselves out. Mr. Krunch might be able to shed some more light on this but that seems to be the most logical way to go. Either way I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hope to get an offer whenever they get around to dealing with my application.


PS: Nobody during our interview mentioned we had to find our own accommodation so it might well be a temporary solution.

HighRider 12th Jan 2012 21:14

No response :(
Well, today it is 90 days since I applied online for QR and I have heard absolutely nothing.
8000 hours on jet of which 4000 hours are PIC. Checked my application several times and updated it a few times.
plan B.......... :*

av8tordude 12th Jan 2012 21:48

Originally Posted by drfaust
The easy way is to just pony up the 12,000 QR

Did you get this information from the presentation or was this word of mouth? Last I heard it was 10,000 QR housing allowance.

georvz 12th Jan 2012 21:51

is it 50 atpl mp questions, or open questions aswell? thanks

drfaust 12th Jan 2012 22:03

My bad, I thought it was 12000 but ok it's 10000. I didn't hear anything about it during the interview except for the well known presentation they give which i still assume to be correct.

Black Pudding 13th Jan 2012 06:58

Captains is 12000

First Officers is 10000

Second Officers ?????

You would not find anywhere fit to live in for 6000 ?

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