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skya320 9th Mar 2010 16:46

More Indians are coming? Oh boy:mad:

Blacksteel7 10th Mar 2010 09:30

From now on the first contact with the ATC we must say:
Namaskārinstead of As-Salāmu `Alaykum. :}
What to do, what to do ???? :{


Victor 11th Mar 2010 14:01

Hi guys.

Just a few questions, as I am trying to gather as much info as possible before taking the final decision to join. Have been reading like a mad man on this forum, and there are so many posts, so it would be nice if one of you guys would spend 2 min answering my questions:

Aproximately how long does the 777 type rating course take? Is there a lot of waiting time? How long from when you join until you are flying on the line?

On the same fleet - what can a F/O expect to be paid. I assume they would put me in company accommodation, so am just interested in how much the average flight pay pr month is on top of the 18000 basic salary.

And when talking company accommodation - what condition is it in? Facilities like gym/pool/internet? Or am I asking stupid questions now? :-)

Being single with a girl at home, I would be interested in knowing, if she is actually allowed to come and visit me/stay for a few days. Does she need a visa?

And one of you guys on the 777 - how many days in a row is it possible to travel home? Shall I forget about it already now, since the max days in a block really is 3?

Thanks for your useful comments

Fubaliera 11th Mar 2010 14:26

3months to get online
no commutting
only 3 days in a row a month.
28,000 for 777
the rest you have to figure out your self.

Victor 11th Mar 2010 14:38

Ok - thanks a lot

Was not a matter of commuting, only a question whether or not it is possible to fly home to Europe for a few days, maybe once every 2 months apart from the 42 vacation days

skya320 12th Mar 2010 16:06

As for your girl visit. It's depend on what passport does she hold. If she has EU passport, UK, US, and Canadian passport then she can enter Doha by paying for visa on arrival. Other passport must obtain tourist visa, which can only be apply for by the hotel (hotel booking required)

Compound for F/O is full right now (Ain Khalid Gate)
New compound for F/O is Holiday Villa (Serviced Apartment)

TAP 12th Mar 2010 18:13

So out of the two.... where would you choose and why?

thedick 15th Mar 2010 16:43

For the pilots who are working in QR.Has there been any talks about the number of pilots you are goimg to need when 787 and A350 are coming in service.planning to apply. Thanks in advance:ok:

Capt Krunch 16th Mar 2010 06:49

thedick .. nice one.

when I joined just under a decade ago. QA had 26 aircraft. 5 years ago QA had 40 aircraft. today QA has 80 aircraft. in 2013 the plan is for 120 aircraft. .. what was your question ?? :ugh:
if your planning on joining do some home work.

QA has been hiring pilots for years and years now. it has been a non stop on going process. Nothing has changed over the years, or should I say.. everything has changed over the years and will continue to do so. The goal post are never in the same place. :sad:
There have been many western pilots who have just joined the the ranks of QA, remember all this is nothing new to those of us who have been here a while.

seen thousands come and seen just as many go.

Poisoned by Compromise

thedick 16th Mar 2010 17:40

Hello capt.K I think it is a nice one also. My guestion about the new planes is that how many guys one plane needs ? What I have also seen during past years is that people are coming and going all the time no matter what is the place. About the QR I have been watching the company already since 1997 when I was in OMAA couple of years seeing old 727 s jumping around the gulf area and it was in those years 97-99 when they started to expand. Nowadays I have been reading messages here about the QR and I have to say that there is nothing new in these stories.some like it ,some not and that is their opinion. Now if you QR pilots have any idea when 787 will arrive I would be grateful so I can plan ahead:) . At the moment I am current on 757/767 and meet the criteria for DEC. Once again thanks in advance :ok:

larssnowpharter 16th Mar 2010 17:45

Being single with a girl at home, I would be interested in knowing, if she is actually allowed to come and visit me/stay for a few days. Does she need a visa?
Others have replied re the visa issue with the necessary gen.

However, if you get caught sh@gging you are - at least theoretically - breaking the law.

Do so discreetly and have never heard of a problem.

Capt Krunch 16th Mar 2010 18:23


Do so discreetly and have never heard of a problem.
you can read it in the local tabloid nearly every day about Illicit relations. some get jail, some get lashes as well as jail and deported. I dont commonly hear western expats getting into the sh^t .. BUT the fact remains they DO and are quite active in perusing illicit relations in this country. The capital court house jail has many persons in for Illicit Relations. so just because you have not heard of it do not think it does not happen.

being discreet is the right thing to do. but once again, buyer beware:eek: This is not a normal part of the world.


nice to hear your familiar with the area.
It might not be in your best interest just to wait for the 787 expecting a DEC position. Keep in mind if the CCQ is approved then all B777 guys will fit into the 787's

Poisoned by compromise

wannabejetpilot 17th Mar 2010 10:43

Hi guys,

I got called for an interview for the position of s/o. I thought it was going to be only a technical exam but apparently they have an english, maths, physics, technical, aptitude and psycho test. Sounds like it's going to be a long day.

Well I am not here to ask what questions are going to be in the exams, but does anyone have the slightest idea of what they are going to ask for the physics and maths part? Do you think they would ask stuff like integration and differentiation? And how about the physics part? Strangely, I am quite comfortable with the technical, only worried about the maths and physics part...

Also, are they going to ask performance A or B? Hope to get some answers that would help me out... Thanks a lot!

Mr.White 17th Mar 2010 12:43

Capt Krunch

For your posts I see you have a lot experience in Qr. At this moment Im a B767 Capt with 6000TT, 2000PIC in B767 and 3300 SIC in B767.

Based in what you have seen during this years in Qr, what are my chances to get a B777 DEC position in Qr???

Anybody fliying in Qr, feel free to give your opinion.

Tks for your time,

Best Regards,


mile low 18th Mar 2010 02:09

Hi,just wonder if somebody tried to apply recently.Finally it is possible to store the application form.But everytime I send the application I get it back,can not get delivered!!!Used following address,[email protected] and a yahoo email account.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance

Capt Krunch 18th Mar 2010 05:09

(a player in one of my favorite movies of all time)

I'll never tell anyone not to try, But just realize your very much on the low side of experience for a DEC position. There are hundreds of applicants that have double or more of your time that are presently in the queue.

you just never know.

Poisoned by compromise

169west 18th Mar 2010 06:21

Capt Krunch

what is consider competitive for DEC and DEFO according to nowadays demand? thanks

Capt Krunch 19th Mar 2010 08:42


there is no correct answer for you. right now as we all know, there are many experienced pilots on the market looking for work. So the bar is set quite high. There was a time when we had trouble finding guys with decent experience and the guys that met the min requirement got jobs. (that was an ugly time, and some are still with us :{) That would not be so quick to happen today, but then again that may / will change with tomorrows market.. it's aviation no matter what part of the world your on.

poisoned by Compromise

Mr.White 19th Mar 2010 11:12


Tks for your answer, anyway I have to try....

Best Regards


karimmoghrabi 19th Mar 2010 17:49

I had the same problem. Couldn't get my application through after several attempts. I got in contact with the flight deck crew recruitment team and they told me to fill in the application and once it was filed out to scan it and resend it to them. I'm guessing that worked as I know have an interview for the second officer position in May!!!

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