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FlyingTinCans 21st Feb 2010 22:47

Thanks SpamCanDriver for the prompt apply.

Do they keep the CV's they turn down on record and not let guys apply again for 1yr/6months etc.
Just didnt wanna apply now with too low hours just to be turned away and then stopped from applying again for a while.

MD83FO 22nd Feb 2010 00:05

my days off weren't approved. i guess the rumour is true.

SKYWRITER1 22nd Feb 2010 21:40

Evening All,

Just a quickie. Does anyone know the current wait from applying to getting an interview date? Specifically for F/O's, if it makes a difference.


ericthewellread 22nd Feb 2010 22:43

My application arrived in Doha Oct 25.
Email inviation for end of March interview received Feb 6.
So, for me, a little over 3 months.

RoyalEnfield 22nd Feb 2010 23:25

When you submit the application, do you get any reply saying they received it? I applied just over a week ago and so far haven't even received an automated email and I'm beginning to wonder if they ever got it.

ericthewellread 23rd Feb 2010 00:35

I sent mine via FedEx to Doha with a tracking number, so I knew when it was delivered.

eicasmsg 23rd Feb 2010 01:16

Help Qatar Reapplication
I went through the entire pre employment assessment process for NTR Capt position at the end of 2008. (Complete process from interview, written exam to sim assessment)
Sadly, I did not make it

Actually, the final letter I received from ….them ...had a content that goes like this………
Subject: Application for Employment
Further to your application and interview for the roll of Non Type Rated Captain within our company, we regret to inform you that after careful consideration, you have not been selected for the position
We thank you for your interest in Qatar Airways…la, la, la,

Can someone kindly tell me what the reapplication process is (if any) ...…. for individuals …….that failed the first shot!
TOTAL Hrs 23600
PIC B707, 727, 737, 757,767
OVER 9000 ON B757/767

Ndicho Moja 23rd Feb 2010 03:01


With that experience they probably don't know what to do with you.

Good luck anyway.

Captain Oryx 23rd Feb 2010 06:08


It depends on why you were rejected. I'm assuming the sim assessment did you in as they would not have let you get that far if everything else wasn't in order.

I would try again, if you are still interested.

Good Luck!:ok:

RoyalEnfield 23rd Feb 2010 14:46

I sent mine via FedEx to Doha with a tracking number, so I knew when it was delivered.

Thanks. I will do the same.

BIGBAD 23rd Feb 2010 16:04

What are the destinations on the A330 ?

azlee_19 24th Feb 2010 03:53


mine was sent 2 weeks after yours, still nothing. wonder if the reason is because i m flying boeing so airbus guys r more in demand?

eicasmsg 24th Feb 2010 16:03

Thanks Buddy

eicasmsg 24th Feb 2010 16:10

Captain Oryx
You are right. Soon I will give it another shot!
After all! thanks my friend. From your username...... I guess ...... you're with V star airline. Happy landing

ericthewellread 24th Feb 2010 18:23


mine was sent 2 weeks after yours, still nothing. wonder if the reason is because i m flying boeing so airbus guys r more in demand?
azlee 19,

I have read that it takes 4 months from application to invite.
No need to abandon hope yet.

I am Boeing also, 727,757,767,777.


SK900 24th Feb 2010 22:25


I am joining Qatar in a month on the A320. I have 5-6000 hours (mainly airline medium turboprop & medium jet), JAR ATPL.

What is the current timeframe for upgrade assesment in Qatar? The rumour was 3-5 years, is that correct?

What are the formal requirements (hours) for CMD upgrade, when upgrading from inside the company ? I have no previous Airbus experience ?

Are there any confirmed plans to crossqualify pilots on 320/330 or is that just somebodys wet dream?


azlee_19 25th Feb 2010 06:02


thanks mate, i ll wait, maybe it'll come in a bit. All the best fr your interview!

loc22550 25th Feb 2010 10:03


1) if you join today: upgrade..5..6 years at least IMHO.

2)requirement: 3 years in the company and a total of 5000 hours...and a "clean" file: No warning letter for open jacket-no hat- or for opening your mouth during pilot meeting-try to get married without the agreement of the ceo...or any other stupid/silly reasons that you will probably never found elsewhere even in a kindergaten.

3) crossqualification 320/330....keep dreaming so far.

irishone 25th Feb 2010 16:21

I applied to Qatar for second officer position. Not expecting to hear back, but they are here in Ireland in March doing a cabin crew recruitment day. Would it be a good idea to attend it with pilot cv in hand just to introduce yourself to the recruitment team...or are you likely to piss them off for wasting there time do you think? Opinions welcome.

Linerider 25th Feb 2010 17:16

No, don't do that. The cabin crew recruiters have nothing to do with Flight Deck recruitment. You would just be wasting your time.

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