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Capt Krunch 11th Jan 2010 05:00

During my time on various fleets over the years, looking back at all my rosters (I keep copies) an average of 10 months out of the 12 I have had 2 to 5 days OFF out of Doha base, leaving little time home with the family. As already mentioned, this might be OK for single guys but very bad for a family man. Having said that, what use is being single and having an official day OFF in a place like Lagos or worse.:ugh:

Poisoned by Compromise

managed_mode 11th Jan 2010 21:55

Command Upgrade
Hey guys......i'm faced with a big dilemma for quite a few days now..

I've been offered a Snr F/O job with promise of Command in 3 months with a LCC. I know 5 f/o's personally in that company and all upgraded in 3-4 months.

I've just started out with QR. The word out is that it takes nearly 5-7 yrs for upgrade and whats really scary i hear is the Command Upgrade Interview. Its quite hard and many fail it. If you fail....u wait another year. Is all this true?

Should one leave an airline like QR for a LCC only for Command????

The pay over there of a Captain is lower than what we make as f/o's in QR.

Plutos 12th Jan 2010 00:44

It all depends on your age ... I would say

Capt Krunch 12th Jan 2010 03:07


well first off, Plutos has a valid point.
Rest assured that there have been many F/O's leave QA with very little time spent working here, some have even left during the training phase. that said, it is my personal opinion that PIC time means EVERYTHING to your future, if you go with a company like CX it does not really matter. but if your going to ex-pat around the globe then it's vital you have PIC time if you are looking for money and position.
At QA even if you are selected (some bad apples are not) and you fail, the time might be more than 1 year before being selected again, and every-time the management changes (that happens quite often) then the rules also change and usually not in your favor

Poisoned by Compromise

flyby71 12th Jan 2010 12:43

Hello Everyone

I was wondering if we have anybody on this forum that was hired as an FO and actually upgraded at big Q. If you're out there, please share your thoughts and experiences. I am faced with the same dilemma as Managed_Mode, but being over 40 puts things in a different perspective. What should one do?


managed_mode 12th Jan 2010 13:50

Command Upgrade
Thanks Plutos and Capt Krunch.........I am 33 yrs old. I am looking to stay in an airline like QR. I'm not really interested in expating around the globe as a PIC. Based on my response it would seem like staying in QR would make sense if you are going to upgrade eventually. Even if I we're to apply as a DEC, I would have to work atleast a min. of 3 years to accumulate the required experience.

But from what I've heard about the Command Interview......the 5 year wait seems to be the least of your worries. I'm looking to get inputs about the Command Interview and how good or bad is it. Like flyby71.....I would very much like to know your experiences as it would help me make an informed decision.

The last thing you would want after waiting 5-6 years for Command is repeated failing the Command Interview year after year.

bumba 12th Jan 2010 16:04

QR interview
...since it seams a lot of pilots are heading there ... are there significant changes on the interview process, technical questions, sim scenarios etc...

Royalblue 20th Jan 2010 03:51

Fubaliera, Capt Oryx, Capt krunch or anybody else do you know if they will accept your reapplication in less than 1 year from you initial interview? or its pretty solid about the 1 year before you reapply?:)

flamingmoe 20th Jan 2010 04:08

Thinking of applying to Qatar with about 8000 total, 4500 glass jet, and 2000 command (737NG). If successful, what fleet would I likely go to? And would I be competetive as a DEC? Thanks in advance for advice.

Capt Krunch 20th Jan 2010 12:09


it's pretty solid mate. they do keep track. having said that, you might be able to slip under a crack and get thru, but then again you also stand a chance to make things worse for yourself.


well Mr Szyslak.
you might be able to land on the B777, but the lack of Widebody time may stand as an issue for DEC,. having said that, it's happened before so there is no real meter to gauge your luck. they are getting quite tired of all the hard landing though:ugh:
I still dont understand how thats done on a B777

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fokkerplod 20th Jan 2010 12:10

After Selection Assessment what happens next
Hi All and good luck to everyone who is, has or will be going through the Qatar Selection.

Any ideas what happens next if you get through...

i.e. medical, references, qatar CAA etc...


Fokker Plod

Tiennetti 25th Jan 2010 15:32

Hi all!
Someone knows wich will be the accomodation for FOs when Ain Khalid will be full? Any estimate about when the max capacity of Ain Khalid will be reached?

Linerider 25th Jan 2010 17:08

Ain Khalid is already full/close to full. Some single First Officers are being relocated to Holiday Villa:

Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence City Centre, Doha

Fubaliera 25th Jan 2010 17:51

Since a few weeks ago its at max capacity.

Tiennetti 25th Jan 2010 18:07

So, where are new entries going?

Baron buzz 25th Jan 2010 19:42

But some guys literally last week went to Ain Khalid Gate...

I think they are trying to put families there and the singles into 'holiday' villas.

I'm sure someone else knows more.....

Paper Lad 26th Jan 2010 12:22

It would seem that Ain Khalid Gate is full, or nearly full, at what point are new joiners told where they will be living? Is it upon arrival or before you leave your home country?

Linerider 28th Jan 2010 13:06

Paper Lad
New Joiners won't find out where they will be staying until they have arrived in Doha. Sometimes pilots are put in temporary accommodation first, other times they will be sent straight to their permanent residence.

gliderdriver 28th Jan 2010 13:58

Qatar Interview
Hello guys,

Does anybody know what is the hiring future for Qatar Airways for FOs and how long usually it takes for an applicant for First Officer position of getting call.

Thank you in advance.

(A330 type more that 1000+ on type, 8000+total, 3000 jet command)

tcas II 28th Jan 2010 14:46

with your experience, it shouldn't wait for too long. why don't you try Etihad, they are hiring also.:cool:

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