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speedhold 24th Dec 2011 01:57

21 lancer

Well gonna update my flight hours and upload the entire file again this weekend and see what happens

Tugnut 24th Dec 2011 07:39


They do not take CV's! There is a form to fill in with basic details which they then screen at HR I presume. The team are there purely to present the company to prospective crew. To answer your second question, I believe they are both recruitment and presentation seeing as my interviewer on the day in Doha was the same guy.

Happy Christmas all

perritopiloto 24th Dec 2011 09:24

I attended to Open Day in Madrid last aug.
After company presentation, there was time for questions and after that, they received our CVs and we had time for one-to-one personal questions.
Enjoy the day

perritopiloto 24th Dec 2011 11:51

No. I didn't meet the requirements by the time I went to the roadshow.
Then I applied a few days later.

simolag 24th Dec 2011 21:41

Thank you man for ur answer , i just sent a private message to Victor and i hope he can help because am running out of time . and i reallly need to get an interview before i leave the country . :ouch:

gdukkoq 25th Dec 2011 05:14

Merry XMas, do you know if HR is working today?

Hamid_27 25th Dec 2011 06:21

lol gdukkoq are you serious? What is it now..week 13? :E

Maybe you should check you junk mail filter incase you already have your contract:ok: (Just kidding:})

Only week 3 for me:*

Merry Christmas.

gdukkoq 25th Dec 2011 07:33

Hamid it's been 11 weeks, called them 2 weeks ago and they said still processing. They said it should take a week...:ugh:

Iver 25th Dec 2011 15:38


Maybe they are saving a 787 FO training slot for you in the Spring. Hope you don't have to wait that long.

Good luck!

pilotcpb 25th Dec 2011 16:07

I just got A320 offer today. Merry Christmas and good luck guys!!

av8tordude 25th Dec 2011 16:37


How long did it take to get your training contract after they notified you that you were hired? It will be 3 weeks and I'm just trying to gauge the wait. Thanks

gdukkoq 25th Dec 2011 19:30

it seems to me that good news always comes on sundays... still waiting but happy to see that things seems to be moving a bit. Merry XMAS !

jibba_jabba 25th Dec 2011 22:35

It seems that all FTSO will get A320 assignment, unless you have some reason to get W.B!?
It was a merry Xmass

etravis82 26th Dec 2011 07:41

difference between LPC and LST
trying to fill out the flight crew recruitment checklist for the interview. Is LPC line proficiency check? and what does LST stand for? cant seem to find either online.

av8tordude 26th Dec 2011 09:52

LPC - License Profiency Check

LST - License Skills Test

Wings23 26th Dec 2011 11:12

Replied to a request for a document through the application form 7 weeks ago. Heard nothing. Three numbers just ring. Guess I will now wait for the 300 jet hours(close) and then apply for the fast track.

Would be nice to get some sort of insight as to what has happened with your application - even if unsuccessful. Sitting around waiting for something that may have been tossed is not healthy and in my opinion not very professional. I understand they are busy but hanging around for months on end with zero way of contacting them is not cool.

Good luck all!:ok:

maddog37 26th Dec 2011 11:37

Same as Pilotcpb.... to the 320. But SO fast track in my case. I have been waiting for more than 5 weeks.
Just a question for the new SO guys, do you have own appartment or is it shared?? According to my letter it is shared....
Any info is welcome!

karioca 26th Dec 2011 12:03

Dear Colleages,

Could anybody who has attended the interview recently if the 50 questions quizz are the same as gouges on latest pilot jobs? im studying that gouges and the book ACE. Please could you share some info regarding this? im going on the 3th jan. Thank you

maddog37 26th Dec 2011 12:41

Even if you are married???

maddog37 26th Dec 2011 13:10

It will be hard.... I am not a child anymore!!!
Thanks a lot for all the info! It is quite clear right now.
Take care

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