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shortfinal12 21st Dec 2009 21:25

second officer program
Do any of you guys know if Qatar Airways plans to start another second officer program for non-qataris? I am aware the last group of non-qataris taken was approx one year ago.

Are there enough Qataris to meet the numbers needed for this program in the future?

Appreciate any info you may have.


Max_Thrust 23rd Dec 2009 22:58

Last week's assessment
Heard they had three groups of FOs in for assessment last week (14th, 15th and 16th Dec.). Anyone heard if they have hired any of those guys that made it to the sim?

highflyer321757 24th Dec 2009 04:27

I was there the 14th and made it all the way to the sim...no news yet!

Perhaps somebody else got the thumbs up?


av8r76 24th Dec 2009 06:29

Is it just me or has the offer drastically reduced since I declined their offer 6 mos ago?

You have lost the option of your own accom
Vague mention of school fees subsidy (used to be a lot more defined on the site)
No min flight pay (it says 'assuming' rather than guaranteed)

Needless to say, quality of offer is inversely proportional to quantum of apps sitting on HR desk.

Nevertheless, good luck to all.

loc22550 24th Dec 2009 08:15

We have lost a lot ($$$) here in QR...since i joined the company(long time ago):
Let me make a quick and clear summary of what we have lost :

-A320 special allowance
-3 days of leave
-Overtime payement
-Days off down the route allowance.
-Crash of the Qatari riyal(-40%+) v/s other major currencies(except U$).(no adjustement for the meal allowance!).
-inflation here 15%+ for the last couple of year.

Yes they increase the salary(2 or 3 time) in the meantime, but the increase never really covers all this lost...

Kangeroo Joe 25th Dec 2009 01:55

Capt Oryx,

Don't worry I'm staying in OZ! (unless they throw in 5,000 tonnes of sand a month with the package, then I may have to rethink)


Clearly they don't have to increase the package, seems there are no shortage of applicants who accept the package as it is.

Big Neon,

Thanks for being straight up with the facts as they are.

Out of benefit for those applying:

70-75 hours block/month if you are on the 777 what would your actually block time be versus what they pay given the factored bunk time. What is the factor rate 1/3?

Is block time paid actual or schedule block?

Average allowance for 24 hr period in Europe/Asia?

Average layover times?

Hotel standard?

Operated under GCC duty limits or FAA/JAA?

What is the schooling allowance?

No option for own accomm, company privided only?

Average monthly food/utilities/telecoms/cable bill?

Do you still require an employer exit permit to leave the country on leave/business etc?

Relocation assistance?

Staff travel "policy"?

Thanks Big Neon.

loc22550 29th Dec 2009 09:20

"Work hard and make a lot of money".. here in QR...?:=
I would say..work less and make more money here in Qr..

If there is one fleet where you work hard here it's the 320 fleet, if there one fleet with the highest percentage of unpaid duty ..it's the 320 fleet (sometime up to 50%: duty time=bolck hoursx2)...
Sorry but for me the A-320 fleet has probably the highest ratio :work performed vs salary!

Bigeye 30th Dec 2009 17:47

Can your expand on fear and negativity??

Elifant 31st Dec 2009 03:06


does any body know when they plan the net DEC assessment?


cirrus81 31st Dec 2009 10:27

Can anyone confirm regarding the FO requirements? They have revised the requirements on their website with 2000 TT and 500 EFIS equipped aircraft. Does it mean 500 Jet time is no longer required out of total 2000 for non type rated?

Fubaliera 31st Dec 2009 14:30

Yeah right, Saabs and Atr dont count sorry

cirrus81 31st Dec 2009 19:05

hmm why not?

flex50 1st Jan 2010 07:35

"SAABS & ATR dont count"
i have ATR72-500 with over 3,000 hrs ONTYPE todate and they could not proceed with my application! that was May 2009. :ugh:

Fubaliera 1st Jan 2010 10:23

Vietnam airlines after a year o so will move you too the jet if you fly thier Atrs

DooblerChina 3rd Jan 2010 16:45

hello guys,

I have an interview coming up this month but I am having second thoughts about whether to go through with it.

I am married and currently work for a charter and get loads of days off with the missus, I am a but worried that the 7-8 days off a month is fairly norm. I am looking at 777 fleet, does anyone have a sampple roster to see how much I will actually be away.

Im not sure I could leave her for 3 weeks per month...



and yes I have looked through most of this thread already.

Fubaliera 3rd Jan 2010 19:17

Buddy, by the looks of your schedule your work for Air Hong Kong.
Bottom line, there is no fleet transfer anymore regardless of what they say,
Being typed on the A300-600 there a 90 percent chance you joining that fleet.
If you get the A300-600 , say no whats the point your in asia with a better schedule
If you get the A320, for sure say no, there are no fleet transfers and ther are lots of 320 drivers on the market. In the Last 2 years nobody has been ccq to the 330 and the last 18 months nobody been transfered to the 777. The A320 group is really upset that the recruiting dep is still hiring the 777 and the 330 directley when they can ccq people from the 320 fleet alot easier. Its being taken as a insult and lack of respect. The worst part is that there not flying more than 60 hours on the 32o fleet. There answer is that either there isnt the training capability or that were getting more 320s, sure its easy for them to say, especially being already on the widebody fleet.

What ever you do dont take the 320.

Captain Oryx 4th Jan 2010 02:00

"Im not sure I could leave her for 3 weeks per month..."


If this means you are going to attempt to commute, forget it!

Stay where you are.

Capt Krunch 4th Jan 2010 07:17

Big Neon Glitter and Captain Oryx

are quite correct Mr DooblerChina. when the A330's first came to QA it was a dream fleet, few destination and all the glam and glitz.. then with 1 aircraft per month for 30 months it soon became a NIGHTMARE !!

DO NOT expect what you presently see on the B777 schedule to remain this way. take the advise from those who have been here to see this time and time again.

poisoned by compromise

abel.amir 4th Jan 2010 09:08

7 or 8 consecutive days
7 or 8 consecutive days off, you have to be kidding me, they started this two months back and I have seen only one roster with 8 days off for a Captain ( FO you can forget about it), the most number of consecutive days off I have had at QR is 3, so committing is impossible on the B777. :=
I am sure they will tell you otherwise at the interview to get you to come here. As a fairly new guy at QR I get lots of India, Pakistan and Manila. :{ If you complain then they give you Standby for 12 hrs.

So welcome to our 5 :mad: Star airline.


DooblerChina 4th Jan 2010 10:50


thanks for the replies although maybe I was misunderstood, I don't want to commute, I want to live in Doha with my wife however, I want to know how many days per month I will be away from her.

This is fundermental to my decision. My current longhaul is something like 4 on 4 off, 4 on 3 off, is this similar to the 777 roster?

Still waiting a roster.... 330 would be good too.



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