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JazzFlight 2nd Feb 2009 21:59

Excuse me to whine about this again, but two weeks ago I filled in the 8 pages application and had to give preferential dates for the 3rd until the 6th of February. I haven't heard from them ever since and as I write it's already the 3rd in Doha. Does this mean I should loose all hopes? Should I try to apply again later or is it too optimistic to think that they will call/email in the future. I'm very low-houred (minimum requirements met), but I fly world wide on Falcon 900's. Perhaps they don't really look for biz-jet pilots. Anybody with the same issue here?

BizPilotBrazil 3rd Feb 2009 02:34

Probably they are given preference to B777 fleet.I think they need B777 crew urgently.
But its only read the posts, they need pilots in all fleets.
I am in same sitatuation...

Capt Krunch 3rd Feb 2009 13:06


the only reason why there are so many people these days on the forum asking about dates, is because there are so many people world wide out of work.. no other reason, QA has always been in the same state of hire for many year.
the global situation is the only thing that changed.

yes QA has received a new fleet recently, that does require some particularly experienced pilots, but then again it was the same when the A330's first came to this airline.. and so it goes, on and on..

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widebody300er 3rd Feb 2009 13:44

Well maybe are dates will change since some dates have come and gone and nobody has heard much.
Itís very cold here in Canada and a trip to Doha would be nice!!! For 2 reasons 1 would like to get the opportunity to fly for QR and #2 get the hell out of this cold weather!!:ugh: My dates are Feb 18th and 22nd .
Good Luck to All,

S.F.L.Y 3rd Feb 2009 15:21

Someone in the other thread said he got the call and the tickets...

widebody300er 4th Feb 2009 00:16

I am 767 typed with about 5000 total. I applied for 777 F/O

Capt Krunch 4th Feb 2009 10:41


you'll have no problem getting the 777 provided you get thru the screening, must be tough in Canada as there has been a few Canadians thru the training center in the past few weeks, as well as many other nationalities, but its the western style english that makes the North Americans stand out a bit more ( U.S. / & Canada).. remember english is not the first language of most of the people you'll meet, so be clear and no slang, use proper english when you speak to anyone.


No i cannot give you any layover info.. as I mentioned it varies from layover to layover.. I.E. Bangledesh is just a couple of dollars for the whole day.. whereas those who fly to Moscow would be more than 10 times that amount.
either way.. it's not very much and not even worth talking about.

we get our salary monthly at the end of every month.. all allowences included.

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a461d6658be573ad4d96 4th Feb 2009 14:05

If you are applying for F/O do not forget to work out very hard, seems that martial arts are now a requirement in QR , have you heard about the abusive and arrogant captain that was Knocked out by a F/O, because he was mistreated by the captain during a flight????

widebody300er 4th Feb 2009 14:51

Capt Krunch,
It is very tough in Canada jobs now are hard to come by for sure. Well my date for Doha I chose is Feb 22nd however Iíve havenít heard anything from them and yes I know they are busy but Iím beginning to wonder if they might push these dates to a later time since some have come and gone and nobody has really heard anything. For QR would be a good fit Iím ready for a change and have no kids and Iím not married so Iím looking for a challenge. Thank you for all your insight on the company and the language.

Julius 4th Feb 2009 18:07

I got an email where they where withdrawing my interview sim assessment offer. But it was not signed to me, it was in a completely different name and sent to me! Anyone have similar experience?

Capt Krunch 5th Feb 2009 02:21

shame, well this can happen sometimes. it's just finger trouble on behalf of the clerk who sent the email.
just send it back and inform them of the error.

not very professional on the part of QA. but, errors can happen

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localizer28 5th Feb 2009 10:17

Thanks everybody for posting, esp. Krunch for providing some insight into the QR operation.
I'm in the same boat, low time jet, not typed, got the mail in early January to select dates and flights for screening in February. Nothing but silence ever since. I guess we all need to be patient and keep up the hopes. They seem to have one aircraft per month joining the fleet, so crew will be needed. Maybe they are just delaying everything due to the worldwide economic crisis. Just one of many possible explanations I guess.

Keeping the fingers crossed.

Capt Krunch 5th Feb 2009 11:50

Guys / Girls:

if your getting close to a previously agreed date with QA, it really wont hurt to send a email, a query of sorts, politely asking of your current standing within the interview process.

now don't bother to do this if you just filled out the on-line application ( even upon request ) and have heard nothing.. then that department will be overwhelmed with emails and the responses will be little to none.

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laki737 5th Feb 2009 11:54

Still waiting...
Has anyone got any positive reply from QA in last 2-3 weeks regarding screenings in Feb?


cosmiccomet 5th Feb 2009 15:50

FO B777 Salary
Dear Collegues, I would like to know how much is the salary for a B777 FO without overtime, housing allowances and perdiem. Pocket money only.


8028410q 5th Feb 2009 17:07

Are the school fees paid regardless of where the children are? My scenario would be to stay in Qatar for a year, then have my wife and 2 children join me when I'm settled in. One of my children already attends a private school in the UK.


QBus 5th Feb 2009 19:58

Turnout in Singapore.
Does anyone have a clue about the turnout of applications in Singapore?

Capt Krunch 6th Feb 2009 05:40


keep this in mind Guys / Girls.

This is the Middle East.. Friday and Saturday is the weekend... work weeks is Sunday to Thrusday.

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S.F.L.Y 6th Feb 2009 08:09

Hi Capt. Krunch!
I sent an Email to the recruitment yesterday afternoon following your post as my first chosen date was on the 4th. No news yet but the automated read receipt. I'll keep you updated if they come back to me.


Prince of Persia 6th Feb 2009 13:18

What is the starting salary for new captains, sfo's and jfo's?

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