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holyflurkingschmitt 11th Feb 2010 22:16


Yep had enough Yorkshire puddings and Tetley's at Yorkshire Airlines to last me a life time!!:}

Good luck and might see you out here:O


mile low 12th Feb 2010 01:52

What are the chances to get invited for an interview at the moment.I have 6500h total,6200 737NG and about 3300 PIC 737NG.If yes,which fleet is possible?
Please only use full info

namrepus 12th Feb 2010 15:18

Capt. Krunch,
You seem to have a reasonable and objective opinion about QA and life there...
Maybe you can help:
I'm considering joining QA as DEC 320 as this will prob be the last chance for me and the Boss(see "wife") to have an adventure before settling in for the long road to retirement.At the mom I have a steady job with a stable carrier with nice salary and pension, but would take unpaid leave for a few years for the change of scenery and try something different...
I'm hoping to experience a nice lifestyle(with warmer temp's and great ID priviliges) and good salary while flying some interesting routes.
I understand, there has been a lot of negative posts about QA, but would appreciate an honest and objective opinion not just from Capt Krunch, but anyone "in the know".
So basically, if I keep my head down, keep my opinions to my self while outside the home and follow the rules, will I have a worthwhile experience or should I just stay put?

Capt Krunch 12th Feb 2010 20:00


well as long as you have a good plan B, which it looks like you would if you keep your present position and seniority with your airline.

Yes it would be a nice and very different experience. the routes on the A320 are not so interesting but in general the airline flies to some very interesting destination (i.e. Kathmandu and the like). ID benefits will take you anywhere but most routes operate heavy.
in the end if nothing else, you might just end up with a bit more money for what you do and a better appreciation for what you have back home.
Give it a try, you really have nothing to loose, you might even get on the A330 depending on the need at the time. but remember.. for some it's not an easy road out here. your plan B will be your saving grace if find yourself thinking... what have I done !! :sad:

Poisoned by Compromise

namrepus 12th Feb 2010 20:22

Thanks Krunch

ericthewellread 13th Feb 2010 02:15

777 instrument proficiency check prior to interview?
I just got my invite for the end of March 2010. I have not flown the 777 or any aircraft since 2005. The fact of my non-currency should be obvious from my QR application. I did not think that I had a chance, being non-current on anything, but apparently I do have a shot.

I am 55, so too old for FO. I applied for 777 DEC Capt. I Am typed in 777 but FAA type has limitation of P.I.C. in cruize flight only. This limitation was also plain on my application. I learned that GCAA will not grant a Qatari certificate based on another country's certificate (USA) FAA that has more privileges than my existing certificate. I expect that this would require a full 777 type rating Captain course, which is fine, by me, since I have not flown in 4.5 years.

I was considering buying some 777 sim time to get an instrument proficiency check and get my landings current.

Time Traveler, we did exchange PMs about your QR interview & you said they told you that the candidate had to "...have a current IR (LPC) PRIOR to starting a type rating course."

If I get a 777 instrument proficency check on my own, prior to the interview, I hope QR would not expect me to pass their Captain check ride with no training, especially with me being so rusty.


Capt Krunch 13th Feb 2010 06:01


you will be wasting your time and money for no good reason, this is NOT that kind of airline. If QA wants you they will take care of the training. QA has a fully certified TRTO facility and they do type ratings everyday for al fleets.

I am 55, so too old for FO
dont be so sure, we have plenty of F/O hired over 55 and many on line F/O's over that age as well.
Having not flown in so many years I would surely make it clear on what seat you might be hired for. Knowing this airline as I do with the present changes it might be more likely you get a right seat position, but then again I cannot comment fairly as I do not know your level of experience compared to the rest.
One this for sure, paying for a currency rating will not help you as they are more than willing to take care of that if your successful anyway.

Poisoned by Compromise

loc22550 13th Feb 2010 06:51

Indeed,In a case like you, and if it's for a limited period, and as you don't have to worry about the future,pension..(Q.R doesn't have any pension plan,and no salary increase for senior pilot(>5 years in their respective grade):ugh:)feel free..join us and enjoy the experience&new destinations.
And if you don't have kids you might even save some money...:)

Oops i almost forgot the most important think:don't forget to close your jacket and to put you hat while on duty and in view of the public ...otherwise a warning letter is waiting for you if the chief catches you...:hmm:

Time Traveller 13th Feb 2010 09:02

Capt Krunch,

I'll happily defer to your knowledge as you're there on the spot. But I can tell you my experience which was -

In the introdutory brief, one of the slides clearly states that to be eligible for selection, a current IR is needed. I raised an eyebrow, as I knew my application showed I was not current, but I left it to the interview to bring it up. When I did, that was pretty much the end of the interview. I explained that I would be current the moment I step out of the sim from the 777 LPC, but it got me no where. They said it was not at the discretion of the company, but the GCAA made that rule. They seemed surprised I had slipped through and ended up at Doha.

So either they have no noticed the lack of currency...

or as seems more likely, rules become negotiable when faced with a highly experienced and type rated candidate; I wasn't rated on 3X0 or 777, not current and relatively light on hours compared to some.

If it were me, and I really wanted the job (I didn't); I would renew my 777 LPC beforehand, and then Eric would have an absolute shoe-in. He might be OK otherwise, but quite possibly a panel member will shake his head, and that will be that - Back to the pool for a couple of days. (Nothing wrong with that - QR looked after me really well, J class seats, hotel, nice food, friendly folk - Sure beats having to fork out for travel to DXB for EK)

Capt Krunch 13th Feb 2010 09:59

Time Traveller

Thats all very good information, and yes QA usually looks after your travel on our network.

with regards to the Type rating. we do and have hired many non typed guys here and continue to do so, BUT being out of currency can have an affect with QCAA. I'm not the official speaker of the airline of course, i can only speak from experience as I have seen guys who were out of currency get hired here. In recent months the QCAA has changed allot of the policies towards the airline as we have embarked on specific long haul and Ultra Long Haul (ULR) flights, not to mention Cat IIIb approval and a few other items causing the QCAA to give the airline a fine tuning. having said that it could be quite possible that they have also implemented some restrictions with regards to new candidate approvals. My comments to ericthewellread assumes he has a vast amount of PIC time on the B777 but no longer current, this would require QA to send a letter to the QCAA for approval, it's quite simple really. But, as in all things here, the airline is in a constant mode of change. what is now is not tomorrow.:cool:

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holyflurkingschmitt 13th Feb 2010 10:46

Hi all

This maybe a daft question but I've filled the application in electronically but i am unable to attach a picture to the pdf document.
Did those of you who filled it in electronically just attach a jpg image to your email or did you manage to actually attach it to the pdf document?

Thanks in advance.


Schibulsky 13th Feb 2010 12:13

just google something like "how to insert pics in pdf" and you will find lots of programs who will do just that. Found one for mac as well.:8

Harry Shyters 13th Feb 2010 12:34


Attaching a JPG to the e-mail works well enough.


holyflurkingschmitt 13th Feb 2010 18:17

Cheers guy's, application has been sent.


ericthewellread 13th Feb 2010 18:36

777 instrument proficiency check prior to interview?
Capt Krunch,

Thank you for your response.
I have about 15,000 total time,
2629 narrow body P.I.C. (Fokker-100),
2152 on B-777 as FO. Of the 2152, 672 was as P1 U/S (Cruise Capt.)
This would be when the designated Captain was out of the cockpit & I was the PIC in his stead.
So, no designated PIC 777 time as Commander. I do have over 4400 as Boeing 727, 757, 767 FO.

All this experience may or may not make me attractive as 777 DEC to QR. It does exceed their stated minimums for DEC. Apparently it was good enough to be called to an interview.

My concern was in showing up for the interview being non-current on anything & then being sent home because QR or the GCAA could not let me start their training because I was non-current.

Buying 777 sim time will be very expensive & I donít have the money, so I donít want to have buy my own instrument proficiency check, but if being non-current really is a barrier to beginning QR training, as Time Travelerís interview experience suggests, then that is why I raise the question here, to others that might know the answer.

There are thousands of pilots world wide who have now been unemployed for so long, that their currency has lapsed. This makes them (and me) unqualified to even be considered for an interview with virtually every employer I have looked at. QR was unique, in that currency was not a stated requirement, (unlike Emirates, who now state: "All applicants must be current within the last 12 months prior to the date of joining." The fact that currency on type (or currency on any type) was not a QR requirement, may have been an unintentional oversight, as they may actually require it, if what they told Time Traveler also applies to everyone else, I.E. "...have a current IR (LPC) PRIOR to starting a type rating course." In my online search for the relevant GCAA regulation, I have not found any such reference to it being a requirement to being current prior to starting training. Perhaps someone else knows which section is being referred to.

On the Flying Experience page of the application, it does have blocks for "Date of Last Flight," so the lack of currency should be obvious to employment personnel, but who knows?

I am sure you know more about such matters.

If what you said is true: "...One this for sure, paying for a currency rating will not help you as they are more than willing to take care of that if your successful anyway." Then that would be great, as it would save me from spending money that I donít have!

ericthewellread :)

adverse-bump 13th Feb 2010 20:18

speaking of the application form...

when i fill it out, and save it, all my text disappears! how are you guys emailing it?

atpcliff 13th Feb 2010 23:08


I bought a relatively inexpensive program that lets me edit and save edited versions of .pdf files. There have been a number of applications I have been working on that are going the .pdf route.


atpcliff 13th Feb 2010 23:42



There is an EK poster who is very well known that states the same 12 month currency policy for EK. It is NOT that Emirates desires you to be current during the past 12 mos., but that the GCAA makes it a requirement, and I believe they are the same CAA that governs Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

So, I would either get current, or find out DEFINITIVELY before you show up, so you don't just waste your time.

I did my Kenya CAA conversion, and a LOT of stuff makes no sense at all...like the fact that you clearly spelled out your situation, but maybe no one bothered to read it at all before the interview invite!!!


jaarrgh 14th Feb 2010 09:32

Hi all, getting a bit desperate for a few quick answers if anyone has a spare moment?

Can any one confirm whether some of your 8 days off are allocated whilst outside of Doha? Does happen regularly or is it rare?

As an FO with a family is it true I will end up being given a 2 bed appartment?
many thanks.

Linerider 14th Feb 2010 11:29

As for your question about days off, it depends what fleet you are on. If you are on the A330, you can expect to frequently be allocated some of your days off down-route. The A320 does not do so many over-nights, so you'll have most of your days off at home. I don't know about the 777 fleet.

As an FO you will be put in a two or three bedroom apartment, most likely in Ain Khalid Gate.

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