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Captain Oryx 5th Feb 2010 05:34

Captain Orix

777 DECs are definetely being screened at the moment.
Just been there.

I stand corrected, thanks for the update.:ok:

Good luck!

Should be no problem. Have you sent in an app?

jaarrgh 8th Feb 2010 10:56

Anyone get many 'days off' (as in part of your 8/month) down route? Is this common practice. If one were flying the 330 would this happen more regularly than the 320 fleet? Anyone care to say how much they spend a month compared to what they spent in the uk for a vaguely similar lifestyle. does anyones spouse also work in doha but not with the airline? many questions... sorry but any answers greatly appreciated.

Any spouses have any advice for my wife about life out there (I sense some fear/hostility/I hate airlines/I love bbqs and sunshine emotions! are there any pictures of the main compound anywhere?

huncowboy 8th Feb 2010 11:27

Is it a show stopper if one is not current?
I have plugged in an application for A320 FO. It was about 3 weeks ago. I have FAA ATP, 3200 total, 1700jet mostly ERJ, and about 350 on the Airbus. I realize most folks have more. What is worse is that I am not current, and have not flown the bus for 1.5 years, and have not flown period for about a year. I will get current this summer... well... may be.

Anyways I got an email back in about two days that asked me to fill out an excel sheet that is identical to the online application. I have done that promptly. Any chance that I will get a call being not current?

EDIT: I have been getting some PMs asking if I have heard of QR. I have not and I don't think I will. The email response from them, was just a regular email with their application form. I think they send that to anyone who approaches them via email, instead of filling the online application.

Capt Krunch 8th Feb 2010 12:47


First off. yes you might still be in contention


I got an email back that asked me to fill out an excel sheet.
doesn't that tell you that your still in the big spinning wheel ?

it's when you hear nothing for a very long time that you should be thinking the worst, or lucky, depends on your point of view of course.:}

Poisoned by Compromise

huncowboy 8th Feb 2010 15:15

Thanks Krunch! I was just trying to see if anyone has gotten a call who has not been current on the plane. 1.5 years of no jet flying is kind of long for most companies. Especially nowadays that 320 drivers are available.

flyerdad 8th Feb 2010 20:30

What happens in first week at Qatar
Hi Guys,

i'm just about to start with Qatar on the B777 being one of the many made redundant in the UK by GSM.

Can anyone give some idea of what happens in the first few weeks.

i.e.the 150kg allowance to transport you belongings, is it checked in at the airport, or does a freight forwarder pick it up from your home.

What happens when you arrive in Doha, trip for visa, medical, ID pass, ground school for Qatar CAA licence conversion.... etc etc etc

appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me.

also any pics of inside of Ain Khalid Gate typical 3 bed apt.

Good luck to all my fellow GSM ers off to Qatar and to the rest of the Thomsonfly / BMI ers


Capt Krunch 9th Feb 2010 05:12


Especially nowadays that 320 drivers are available.
yes you have a valid point. But think about this. Only those in dire straights or desperate come to this place to fly the sub-continent / inter-gulf Bus (A320) so that greatly narrows down the pack of available pilots for the A320 :cool:

not to mention that some A320 pilots are being hired on the A330 as well. Given a CCQ. it all just depends on the needs of the company at the time. It changes by the minute.

Poisoned by Compromise

holyflurkingschmitt 9th Feb 2010 20:00

Off topic but interesting reading for anyone coming out here:


Qatar? Be warned


slam dunk 4 9th Feb 2010 21:41

Applying again...
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if QR would consider my application as F/O for any fleet althoug I failed 3 years ago in the simulator?

Have you ever heard form anyone such a thing...


Harry Shyters 9th Feb 2010 22:29


Are you actually out "here" or are you the same HFS who posted on 26 Jan that they had a summer contract to go to in the Jet2 jobs thread (post#315 FWIW)? If you are stirring the pot without personal knowledge it isn't particularly helpful. There's enough chaff to go through on this thread already. :suspect:


Fubaliera 10th Feb 2010 13:45

All you guys taking the A330 and 777, though its not your fault, your jumping ahead of 300 A320 pilots who have been waiting years for a fleet transfer.The same thing will happen to you when the 380/350/787 come and they offer people off the street those seats instead of internal transfers.

huncowboy 10th Feb 2010 14:36

Can anyone assist....I am in the process of attempting to complete the Qatar online application form. In selecting "downlaod application form", I am able to save the document to my PC. My problem is two fold:

Firstly, the instructions on the form quote: "This form is to be electronically completed, in your own hand writing and e-mailed to the following adress".........
Can anyone explain how I am able to complete such a form "electronically in my own handwriting"???

Secondly, the process will not allow data to be saved on the form and I therefore seem unable to e-mail the completed form????

OK, I'm sure I am missing something really quite obviouse here so please guys go easy on me when you point out what a total numpty I am and that giving up my day job would not be a wise move in order to become an IT specialist. However any assistance would be very welcome.

Thnaks in advance......SV
Had the same problem. Email them your CV and cover. They will send you an excel form back. Looks exactly like the PDF. That you can save and send back.

If you don't have excel than go and download a non adobe reader for free. Some lite ones will let you save PDFs. I just downloaded one and no more adobe updates, and it loads faster, and it will let you save. I will look up the name of that.

huncowboy 10th Feb 2010 15:12

[email protected]

general email from their website

SKYWRITER1 10th Feb 2010 16:42

For job applications,

You can fill in the form but not save it. We were advised to fill it in on the computer, print it and then scan it. Save it as a PDF (using tinypdf as there email can only handle 5mb apparently) and then send it. You could also print it, then post it. It seems like a rather inefficient system I suppose (no comments from the schoolboys at the back! :}:ok::E


huncowboy 10th Feb 2010 17:18

Just get a free PDF software other than adobe. You will be able to save it. I think I have PDX Xclone, the free edition and it lets me. I have to double check it though.

Shaman 11th Feb 2010 11:39

I applied for a DEC position last year and just heard from Qatar:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Flight Deck team. I regret to inform you that you do not meet our criteria and therefore we are unable to process your application further.

I have lots of quality time with a major airline but have not flown for 18 months. If I ever meet the men who caused the Great Financial Crisis I will ...............

Time Traveller 11th Feb 2010 12:14

but have not flown for 18 months
Yes, thats the reason. I went all the way to Doha to discover I was wasting my time.

Its a GCAA thing apparently.

holyflurkingschmitt 11th Feb 2010 13:39


Another pointless post.

Yes I am that very same person and what difference does it make?
Coming out here/there again what difference does it make? get your head out your a*** man!!! its a yorkshire isam.
I like yourself, am trying to get to Doha, which is exactly why i think people should read all the information available to them before making a decision.

Good luck to all who have applied.


Che Xindamail 11th Feb 2010 17:35

Someone asked about joining cargo etc. You will need an approval letter from QR Human Resources that you need to present to QR Cargo at your port of departure (can be scanned and emailed). They will guide you on packing etc. I guess you can do it when you depart for Doha but it can be done anytime after you've been accepted for employment. Your joining coordinator will help you.

Once you are here, it is organized chaos, lots of paperwork, but it all gets done in the end.

Harry Shyters 11th Feb 2010 20:33


Well is it going to stop you coming out.......probably not, so why post it? :hmm: As I said, there's enough of it already on this thread so wouldn't it be better sticking to relevant stuff?

Anyway, doesn't a job with yorkshire airways appeal? :E


Maybe see you out (t)here soon :}

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