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fishbath21 11th Dec 2009 19:59

thanks........if I have 500 on NON-EFIS airplane...will that help you think?

Fubaliera 11th Dec 2009 20:08

Great news, they hired again into the 330 while 150 f/o on the 320 are waiting for a fleet transfer which hasnt happened in 2 years

JungleJett 11th Dec 2009 20:20

330 hire
Mainly due to the fact that up to 30??....F/Os on the 330 are either leaving or about to leave. Heard the same rumor from different sources. That is also the main cause for the cancellation of upgrades until further notice.
It will get interesting when the other airlines will really start to hire.

Probes Down 12th Dec 2009 17:32

Madrid assessment
I know there will be a Qatar Airways assessment at Madird next week, for the unemployed guys from Spanair, but does anybody know if is there any way to do it if you are not from that company?

thanks a lot

anthony.andora61 13th Dec 2009 12:39

FO held in Qatar against his will
Anyone care to comment about a first officer on the A330 held against his will in Qatar after they had a snafu in Dubai with the nose wheel. I think new comers should know about this, I have an offer letter but I am not sure I want to go to such a place. :ugh:

Please post your comments!!!!!!!!!!!

Fubaliera 13th Dec 2009 13:56

This is a unfortunate situation. Being latino most likey he was just going with the flow in that conversation. The rumour is he had a loan, so his exit is blocked until he can pay. This must be a nightmare for him, being stuck in Doha with no way out. This is the risk you take when you take a personal loan, thats what new joiners should be aware of. Avoid the new flashy cars, credit cards, etc etc stay out of debt.

Elifant 13th Dec 2009 19:03

Hallo everybody, did Qatar airways start to invite any DEC jet?

Thanks for the info

EGCC4284 13th Dec 2009 21:43

what does snafu in Dubai with the nose wheel mean???? snafu??? what does that mean

Fubaliera 14th Dec 2009 20:49


fleets segregated
If your on the 320 you stay on 320 forever. Bad new for 320/ good news for 330/777/ If you get a 330/777 slot you will upgrade on same fleet but on 320 your stuck their forever.
Good luck in keeping 320 drivers, the only good thing was the hope of fleet transfer, but with this new policy their in for a big surprise.

gmezzi 15th Dec 2009 19:06

hy everybody.
how long is the upgrade to the left joining QR now?
i've got an offer letter to the A330 last week, i'm one of the guys selected on december 2nd.
thank you ,hope to see you in doha

taho 15th Dec 2009 23:33

Anybody actually living in QR?
Hello. Someone in contact with pilots staying in qatar that could tell about how is real life over there, not only professionally.
Im shortly going to an interview for QR and Id like to know first hand


Young_Turk 16th Dec 2009 04:21

QR entry at 6000 hours...
was wondering if at 6000 hours with PIC 3500 all B737NG, would applying to QR in todays market conditions be a long shot or there is a reasonable chance i get in Left seat on A320?? I've heard there are a lot of experienced guys bidding for the same job and im just making the minimum requirements...... would appreciate your take..

loc22550 16th Dec 2009 10:18

I'm afraid fubaliera ..you are right(no transfer), when i see Gmezzi post :....joining QR on 330 straight!! Good For him..
Upgrade today takes...6 years at least...

I can't believe it! There is NO 330 fleet expansion...,24 A-320 are expected to join the fleet in the next couple of years...somebody should explain me something regarding transfer and recruitment policy in this airline, and how to keep crew motivated!
Or maybe is it to feel the gap left by more than 20 to 30 pilots who resign recently on 330 to go to EY...:E?

burble 17th Dec 2009 21:57

It may well be buried in the previous 78 pages, it may also have changed. Web site listed benifits include childrens allowance for education. Can anyone share some local knowledge, will the allowance cover 3 to 4 children and are school spaces readily available?

atpcliff 17th Dec 2009 22:35


Just talked to a Qatar Capt. He said don't listen to all the negative stuff.

He said if you are single, and want to party, Doha is not the place.

If you are married, with your family living there, or are single and want to work hard and make a lot of money, it is a good place to work.

He said he does what he's supposed to, works hard, makes a lot, and is enjoying it.

The cabin crew was very friendly...one of them was the first person here to automatically speak Swahili to me, which was nice, as most natives assume that Mzungus can't speak Swahili.


loc22550 18th Dec 2009 05:35


"the cabin crew was very friendly..one of them was the first person here to automatically speak Swahili to me, wich was nice, as most natives assume that Mzungus can't speak swahili..!!"
Whaooo... wich such an intersting post,i'm sure now you convince a lot of people to join Qatar Airways....:}.

Burble ,IMHO school allowance only cover...1.. kids here! (for a decent school at least)

Kangeroo Joe 19th Dec 2009 17:01

Looking through the website, it would seem the salary of USD6600/month for an F/O is pretty low even though it's "tax free".

From the website:
First Officers
  • Tax free salary of approximately $6600 USD (assuming 70 block hours).
Ancillary Benefits
  • Company provided accommodation.
  • Transport allowance of approximately $410 USD.
  • Utility allowance.
  • Meal allowance whilst on layovers.
  • School fees subsidy .
  • Family medical insurance.
  • Comprehensive life insurance.
  • Loss of licence insurance.
  • End of service gratuity.

Someone mentioned filling up at full tank of gas in a Hummer would only cost USD 10 in Doha, please let me know where you buy your fuel so I can order a few million gallons!

If you don't fly 70 block do you still get 6600/month? Whats the minimum pay?
What are the actual block hours/month on average?
Days off a month?
Does bunk time count?
No pention plan? Save money off the USD6600/month??:ugh:
No company transport (small allowance)....but I guess at 10 bucks to fill up a Hummer $410 will last 10 years.......:rolleyes:
Only an appartment for F/Os.
The illusive promise of a left seat in a few years.

Not sure if it's a great package.

Oh they forgot to mention the F**king sand?

loc22550 20th Dec 2009 10:35

Minimum paid = Basic + transport allowance+utility allowance+ ERP:} + House allowance (if you have it).

BE carefull if you get sick without any certificate: one day of your salary will be substracted(per sick day) on ALL the item above(Not only the basic)..!
If you are unlucky to be More than 15 days sick leave/year (with certificate),they start cutting your salary.!

Kangeroo Joe 20th Dec 2009 14:09

Thanks Big Neon,

That's pretty much exactly what I expected.

Where is the appt block? I'm guessing it's no where near West Bay and more likely miles out along Salwa Rd?

I also imagine any screw ups and your out.

Not the best package really.

Captain Oryx 20th Dec 2009 16:23


PLEAASE, stay in Oz!!!:D

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