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widebody300er 29th Jan 2009 19:58

Well we should hear soon... Hope to see all of you in Doha!!!:ok:

Capt Krunch 29th Jan 2009 20:29

yes there is a serious back log of people in the works.. QA has been in a constant state of hire for at least 6 or 7 years now as I recall.
Some of the recent problems are due to the termination or re-designation of the former staff members that used to look after this department ( not very well either).

but also keep in mind, not only do the reservations and coordinations have to be done for your interview, but you must also have a visa to enter this country, and that also causes a paper shuffle delay.. among may other things. not to mention that accommodations in hotel can be very difficult during times of large sporting events, conventions and the like.. there are only so many hotels in the desert village you know.

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flynhigh 30th Jan 2009 00:43

What are you guys interviewing for FO or DEC.
7200 total time 2500 Hours Jet PIC Airbus Typed Instructor/Check Airman.

tangalanga 30th Jan 2009 01:00

Qatar facts, questions
Hi guys, thank you for all the support and help here, I am being hired by Qatar Airways, and personally it is the best that professionally can happen to me right now.:ok:
Same questions that will help me and otters:

Can you buy a decent car with the 1500QR allowance or you need to put money on top? How is it, they give you the cash or goes to the payments?Will be a good idea to send your own car there and save the money?It is possible?

How long is training?

They continue to hire DEC, so why upgrade time is 5 years?or is less?

I got the 320, how long before you can change the fleet?

How much you make the first year,(FO 320) excluding housing and car allowance?

42 days vacation, can you take it all together?Will they give you the days for real or just pay you and tell you "we are understaffed and need you"

Should I take everything that I can with me or the houses they give you are really furnished?

How many days between you joining date, I guess arriving Doha, and training beginning?

Free transportation for one week. How you get transportation after that when you are broke like I am, no savings, zero, nada.?

Thank youuuuuuuu

sec 3 30th Jan 2009 03:58

You must have been pretty desperate for a job, since you obviously didn't ask any questions before signing on the dotted line:bored: Good luck at the goat:)

condorbaaz 30th Jan 2009 04:56

Do a search for Qatar conditions and find out

EGGW 30th Jan 2009 05:00

Thread closed. Use the search function :ugh::ugh::ugh:

bump 30th Jan 2009 05:20

Singapore questions
I feel your pain. Sounds a bit harsh.
Just on another note, can anybody shed some light on possible questions, and proceddings, for the 1 day dine and dash interview in Singapore. would be much apperciated. Thank you.:ok::ok:

R&F 30th Jan 2009 14:01

I hope everyone who are waiting get replied from them.......including me....:hmm:

rcl7700 31st Jan 2009 14:51

Just trying to keep this post alive. Has anyone else been called? Will they send "thanks, but no thanks" emails to the unsuccessful applicants? I'm coming up on a week before my first choice and about a week and a half from my second choice.


widebody300er 31st Jan 2009 15:43

Believe me ......will prob find out 1-3 days before our dates.... I think QR does this.. They are very swamped in recruitment.

Capt Krunch 31st Jan 2009 19:00


they will give you more notice than that, they may not be able to honor your requested interview date, but if you were told you'll have a interview then it will be done.. sooner or later.
it is a continuing process, I see new hires / new faces on a daily basis in the training center either for evals, or courses. as I have said many time QA has been hiring a steady stream of pilots for many many years now. the urgency has not changed, when the A330 first arrived it was even worse than this. and 1 came every month for 32 month, not to mention more than 25 A320, 321 and 319's at the same time.. then came the A346's.
so having said that.. these 12 B777 we'll have by the end of the year ( and 5 more A320's) is standard growth.. so yes you are correct, the hiring department is ALWAY trying to play catch-up with the fleet and route growth.. we need guys, so you'll get the interview in due time.


they have been known to send a "Thanx but No thanks" to some, and sometimes you'll here nothing.. there is no good excuse, but you must remember how many guys are being selected / rejected.. granted interviews / denied interviews.. guys that say they will come but in the end never show up ( yes that does happen allot shame to say) the story goes on and on.. your question... "Has anyone else been called?"... yes many. as mentioned in other posts, 4 courses per month 2 for the Airbus and 2 for the Boeing.. all with at least 6 to 12 candidates in each course..

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rcl7700 31st Jan 2009 19:49

Hello. Well, I meant if anyone else had been called of the people who are waiting for a call and are participating in this post, but thanks, all info is welcome at this time. I never thought I would be contacted without an Airbus TR, but after talking to a friend who is currently working there my hopes went up. He speaks very highly of the airline and work environment. Hope to hear from them soon.


Capt Krunch 1st Feb 2009 02:59

OK understood rcl7700

QA only has a select few to do interviews, and they are busy!!! some who conduct interviews are our instructions and some experienced line pilots, so it goes without saying.. we are all VERY busy taking our aircraft from one place to another.. this can sometimes make it difficult to set up interview teams, but the job gets done, be patient as you can.. things will not change here that fast.. I don't like to keep saying the same thing over and over.. but it has been like this for many years here.. we always have been short of pilots. all due to the constant expansion of fleets, expansion of destinations, and not nice to mention, but yes also many termination / resignations as well.

this place is not for the faint of heart.. not for everyone.. but in this day of global financial crisis, for some at least it's a job.

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wayra 1st Feb 2009 03:07

About SIN
Hello Captain,

Just a quick question. Any chance you could give a hint about how or what I should expect in the coming up assessment in SIN, I will be assisting but they didn't mention any specific aircraft nor simulator. I imagine the tests will be about general aviation subjects right?... And It will include any simulator?... If you pass everything usually how long takes it to contact you again?

Thank very much for your time.


rcl7700 1st Feb 2009 04:53

Thanks Capt Krunch. We shall wait.


Capt Krunch 1st Feb 2009 15:58


the web page .... well, thats not my department.. but I can say this, QA is hiring on ALL fleets, some have more present priority over others.
At present we have pilots in training on the A320 and B777, also hearing some new joiners going on the A300-600..
and we all thought it would have been phased out by know:rolleyes:.. but then again the A300-600 info is not yet confirmed.

as far as the meal allowance, well it is based on the individual layover, every destination differs, meal allowances are calculated from the hotels room service menu with discounts applied.
personally, I don't bother with it. I normally eat elsewhere. if I do choose to dine in the Hotel.. by the time I eat a meal have many a delicious refreshment the entire allowance is spent on 1 meal..
so.. in the end, it's enough to keep you from starving if thats what you want to know.

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laki737 2nd Feb 2009 12:21

Qatar Feb screening?
Hi guyz,

Anyone got any reply from Qatar regarding Feb screenings yet?

justchilling 2nd Feb 2009 12:36

Nop, I am waiting too.

rcl7700 2nd Feb 2009 15:09

Nothing. We're kind of stepping on/duplicating the post below.


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