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SKYWRITER1 1st Feb 2010 10:41

Hi All,

I'm one of the hordes contemplating going to Qatar from Thomson, due to redundancy. I got a few questions that I'm after being answered for both myself and the wife. Useful answers only please, its not a debate about whether to go or not! Also, some of the questions may seem trivial, but like I said there for both me and the Missus!

1. If Ain Khalid is full (or nearly) where are the new families going? How is the accommodation,(size and standard) plus is there any outdoor space?
2. Does Ain Khalid take dogs (specifically do Qatar allow you dogs in the family accomodation)?
3. Is there anywhere to walk dogs near the compound or is it the beach for a run?
4. What do you guys spend per month on living? (I've seen quotes on other sites, are these correct etc)
5. Whats the worst thing about Qatar for yourselves and your wives?
6. Whats the average pay per month B777? I realise this varies depending on trips.
7. Is there a dress code for the ladies, we realise that there are obviously some things to show respect, but is there anything in particular?
8. Hows family life in general? We will have a newborn (our first) if we go.

As I said, some may seem trivial, but these are things we haven't been able to find out yet.

Either post or PM's are appreciated,


Linerider 1st Feb 2010 12:54

Here are some answers to your post.

1. Single FOs are being moved out of Ain Khalid Gate to make room for families here. Alternatively, if you are joining as a captain then you could be allocated a villa in Al Markhiya or '18' or the 'Pink Villas' compound.

2. Yes.

3. Nowhere within walking distance. Some people walk their dogs around the compound, but it's not ideal.

4. Varies too much depending on my roster to give a useful answer.
The cost of living here is comparable to the UK.

5. I'm not married, but for me the lack of entertainment is the most frustrating aspect of living here - boredom!

6. Don't know. Not on the 777 fleet.

7. There don't seem to be any hard and fast rules, more a case of not causing offense to the locals. Skirts to be knee length or longer. Shoulders should be covered.

8. Not a family man, so don't know.

SKYWRITER1 1st Feb 2010 15:25

Thanks very much Linerider,

Some useful info there.
Would any B777 drivers (particularly F/O's) like to add any comments?

Its a big step and we just want to be prepared!


flyboy1972 1st Feb 2010 17:39

Congrats on the job. I'm a new hire FO on 777 still in training at the moment; just to add to what Linerider has already said; it seems to be a good place for a family, Doha is a very safe city and there are alot of families with small children in the compound. There is a very nice clubhouse inside Ain Khalid with 4 swimming pools, very nice gym, coffee shop and restaurant and a really nice shopping mall close by. The driving WILL get some getting used to and I haven't experienced a Summer here in the desert yet but I hear it can get close to 50C.
I've seen women wearing short skirts and shorts and it doesn't seem to be an issue. My family will be joining me soon and I have no second thoughts about us moving here. Anyway hope the info helps.


Gmann2005 1st Feb 2010 18:31

I am well aware of the hour requirements on the Qatar Airways website but I am really interested in what will be competitive in the current market! I have 2500 hours on the 737 and about 2800TT. For those guys who have recently been hired on the 777, I would be really interested in how many hours you had . I am guessing that some of the FO's from Thomson may have similar hours to me if they were recruited as low hours pilot straight from flight school.

Many thanks in advance for any constructive info.

IRAQIFAlCOn 1st Feb 2010 21:32

Hi Guys ,I hold a current FAA and Jordanian commercial pilot license, with 300 prop total time. Any possibility to work with Qatar airways?

SKYWRITER1 1st Feb 2010 21:33

Big Neon Glitter
Is that my fault?:confused: Or should I not ask about a possible future job and its family arrangements. I'm sorry for the 320 guys, but not accepting a job there wont change that by the sounds of it

Captain Oryx 2nd Feb 2010 07:27

Big Neon Glitter
Is that my fault?http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif Or should I not ask about a possible future job and its family arrangements. I'm sorry for the 320 guys, but not accepting a job there wont change that by the sounds of it

Welcome to Qatar Airways!

If you've been on this board, you are aware that there is a small, albeit noisy group of individuals who are constantly stirring up shite.

If it's not about their inability to change fleets, which you and I have nothing to do with, then it's "alphabet soup" gossip talking about what ABC did to QRX after talking to TUV that was heard from the cabin cleaner in LHR.

Best bet, ignore them. You probably will never know who they are talking about, so don't even try. It's not worth the effort.

On the subject of attire. The attire in Ain Khalid is not necessarily acceptable elsewhere. You will see expats in the malls in shorts and women with bare shoulders but that doesn't make it "acceptable".

The general rule of thumb my family use when venturing outside the compound is long pants and shirts with sleeves(long or short) for men, slacks or dresses below the knee and shoulders covered for women.

Welcome, and good luck!!:ok:

SKYWRITER1 2nd Feb 2010 11:54

No worries Guys,

Thanks for the advice, BNG, I see you point, fair enough. I haven't even applied yet, filling in the form as I type, but I wanted all the info before I apply so I dont waste their time. As you may well know, there is a fairly big ex-Thomson group heading your way and most of the info i.e. fleet has come from them, so I may even get the A320, which to be honest is fine with me also! I'm married with my first baby on the way so its a doubly big change in life for me - all info is greatfully recieved.

Captain O - This IS PPRUNE after all, I should of known better. :ok:


Capt Krunch 2nd Feb 2010 14:07

Big Neon Glitter

Its good to see, qualified, airline experienced, CRM oriented Pilots come this way
Unfortunately They will not stay, the only guys that might be around for a bit are those over or nearing 60, as they can comfortably fly until 65 here. The rest will be gone to a job or in some cases even leave to no job. Those who have no choice or financially strapped might be around a little longer, but this is not a place to be for any length of time.
Take it from a guy who has been here too long already :ugh:

I have learned that getting bigger does not run hand-in-hand with getting better. Hey !?! I guess size doesn't matter :}

Poisoned by Compromise

flyboy1972 2nd Feb 2010 16:45

Lovely to read these dog queries from new hire 777 Pilots. Meanwhile the guys who have been working their asses off, on the 320 at QR for years cant get near the thing.
It gets very frustrating at times to see new guys walk in and take a seat that should be going to guys who have been here for years.

Capt Krunch 3rd Feb 2010 07:14


Nice job, very good information for those how wish to come out to the desert. i'm surprised that you could retain all that info. I'm sure that tech quiz will be in the bin very soon :}


what goes around comes around little man. Some of you new kids on the block have allot to learn about this place. I know the B777 is a bit of a holiday fleet these days (a nice change) but it WILL catch up to the rest in short time, as did the A330 on it's first addition. When it does you wont be so quick to laugh at others, you'll be to busy crying yourself.:mad:

Poisoned by Compromise

fayz76 3rd Feb 2010 14:59

Capt Krunch,

I have been trying to get an interview with QR for over 18 months now. Last yaer February they emailed to give a interview date and then I never heard from them, nither got any reply from HR. I have 3600 hours with 2500 on Jets (B737, CL604 and C550/560). Do you know if they are still reqruiting or should I just forget about it?


Capt Krunch 3rd Feb 2010 19:20


for certain we are still hiring and have been for years now. in nearly a decade it has never stopped.

so dont give up if you really want to come out here.

Poisoned by Compromise

Winton 4th Feb 2010 03:03

target acquired
Hey Krunch:

You seem to be the mystical oracle with all the good 'gin' at QR. What do you think the landscape looks like for a 50ish former 777 driver (established Operator), 2.0k hrs each seat, been all the usual places north, south, east and west? Money's all gone man, global financial crisis and all that...

Captain Oryx 4th Feb 2010 03:47


Not Krunch, when did you last fly?

When did you last fly the 777?

DEC's are not currently being screened by Pilot Recruitment. Some Dec's have been in recent classes, however, they were screened last year.

Hope this helps.

Capt Krunch 4th Feb 2010 04:46


We have and will still hire Pilots who are nearing 60 yrs as the limit here in Qatar is 65yrs. although it sound as if you have a vast aviation back ground it will all boil down to being semi current and able to make it all the way thru the screening process.

At present the B777 fleet has a over supply of candidates for the left seat. BUT that being said, one constant in QA is change. What is now is not tomorrow.

This place is not for everyone, just keep that in mind

Poisoned by Compromise

60west 4th Feb 2010 15:37

Captain Orix

777 DECs are definetely being screened at the moment.
Just been there.

shortfinal12 5th Feb 2010 00:05

SO program
hi guys,

does anybody here know of any imminent plans for another SO program for non-Qataris like the last one they did approx one year ago?


Winton 5th Feb 2010 01:51

Captain Krunch/Orix,

Thxs for the feedback... currently fly classic Boeing .. Last time on 777 about 3 years ago...

I hear what you say about it not being for everyone ... know about that brother.. caused me one wife!! .. when you're hunting, need to go where you find the food though...

Masallama or however you spell it.

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