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speedhold 21st Dec 2011 17:59

Is mcc required for jaa license ? I have a FAA ATP license and we don't have a mcc license can anyone plz explain thanks

av8tordude 21st Dec 2011 18:40


You are not responsible to have this license if you were trained and fly for an airline in the USA. A certificate of Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) is only required for pilots trained and fly outside of the USA. MCC course is a CRM course that is given each year during training for US airlines.

victor75 21st Dec 2011 18:54

Anyone else had his interview the 3rd November? Because I still don't have my answer!

B767PL 21st Dec 2011 20:10

I know in certain JAA countries it is not a requirement to have MCC completed, but a optional program airlines want candidates to have completed on their own, a course that has nothing to do with CAA requirements.

I also know that with 500TT on JAR-25 category aircraft the MCC requirement is waived in countries that do have it..

Still somewhat confused.

I currently hold a JAA fATPL and a FAA CPL/ME/IR with 1,300h on a FAA registered aircraft, flying for a U.S airline. Not sure what category I fall under. Honestly this MCC thing makes zero sense to me, as I am flying in a multi-crew environment for 4 years now.

I wonder whether QR will want this MCC certificate from me (which I do not have) when I apply soon. :bored:

speedhold 21st Dec 2011 20:46

Thanks I kinda knew that just wanted a firm answer. Did anyone get a email asking.to upload license and medical in the last few days just did that this morning wondering.what the next step is ... Thanks

rockycommish 22nd Dec 2011 06:59

yes..is this Ser....i

Non Zero 22nd Dec 2011 09:58

QR Jan 2012 roadshow!
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Venue: Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport, Da Vincilaan 4, 1831 Diegem, Belgium
Dates: Monday, 9th January 2012 and Tuesday, 10 January 2012
Sessions: Morning 10am & Afternoon 1pm

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Venue: Crown Plaza Amsterdam schiphol planeetbaan 2,2132HZ Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Dates: Wednesday 11th January & Thursday 12th January 2012
Sessions: Morning 10am & Afternoon 1pm

Location: Rome, Italy
Venue: Mercure hotel, Roma West
Dates: Friday 13th January & Saturday 14th January 2012
Sessions: Morning 10am & Afternoon 1pm

... happy holiday!

inner 22nd Dec 2011 10:41

If you already applied on line, does it still make sense to go there?

What is exactly the use of this open days?

Merry xmas

perritopiloto 22nd Dec 2011 11:04

Capt. Krunch,
Chk PM

Take care

Flyingstig 22nd Dec 2011 11:19

60 interviews per week. If that goes on all year and 300 were offered places, that's quite an attrition rate at selection?!
Krunch, I knew someone of that name who flew for Air London in the old days, any relation?

Non Zero 22nd Dec 2011 11:49

@ inner ... always prefer a direct contact ...

Krunch, I knew someone of that name who flew for Air London in the old days, any relation?
... probably... but as well as a person can use more nicks, one nick can be used by more than one person ... hope it makes sense!

Having said that ... all the best to whoever is behind Krunch and thanks for the useful tip&tricks ... happy holiday mate!

karioca 22nd Dec 2011 15:55

Hello all,

Im going for interview on the 3rd Jan. I ve read the thread, concerning the 50 atpl quizz, could anybody who attended the selection let me know if studing the latest pilot job qatar gouges and ACE pilot book together is ok, or should I check something else. Appreciating your info in advance


gdukkoq 22nd Dec 2011 17:48

Anyone waiting for their fleet allocation and contracts ? I'm on week 11... I was hoping it could be the XMAS gift... does HR people works this sunday ?

cccc 22nd Dec 2011 17:52

Just a question...
Would it be recommended to go to the Pilot Open Days if you have applied online?
And if you are invited for the selection in Doha, will QR arrange the travel and hotac?
That's all.
Cheers and fly safe!

330airbus 22nd Dec 2011 18:09


I don't see the problem in going to the open days if you have applied online.
I wont even answer your second question.
Only ONE page behind a guy posted his experience.

Tugnut 23rd Dec 2011 13:03

Its a company presentation followed by a questions and answer session. You can then approach the Qatar staff at the end for a one on one chat but be prepared to wait in line. I waited 20 mins! You are also invited on the day to submit your details and Qatar will hopefully contact you should you meet the requirements.

simolag 23rd Dec 2011 14:07

hey guys , i am a fresh graduate with a cpl/ir license from qcaa and would love to apply for qatar airways . the only problem is that i have only around 200 flying hours on pa34 and pa 28 . Does anyone know if i have a chance to be taken by qatar airways to at least do the written exam , interview and sim check? And if anyone can help by giving me the clues of how can i apply because on internet i heard that if u dont meet their requirement then the your application form doesnt get submitted automatically .
thanks for your understanding and please let me know anytime soon because i will have to leave the country if i dont get any chance to apply . :confused:

inner 23rd Dec 2011 15:43

From what i've heard: limits are limits!

speedhold 24th Dec 2011 00:23

First officer
Hello everyone

Did anyone have to submit there license and medical to hr in the last week or so ? The reason I ask is I was requested to send these items over but the email address does not delivery my email to hr ? . I keep getting a postmaster delivery fail message after a few hours later .. Any ideas ?

speedhold 24th Dec 2011 01:32

21 lancer

The requested docs have already been uploaded with my initial application. So if it's there already where do i send the medical and license then .

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