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Royalblue 6th Jan 2010 20:50

I was called for an interview 2 years ago and rejected it after I heard about their process.... Too bad Qatar changed the process also in the last 6 months.Now you can't even do personal interview if u fail the written :)...

flyby71 7th Jan 2010 13:16

Good Afternoon Everyone

Does anybody know what is the best place to rent a car for the first few months and how much would it cost?

cheers mates

TAP 7th Jan 2010 21:09

EGCC - Any chance for some feedback on your tech paper?! Cheers!

burble 8th Jan 2010 09:38

Likewise Flyby71, any specifics, as I'm sure you appreciate, would be a big help.

Daft Wader 8th Jan 2010 14:26

QR & BS .... surely not !!

May the farce be with you


Yogi Bear


Mr Gammon Flaps 8th Jan 2010 19:37

Commuting from DXB
Hello Chaps:

Can anyone tell me if there are any longhaul Captains commuting from DXB or AUH, so that the housing allowance can be put towards a mortgage there? (I know about the property situation in DXB:})

I don't necessarily mean using staff ID90 all the time, but perhaps firm tickets on Flydubai etc.

I saw this topic before but it was replied to by the 320 guys.

Thoughts or comments appreciated.



P.S Any chance of a 777 driver giving a typical roster (I know, they will change as the fleet expands, just looking for the current picture). Thanks

flyby71 9th Jan 2010 01:28


If you have any specific questions, I would be more that happy to answer them. I did benefit from the forum myself and I intend to provide the same for all of you attending/preparing for a big day , so please do not be shy, fire away with anything you would like to ask and I will post it here for all of you guys/girls to know what to expect. No need to send me PM, I will post it here so everybody can see.
The interview process was actually very nice(this is my own opinion). I do understand that guys that did not succeed may be discontent or pissed off. This is our true nature after all, when we fail. I speak from what I saw during stay in Doha. They fly you business class and meet you when you enter the terminal to process all your paperwork so you do not have to stand in immigration/customs line. Very nice I thought, especially when they have ungodly amount of applications sitting on their desks. They do not have to do it, yet they still do. Once you're done with the paperwork, the representative will take you straight to the Marriott's desk and you're on your way to the hotel.
Next day, company presentation on their future plans, written exam, personal interview and simulator. Unfortunately, if you fail written or personal interview you're done. Let me concentrate on the written first. Remember, you fail, that's it. How to prepare for it? I actually went over about 7 JAA ATPL books and made an outline of what I thought was important. Next step was to go over the ACE book and by then you ARE able to answer the questions on the quiz. I do not remember exact q's but concentrate on air law, performance(big one), mass and balance, general navigation(u do not have to know what frequencies VOR operate on), flight planning, meteorology and that should be it. No formulas to remember. If you're willing to do it or you perhaps know it, you're more than fine. Personal interview is very easy, at least that's what I think. Scenarios very from tell me about the time when you:
had to work for a demanding manager
had a confict in the cockpit
what can you bring to the company
Sim portion, cake walk. Takeoff, raw data, level off at some altitude, radar vectors for an ILS approach, land and then do it the second time. No V1 cuts, no emergencies. That's all folks. Please study before you come, relax(I know it's hard when you're sitting in front of 3 people asking questions) and enjoy your time.
The hotel is right on the water, take a taxi to the Souqs, you'll like it. I hope it helps.
Cheers Mates

Another thing off the subject, I do not want to hear any comments about the company from guys/girls currently flying over there. This was a post of what the interview looks like, not your likes nor dislikes. I myself have been laid off from 5 flying jobs in the past 18 months so keep your opinions about fleet transfers and upgrades to yourself- I don't want to hear it, read about it in the previous 80 plus pages.(no I am not a DEC)

Wango Z Tango 9th Jan 2010 08:03

Mr Gammon Flaps

it's been mentioned time and time again, commuting is not a good option here. Days off are not written in stone and can change at anytime to suit operational needs. it's always been that way, nothing new.

a look at B777 skipper December sched.

return from JFK (02).
OFF (03-04).
JED (05).
Standby (06-08).
Bombay All night flt (09)
OFF (10-11).
Standby (12-13-14).
OFF mandatory prior to ULR (15-16)
KIAH (17 - 21)
OFF mandatory post ULR (22-23-24).
Standby (25)
MNL early morning 00:55 (26-29)
OFF (30)
Standby (31)

enjoy the commute


nopoal 9th Jan 2010 08:43

Hi all!!

Any clues about how is the roster for an FO on the A330 and the A320??


Nice landings :cool:

Mr Gammon Flaps 9th Jan 2010 09:13

Wango Z Tango:

Thanks for your comments. It definitely looks like commuting is a no go.

What's with the sporadic standbys in between what would be a reasonable amount of days off?

Is that a representative roster, or slightly busier due to being Xmas with a lot of guys on leave?


Captain Oryx 9th Jan 2010 10:31

It is a fairy representative roster. No commuting.

In case you missed it,


Good Luck.

Fubaliera 9th Jan 2010 19:02

flyby71, who the do you think you are, we will complain all we want. fcuk you. By the way, if you come here with that kiss azz agenda of gratefulness your in for a shock.

Mr Gammon Flaps 9th Jan 2010 20:09

Big Neon:

Thanks for your input.

I have heard the FTL's are based on CAP 371, so I understand what the minimum day off requirements are; my question in an inarticulate way was asking if they plan to give 8 days off as a target, which I believe you have answered.



Che Xindamail 10th Jan 2010 09:16

Fubaliera is another example that drinking and posting is not a good idea.

Capt Krunch 10th Jan 2010 10:00

Mr Gammon Flaps

it seems that days OFF is a big concern for you. Justifiably so, personal time is important to everyone here. BUT, please keep in mind that those 8 days OFF per month that we speak of does NOT always mean days OFF in Doha. many of the more senior pilots can confirm that in many cases you might receive days OFF out-sation thus taking away from your time OFF in Doha.. (i.e. 2 days OFF while on layover in JNB = 6 days remaining OFF in Doha), thats just the way it is.

does not happen on the B777,, YET !! but, it's coming.

Poisoned by Compromise

loc22550 10th Jan 2010 11:50

I do confirm..(Since they don't have to pay anymore special allowance for days off outside Doha):
Recently i had 5 days off for the month...outside Doha!
Might be good ..if you are single...,bad if your family is in Doha.!

flyby71 10th Jan 2010 14:48


You are such a tool. That's all I have to tell you.

Captain Oryx 10th Jan 2010 15:16


You are such a tool. That's all I have to tell you/QUOTE]

Now, Now, be gentle with Fuba. After being "embraced" by China Airlines' cabin crew he has discovered that the flight ops dept. does not share the same affection for his "talents".

Gotta be tough on the old man!:ok:

flyby71 10th Jan 2010 15:45

"Now, Now, be gentle with Fuba. After being "embraced" by China Airlines' cabin crew he has discovered that the flight ops dept. does not share the same affection for his "talents"."

hahahaha, that's funny. He must simply hate life and everything that involves it. Tell him that Wizz Air is currently looking for such "talented" individuals. He's got the A320 time after all.

Fubaliera 10th Jan 2010 19:00

Capt Orex, Im glad you read all my post ,keep up the good work.

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