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rememberme 28th Jan 2010 17:05

Could somebody tell me how qatar interview goes?

BIGBAD 28th Jan 2010 18:20


Does anybody know what sort of routes the A330 does and what sort of roster you get on this type of fleet ???

Also, if your A320 rated do they do the short course or the full TR ?? Is the training done in house in Doha or done in Europe ???

many thanks

Che Xindamail 28th Jan 2010 18:40

A330 has the most interesting destinations as it goes in all directions 7 hours+. One sector and overnight. Lots of time away though.
If you are A320 rated you will probably end up on it here too, but not guaranteed. Supply and demand at the moment will decide where you go.
If you get it and you're current expect a short and intense course. If you're rated but haven't flown it for over 7 years, you will do a full TR, either here in Doha or in Toulouse. Pros and cons, the food in Toulouse vs getting QR SOPs correct from the beginning in Doha.

loc22550 29th Jan 2010 02:20

Bigbad i understand reading your post that you are 320 rated, but QR is gone put you straight on 330?!!:eek::ugh:

3dimsims 29th Jan 2010 05:05

anyone offered a position on the 777? starting in a month or two?

Jenson Button 29th Jan 2010 08:39

320 pilots;

what are your routes, do you get night stops, how much flying are you getting right now ?


alahaigaigai 29th Jan 2010 13:52

The 320 is the worst fleet to be. Lots of duty hours and little flying hours. You land in the morning and you are flying again in the night. But then again rosters in QR are a very...dynamic thing! You never know what tomorrow brings. For example the latest that the management came up with is the max 3 block days off per month. So even if you fly 777 you cannot get away from Doha more than 3 days a month. So you can enjoy lots of STBs and TBNs.
Good luck with any decision that you might take.

AIRBUS 3XX 30th Jan 2010 04:30

Heard high fail rate right now ...too many applications available over the desk!!!
wait a bit to join if you can:ok:

Capt Krunch 30th Jan 2010 05:05


On the contrary, it was once easy to get into this place as we would hire anyone with a pulse, we got many that should not even be allowed to drive a motor vehicle let alone fly an aircraft.
These days the bar has been raised and I would hope it stays that way. We don't need more people that cant make the grade, we have enough already. At least these days I don't have to explain the basics of how to make proper radio calls. I now fly most of my flights with capable f/o's unlike years gone by.

Job well done RN

Poisoned by Compromise

AIRBUS 3XX 30th Jan 2010 06:31

You are right 100% ! Full agree with you
My advice was wait a bit to join...and get some more experience,we don't need anymore uncapable people,
Anyway at least 80 % F/os I've been flying with now are smart professionals.
Good job raising the bar....well done:ok:

bumba 30th Jan 2010 08:45

... well since it is true! The bar has been raised ... so anyone has feedbacks on their interview and willing to share! Thanks

Tintin 30th Jan 2010 08:50


T O G A Boy 30th Jan 2010 17:17

Does anyone care to share with us what the interview was like and if it targeted for GF pilots...

cochise 30th Jan 2010 18:32

Sorry I'm a little lost, you're telling the guy with "(A330 type more that 1000+ on type, 8000+total, 3000 jet command)" to wait a little bit to join because he needs to get more experience?:eek:

bumba 30th Jan 2010 19:46

QR interview
Let's try to focus this thread on QR interview and the process on how to get a Pilot Job with QR! Please/Thanks

BIGBAD 30th Jan 2010 20:32

yes 320 rated but offered the 330, a guess that ensures that i am bonded ?!?! dont know of any other reason for this !!

safelife 30th Jan 2010 22:18

unlikely you will be. saw others being hired on a330 who were flying 320 before, without bonding.

gliderdriver 31st Jan 2010 07:28

Qatar interview
....Since the Bar have been raised....and its true 100%....and also now in QA everybody is capable to make radio calls properly..:)

Is there any fellow pilot or HR to tell us the hiring projects for this year and the interview itself?

Simple and straight question without " raising the bar" or "you need experience" and etc.

6080Hi 31st Jan 2010 10:17

330 Flying at QR
Hi Everyone,

A couple of questions for those working at QR already if I may.

I have also been offered the 330, pleased with that. But have there been any instances of people arriving in Doha with an offer of the 330 only to be told on arrival that they are actually flying the 320?

Could someone who is flying the 330 possibly share and post a typical roster?

It would be good to know what sort of flying the 330 gets, what routes it gets, how many days off in the month, how many of those days off are rostered down-route (if any), and most importantly how much time off back at base to be with the wife and kids!? :hmm:



mach2mofo 31st Jan 2010 15:52

Hi all,

I have just been offered an FO position on the A320 which I know isn't everyones cup of tea but still exciting for me!!! To all those who want info on the recruitment process, nothing has changed to what you can found out on this thread already. Tech test (50 general ATPL multi-choice Qs), Interview (Nothing tech just lots of behavioural qs, 30-40mins), Sim Asess (A320/737 radar vectors, raw data ILS x 2). You had to passs each stage otherwise you didn't commence on to the next.

For those that might be interested, I found a really good website that helped me prep for all stages of the assessment. Without it, I'd have been seriously struggling so it comes highly recommended... The proof is in the offer!!!!!!!!

Airline Pilot Interview Preparation Course,Questions,Technical,Simulator

Good luck chaps.

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