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Human rights at Qatar Airways

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Human rights at Qatar Airways

Old 4th Feb 2010, 21:13
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Human rights at Qatar Airways

In this letter I would like to inform you about the situation at Qatar Airways company.
When I started working at Qatar Airways it was an airline company with only a few airplanes. It developed very fast into a very large and respectable airline company.
In the beginning I used to think that the company prospered due to the effort of the chief Executive Officer Mr Akbar Al Baker and I was proud to work for the company led by such an efficient CEO. But I was wrong.
In the course of time I found out that working for this company is not at all happy solution for the people employed here.
When I left Qatar Airways and got a job in another airline company I realized what a mobbing there had been at QA. I keep asking myself how and why I had tolerated it.
Now I can go to work gladly at last with no fear and with a smile on my face.
I am telling you this with a sincere wish to stop mobbing at QA, because most people leave it with bitter feelings. It can spoil the reputation of the country in the world, for people employed at QA come from all continents and nowadays news spread quickly thanks to internet.
With great fantasy and imagination they violate human rights, dignity and integrity of a person systematically. They do this in a lot of ways, such as:
- fear of being punished or sacked
- excessive control and spying
- overloaded tme-tables ( too many hours of flying for the airplane crew which can endanger people's health and the security of flying)
- demanding passive obedience and humility
- blackmailing
- national intolerance
- even sexual mobbing
- withholding some small things such as blankets, high-quality water, juices e.
- t. c.
- deciding even about love matters between two persons (can you imagine that?)
And finally, when you have had enough of maltreating and decide to leave or are dismissed by him, you can never come back because this gentleman puts your name on the list of unwanted persons, although you do not know why. I wonder taht this can happen anywhere else.
These are only some of the things going on at QA. The question is why some of the subordinates put up with the mobbing. Maybe they are afraid of being subjected to mobbing themselves or they are too weak to contradict.
Especially painful has been the relation to the workers coming from the poorest counties. These people have paid a lot of money for travelling to Qatar and they have been indebted with the hope that they will soon earn and pay back the money thy owe. Young people come to a rich country hoping to help their poor families. But even after a very short time they get sacked because of some small and stupid mistakes. They have to go back home even poorer, more humiliated and with less money than before.
When I was leaving QA I did not get my last salary and the amount of one salary for each year spent at QA. On internet I met a lot of people who were employed at QA, cleaners as well as pilot instructors. They were forced to leave QA without getting their earned money. I cannot understand why they do not pay the money to their ex-workers, who had spent a part of their life working honestly. This can jeorpadize the respectability of the airline company, because people go away with sad and bitter feelings.
I do not like the idea that the money withheld from the poorest workers and those with the lowest wages goes into his pockets. Where is that money? Maybe there should be a better control of book-keeping at QA! As many people have left QA and almost daily somebody is sacked or people quit and just go away, I think their money must be somewhere. If they write letters asking about it, they never get any answers and they cannot come to the country again, because they are forbidden to return.
I could write even more about what has been going on at your airline company, but I think this will do. I hope somebody will do something about it, not because of myself but because of Qatar and its reputation.
If you put a more human person at the head of your respectable company, it would be the best thing to do.
This letter will be sent to several addresses and I hope that at least somebody will read it through and not just throw it away.
I am not going to sign my name, because I fear that some of my former friends at QA might get into trouble because of their friendship with me. I am really very sorry that this country, which is so dear to me, there are lots of people suffering the excessive mobbing, which they should not. If somebody takes my letter seriously and checks my statements, I am ready to introduce myself personally.
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Old 7th Feb 2010, 14:01
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While this is discouraging reading, I feel you are way over the top with playing the "human rights" card here. Kids are starving to death, people are being tortured... just my two cents.
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Old 7th Feb 2010, 16:41
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I find original post is a reall picture of what is going on in Qatar Airways and Mr bfisk do not forget that tomorrow if you do any mistake or you just find your self at wrong place in wrong time you can be NEXT on list of people we all knew and saw leaving for no normal reason .
And i would be cerful judging why someone leave and how .

State of Qatar has to improve Human Rights issue !

First step in improvement is Temination of person who is violating H.Right an every day bases .

Attitude "it is fine as long as it is not happening to me "is called ignorance of current situation and in some cases ignoring facts which hurt others can turn against you after some time . Think about it

If i ignore mistreatment of CEO towards others it is not
far from supporting it .

Each one of us can do small thing to change current situation .
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Old 7th Feb 2010, 16:53
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I agree Qr united but any changes can only come from the ranks of the political figures or the royal family.
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Old 9th Feb 2010, 12:52
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Let us do it

We all can do something about it .

- If you are in Doha for some time for sure you know someone local so talk
to him and tell him about whats going on in QR and AAB.

-Send Emails to human rights in Qatar,USA,UK,UAE ...

- Talk to your friends before any one apply QR and tell them about AAB.

- Talk about it to Local pilots as well and express your concerns

- Give hard time to AAB spys and to Inst who are doing dirty work for him in any way ( do not approve jump seat ,ask questions on brifings....)

- Let your Embassy knows you are in danger working for AAB ( arent you )

- Help people who are in trouble by AAB so he will see people do not agree with what he is doing

- Talk to friends who might know someone high from Royal family and tell them what is going on .

Yes some of you will say it is all nothing but it can help . Imagine if out of 300 people you know 298 talk against you . I am sure no one will like you and eventualy they will get rid of you . We want this happen to AAB
By the end you are not telling lies you are telling true .

in AAB case this 298/300 this 2 are A.Johar and B.M ha ha
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Old 9th Feb 2010, 16:58
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Trust me, he won't do anything other than complain.
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Old 9th Feb 2010, 18:14
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Looks like the reputation is starting to spread:

Qatar? Be warned
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Old 10th Feb 2010, 06:46
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Anybody with some inherent journalist talent who can write an article about AAB and all the disgraceful acts he commited so far inside the company?
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Old 10th Feb 2010, 09:25
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Only Cheap pilots and other submissive cheap drivers survive if they had the chance to be somewhere else they never think of Qatar or Qtar airways

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Old 10th Feb 2010, 15:28
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Slightly worrying read for anyone considering joining...
After reading the "Qatar-be warned" article a few questions arose:
Anyone in QA experienced anything similar when trying to leave? Either before bond has matured or after?Ie not getting your gratuity as promised or having salary withheld?or not getting your exit visa signed until you forego your gratuity etc? Anyone gotten hassle for wanting to leave early(ie less than 3 years?)
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Old 10th Feb 2010, 18:56
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I was taken to CID prison and stayed there for 7 days.
If my embassy was not started searching for me they would have kept me in prison for longer time
I was lucky that my embassy finally found me and sent me home

This is the human rights in Qatar and Qatar Airways.

AliBaba72: Ya, they even had the nerve to take a quick photo of you after landing! This area of the world will never evolve out of the Middle Ages!

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Old 11th Feb 2010, 05:30
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there was a very good guy working here a few years ago (Capt) he wanted to leave to his former airline after just over a year. He came type rated so bond was not an issue. But when handing in his passport for clearance and removal of the Resident Permit (mandatory procedure) they the CID kept his passport on the grounds that his vehicle registration was involved in a hit and run accident. He was a straight up good citizen and his vehicle did not have a scratch. it seems that someone got the numbers on the number plate incorrect and he was force to stay in the country with no passport until the court date (3 months down the road). He used his head and got reinstated to the line as he was well liked, of course he required a passport to be a line pilot, when he received it he promptly jumped. So you see, anything can happen here mate, not just the airline problems you must face.
on that note. there is presently one of ours in jail for speaking against the company while on board. has been there for a while now with no real end in sight. Sh*t happens here. you just have to respect the fact your not in a normal country with the normal human rights. There is a zero tolerance with regards to company slander. it has serious implications and not taken lightly.

is that multiple exit visa a must to do when you join?
and can that be 'revoked' by the airline?
you get an Multi exit permit if you want one, Just apply and pay the fee. if not, you must apply every time you want to leave the country. Multi exit permits are only given to flight deck.

and YES the company can have the exit permit (Multi or otherwise) revoked. it only takes one phone call.

Poisoned by Compromise
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Old 11th Feb 2010, 06:44
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By acting like that (putting people in jail for criticizing QR..), ..the CEO HIMSELF is spoiling and damaging the image of his OWN airline..and probably the image of the country as well!!
Really difficult to understand such a behaviour...
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Old 11th Feb 2010, 13:29
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It's the Mid-East guys!

Oh Dear! You guys really must understand a few things if you want to survive here.

1. Your company and it's management is simply not interested in your opinions and your professional viewpoint, even if these are based on reason, logic and long personal experience.

2. Your typical ME company requires you to carry out it's orders to the letter and without question. If you question anything you are likely to expose the absolute incompetence of your management, which of course will be totally unacceptable to them.

3. It is only a matter of time before a major incident/accident occurs on a ME based airline. Local ME management have no real understanding of basic safety standards or the implications of failing to properly to implement them. Their interest is in financial gain only.

4. Since 2006 I have refused to fly on any ME based airline, based on personal experience and with good reason. I would advise anyone who works for any ME airline to have a good look at the company you work for and the safety 'standards' under which they operate...

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Old 13th Feb 2010, 15:15
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I was told that if you leave or resign or what ever you might not be in peace H.H AAB could still reach you or call other airlines to try to make your life hell if he hate you . Not sure is it true or so but you never know . Better keep your nose in the sand .

Human Rights in Qatar are degraded with HH AAB runing the International Airline .
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Old 14th Feb 2010, 03:49
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Not a chance Ronaldo.

He's disliked by most other CEOs mainly because he openly speaks badly of them. James Hogan, Richard Branson, etc. Do you think they're going to help him make your life elsewhere difficult? I don't think so.

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