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inner 12th Dec 2011 09:27

Well i guess there is nothing to worry about.

I applied for the f/o position. I' m also interested to fly for QR Executive. Does anyone know if i have to fill in again the complete form in the QR Ex. Section of the webpage?


gdukkoq 12th Dec 2011 10:19

Probably yes. But they could ask you during the interview what you want more. They did for me, I have airline and corporate background, but I prefer airline without questions

stud7094 12th Dec 2011 10:59

That's what I had to update as well. Resubmitted but no email this time.

SAS-A321 12th Dec 2011 23:08

Can anyone working for QR confirm that the info about QR on PPJN.com is correct? It was updated yesterday and states:

"Only looking for widebody experienced crew. Narrowbody recruitement on hold." and that the requirement is now 500 hours on type for SO!?"

QR have just updated their jobsite and nothing of the above seems like being the case.

inner 13th Dec 2011 05:51

Well i guess we just have missed the boat. Somehow this is what i expected.
Damm i really wanted to go the airline. Fed up with corporate :yuk:

HighRider 13th Dec 2011 08:38

only Longhaul?
That seems a bit strange indeed- They just updated their own requirements and says nothing like it. I wonder where ppj have that info from?

fraguel 13th Dec 2011 08:40

Hi pilotillo,
I didnīt get bad news but when I was there they told me the longer they lasted on answering, the better for me... I donīt know if this helped...
Good luck

thib017 13th Dec 2011 09:04

Don't worry guys, anyone can post on ppjn...even wrong things! they still need a lot of pilots....don't believe all this bul:mad:!
Maybe someone who doesn't want other people to apply before him ;)
I did the interview 4 weeks ago, and still a technical test!

av8tordude 13th Dec 2011 09:24

Just wanted to tell you guys, my friend who started training 2 weeks ago was told there was a training backlog. Hi\e has completed his indoc and it will be approx 2 months before his starts his type rating training.

jibba_jabba 13th Dec 2011 10:22

whats he doing in the mean time before sim?

jibba_jabba 13th Dec 2011 10:49

av8tordude is right, there is a backlog. So I believe that another dose of patience is needed :-)

av8tordude what is your mate doing while he is waiting for the sim? are they allowing them to study company material / operating manuals etc etc?

gdukkoq 13th Dec 2011 15:09

Really tired of waiting for the contract... 9 weeks... I can see number 10 coming this thursday... :ugh: ... And they told me no more than 4 weeks. Good thing I did not resign yet...

inner 13th Dec 2011 15:23

Don't worry gduk, at least you'll get one. I'm still waiting for an invitation ( if i ever get one). One pluspoint: i'll have a lot of time to study.

pilotcpb 13th Dec 2011 21:40

can anyone who has a fleet assignment comment on the amount of joining paperwork you have to complete before reporting to doha? i have been planning on spending a month abroad with friends just chilling out before class starts and need to know if that is realistic or not. also i am hearing that QR requires you to pay up front for some things, specifically the 2 medical checks, and they reimburse you later. how much money should i bring to get started up?

av8tordude 13th Dec 2011 22:54

Jibba Jabba...I sent my friend an email and just waiting for him to respond. I'll post what I find out.

For those interested...
  1. Qatar will give you QR 1750 for food.
  2. 50% advance pay (QR 10750) is available if you are in need of money, which will be taken out on your next check.
  3. Company van will be available for 1-week to shuttle you between hotel & the training center, after which you must provide your own transportation. Rental cars range from QR 1800 & up.
  4. Bond (18-month prorated) is taking out of your check from day one.
  5. Medical exam cost QR 1436. Qatar will reimburse you.
My friend said he spent initially $2500.00 when he arrived. He recommends to have a credit card at your disposal or have at least $3000.00 to get you through until you get your first check (unless you take the pay advance).

victor75 14th Dec 2011 21:45

Still got no news... borred! 10 weeks since the interview!

Tritzo 14th Dec 2011 21:48

victor, i thought you had your interview beginning of nov. (if you were the guy on the same date as me). that has just been around 6 completed weeks yet....

One9iner 14th Dec 2011 22:06

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a list of destinations for the 320 mainline fleet.


B752 14th Dec 2011 22:07

Qatar Airbus Captains
Can anyone tell me if the A320 capts, also fly the A330? :ok:

safelife 14th Dec 2011 22:23

No MFF in QR.

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