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Sandstormer 19th Jan 2009 15:54

I heard that those being interviewed in Feb will hear by the week end from recruitment. Can anyone share some info on the 2 day process? And what to expect? Also any idea of the timeframe that they would want people to start?

widebody300er 19th Jan 2009 20:29

Do you think all those that sent the info with all the docs QR asked for will be interviewed?

Jenson Button 20th Jan 2009 11:00

Anyone know the actual details of the package Qatar are offering and what the bond is ?


Jenson Button 20th Jan 2009 12:15

Ignore my mutterings, found the Search function....:\

KRUGERFLAP 21st Jan 2009 04:24

If you have another option,don't go to QR.The company is negative,makes you feel very bad.If don't have an option go,but believe me,it's not gonna be a nice ride.If you already have the rating it's ok,but if you don't a 50K USD will be your bond or 3 years. The compound is ok,if you have kids.
AIN KHALID GATE its a nice option.

There are lots of nice people and flying the line is ok,with a very nice network flying the A330 or B777 (future) ,but the India mafia will screw your life big time in the roster.YOU MUST KNOW THE QCAA FLIGHT TIME REGULATIONS BY HEART.

The best fleet is A340 followed by A330,B777 and the worst A320 with lots of stupid new captains they doesnt know nothing.:yuk:
The most stupid thing is the Not Allowed policy for some type of food ( First Class and Business class) in the plane.It's awfull,but most of the cabin crew will give to you as well.
Driving is worst than any place in the middle east.The other arabs who lives there are greedy.
Normally most of the Qataris are nice,but they are the minority.
Believe me you gonna turn to be a racist because of some anoying nationalities.

What to do!

Anyway good luck on your choice.

NGFellow 21st Jan 2009 11:49

Any information about the Qatar interviews in India being held in Delhi & Mumbai. I sent them a CV and got an interview call within a few hours.
Any info regarding the process, interview, sim check will be appreciated.
This would be for the B777 fleet. Thanks

stratus2000 21st Jan 2009 12:37


Can you provide an address e-mail of the person in charge of pilot recruitment at QR to send my cv (as their website seems to be out of order). That would be great. Otherwise no idea of their assessment at Doha.

Many thanks.

matthewgamm 21st Jan 2009 12:39

Guys, any idea if Qatar Airways is interviewing for S/O positions?
What are their requirements, and usually how long does it take to make it to F/O from there? What a/c do they put you on?


NGFellow 21st Jan 2009 15:23

[email protected]

BizPilotBrazil 21st Jan 2009 16:18

Anybody received the confirmation to the interview in Feb?

S.F.L.Y 21st Jan 2009 16:45

Nothing yet, I'm waiting just like you... Someone said it would happen by the end of this week so I guess that the lucky one should get notified by tomorrow.

The cosmopolitan boy 21st Jan 2009 16:53

Still waiting as well.
Good luck

hoover1 21st Jan 2009 16:56

i just applied via the website today and it worked just fine.

BizPilotBrazil 21st Jan 2009 17:19

Ok Guys!
If anybody received the confirmation, advise for us, Ok?!

widebody300er 23rd Jan 2009 14:49

Has anybody heard anything from QR about Feb interview dates..

widebody300er 23rd Jan 2009 14:52

Dear Sir,
Have you heard from QR about Feb dates? You where saying that we might here by the end of this week?
Thank you

Capt Krunch 23rd Jan 2009 15:43

Just try to realize the scope of hiring that is going on in QA and has been for years now. there is no such thing as personal attention and with hundreds of applicants you can imagine the back log that the understaffed pilot recruiting department is dealing with.

if you were told you will get a call or have chosen a date you will be contacted eventually, don't get your panties in a knot.. all departments around here have their hands over full.
hiring is contiuous 4 groups per month, 2 groups for Boeing and 2 groups of Airbus every month with no end in sight for the time being.. most all fleets need pilots in either seat, some fleets more than others. but the fact remains you will get a call so all you guys/girls just relax.

right now the biggest problem seems to be training, although we need pilots, that airline does not like to have pilots just sitting around for weeks or months waiting for SIM or Line training.. we have many pilots on the 777 who have taken 2 to 3 months or sometimes more to complete 20 sectors of line training due to the overwhelming demand on line instructors.. the back log is huge.

Poisoned by Compromise

ninja_turtle 24th Jan 2009 03:43

Questions for the 777 fleet
Hi All ..

I am looking at attending the road show in Mumbai and before I do that I thought it would be nice to know the following :

I had started a thread on the same and someone suggested that I post this on an already exisiting thread , I tried to delete that one but its not happening ..

I have used the search function to the best of my ability and still couldnt manage to get the following except for Q no 5 , which was still not very clear .

So please be generous enough to spare me the bashing and answer whatever you can :

1 . What routes does the QR 777 fly on ?

2 . What are the layover patterns for the crew ?

3 . If possible the Arrival and Departure times in Local ?

4 . How many hours in a month for a FO on the 777 ?

5 . The cost per month for getting basic accomodation incl utilities if choosing not to stay in company accomodation ?

6 . I am 2000 on 737NG Right Seat and approx 2 yrs away from command at my existing place ..
Am I better off by staying where I am and to continue flying the limited no of domestic and short haul intl sectors that I do and wait to get major intl exposure some day later in life and get command instead .. I know this question is a no brainer to some of you and thats the reason why I ask ..

All info , suggestions and view points appreciated .. Thank you Everyone ..

Hajj Man 24th Jan 2009 07:29

777 is a new and growing fleet. All of your questions about this fleet are good ones but all that you will find out now will change every single month for the next several years. Therefore it is not possible to answer any of those questions you asked.

You asked a question about arrival and departure times in Local time zone. Why?.. If you have choosen a career in aviation you will fly all times and all holidays so if you have a problem with doing this and you want a 7 to 3, 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 job, then you have selected the wrong career.

The cost of living off of the company accomadation is much greater than living on the company property. You can share a house, apartment or villa with other pilots, if thats your thing, and keep the cost down or close to what the company give you but if you want your own space you will pay a lot more $$$$$ than what the company give you.

If you pass the interview ( you are not sure of this either) you are also not sure if you will join here on the 777. Who told you this? You could join on the A-320, A-330 or the A-300............You are slotted to where QR need pilots and your experience level. The 777 is not the entry point here for everyone. Just because you have 737NG time (2000 hours total which is a only a little bit) you might be offered A-320, A-330 or A-300.


Capt Krunch 24th Jan 2009 08:13

Could not have said things better myself HM.. I have conveyed this type of message many times in many post but it seems that SOME of the newbies only have selective reading skills.

as mentioned so many times before... QA will place you where they need you at the time, preference is given to type rating and experience of course, but the placement all others will be at the mercy of timing, and if you think that asking for a particular fleet might be the thing to do.. guess again. in some cases that will buy you a seat near the exit door if nothing else.

Poisoned by Compromise

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