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wolf141 27th May 2014 19:21

Just to answer couple of former questions in this thread//
Got HR email today.
Interviewed in April for B777/787 FO position with available to join 'next day' quote.
Crossed the fingers and waiting for the soonest DOJ

Captainhere 27th May 2014 23:03

Its good news bro wish you all the best
Pls let us know what's happening with u
Looking foreword to hear from u

winterinhell 28th May 2014 01:53

Got email from hirerights yesterday..replied them last night..they said it might take 5 to 20days to get the results..hope for a joining date soon..

hamd 28th May 2014 08:37

Hello guys! an update: I am Airbus WB F/O, interviewed in Oct'13 got an email from Hireright yesterday for background checks....looks like things have started moving here. Good luck!:ok:

PAPI CHULO 28th May 2014 09:47

Same over here, Received my offer of employment for the 787 as an FO. Things are moving. Next step DOJ. Any one an idea when that will be?

NinjaStar 28th May 2014 14:24

Hello everyone. Got offer and joining date over two weeks ago but the strange thing to me are these hireright people that after month and a half are still running checks. Anyone else with unusually long check times? Is this normal?

Hernando 28th May 2014 14:44

date of joining
guys, does anyone know if you get any pay during training, ie from when your contract starts? or from when youre line checked?or do you get any allowance for groundschool or sims?

F14 28th May 2014 15:13

They give you basic + transport + utilities + housing if you move out. They take bond from Day 1. After training is finished you get the flight pay about a month later

freddi16 28th May 2014 17:50

@papi chulo

Hi the new test is only questions regarding your personality(no math test,cube test ecc?)


PAPI CHULO 28th May 2014 18:21

From what I understood it s only personality test. It should state in the briefing pack what to expect on the assessment day. Hope this helps!

wolf141 28th May 2014 20:01

NinjaStar, it seems to me your HR check was Okay, since you got the DOJ already.
BTW, when was the date offered for joining ?

wolf141 28th May 2014 20:04

Can you elaborate on training bond little bit?
if any, what is the monthly amount deduced from the salary?

Captainhere 28th May 2014 21:22

This exam it's replacing the PAT exam

winterinhell 29th May 2014 07:35

hi papi chulo, u mean they can give u offer of employment first and in separate email will only they send u the joining date?
i do remember the HR lady said that u may get the offer but if ur security checks come out negative,they will withdraw the offer..
oh man..hireright contacted me earlier today asking for extra details..hope to get a good news soon..cant wait to burn in the dessert..

freddi16 29th May 2014 11:19

Hi thanks i've seen here that the pat was removed.
Just to have an idea if the new test include only
Personality questions, or you to expect games like cube
Test, math or other.
@ papichulo
Thanks you too for your answer

Flyboy41 29th May 2014 13:54

Hi all,

Friend of mine got a letter of offer followed by a start date. The letter of offer was subsequently withdrawn and no reasons given. Anyone heard of this happening before? And what could be the reasons? How disappointing for him. Was told he can reapply in 12 months...... Told him, maybe a miracle might still happen....:rolleyes:

PAPI CHULO 29th May 2014 17:10

@winterhell, yes first offer of employment and thereafter doj.

@flyboyy how long after sending offer of employment and doj did they withdraw it?

Flyboy41 29th May 2014 17:15

@ Papi,

He told me it was withdrawn after 3 days. Really strange!! Anyone know of someone who went thru the same thing? Having resigned from your job, etc etc...

tpeixoto 29th May 2014 19:33

Hi everybody

Can someone tell me what can go wrong with security checks?

What are they looking for? It is not just to check if you worked somewhere during a period.

Why they can say that security checks are not successful?:ugh:

Any feedback will be appreciated


Trimaranus 31st May 2014 08:03

It happens guys. Same thing to me. letter of employment signed, fleet assignment (DEC) and after a few days and after resignation from current employer everything withdrawn with no reason.
Everything was ok with security check, I complied with all docs requested.
The sad thing is that human side is completely absent. Nobody cares about leaving you jobless. And even saying that you can reapply in 12 months seems weird if you don't know the reason why the cancelled your employment.
Strange policy....

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