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Smoothflight 30th Jan 2014 08:18

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Date of joining APRIL 2014 offered in December 2013. Few days ago received email stating that due operational reasons it is moved to August 2014. Gave already notice to current employer as beginning of April it will be my last day. Lucky that my employer trashed my resignation letter and I could stay until my new joining date. Could be far worse if I stayed without the job until then. No income, lack of recency etc...

Ref2010 30th Jan 2014 11:12

Smooth flight
Which fleet and position was it for?

Boeingrestricted 30th Jan 2014 11:23

If this is the case (pay to fly scheme for QR) this would mean SOMEBODY is gonna make a [email protected] of money. WOW I just cannot believe this....

freddi16 30th Jan 2014 12:41

Hello any rumors if qr Will resume interview for non type rated pilots on the 320 fleet?

zeddb 30th Jan 2014 14:56

Just had an email saying I have been shortlisted for the 787/777 FO but that it is now on hold and I will be called for assessment "when the opportunity arises"

Anyone got any info on what that means and if/when things will move again?

Thanks. PM me if you want.

Iver 30th Jan 2014 16:06

Agree with Linerider. Get everything in writing and know how you can exit if possible.

With such a big investment, I would personally probably choose to stay closer to home at Easy if I were in your situation. European labor law will not protect you in Qatar. That said, QR could offer a great cultural and flying experience if you are open to it and you know what to expect going in. You want to understand how long you would need to stay to fulfill any obligations at QR in case you don't like it.... Examine the down side before signing anything.

Smoothflight 30th Jan 2014 16:22

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Ref2010, it is for 787 FO.

Pilotstandby 30th Jan 2014 19:53

im a SO , i received an update this month , and this is what i v got "As for the Second Officers and Fast Track Second Officers unfortunately, there are no requirements for this year. Therefore your application will be on hold for the next coming year. Kindly advise if you are willing to stay in the holding pool or withdraw your application." ...... i v heard that other SO didnt get the same email , hireRight sent them an email , i think they have to passe an other test , anyone have an idea about what 's happening ?

Pilotstandby 30th Jan 2014 20:01

Do you know the story of the HireRight ?? is this a new test in Qatarairways ???

McNulty 30th Jan 2014 21:14

I got the same zeddb....also interested to know what it means....surely given the number of aircraft on order it is a positive step.

Iver 30th Jan 2014 23:01

Well done Smoothflight!

jerman 4th Feb 2014 16:43

Qr hiring a lot , captains ,FOs and even SO,, interviews almost everyday,, farout

Mr Worldwide 4th Feb 2014 19:31

Application as a Fo in Qtr
Hi everyone,
i got a question, does anyone knows how long takes since i apply in qatar until they call me for the screening?
I applied january 25th for the A320 rated fo position with 2200 Airbus 320hours

Appreciate it

mmorel 5th Feb 2014 03:15

if you get a type-rating from qatar airways and leave earlier that 3 years commitment ,Do you have to pay the whole bond or it will be prorated depends on nr of months remaining?

salamalikum2 5th Feb 2014 04:05

A little bit of Simple maths::ooh:

The bond duration is 36 months(3 years),the amount is 50.000$ For a new type rating.
BUT for the first 18 months they will deduct 50% of the total bond amount from your salary(50.000$/36 monthly, for 18 months).
This 50% will be refund to you after 3 years from your date of joining.( not applicable in your case if you decide to leave before 3 years.

So if you decide to leave after 2 years for example ..you will basically still have to pay (50.000/36)x 12( prorated ) on top of the 50% that has been already deducted from your salary for the first 18 months.

50%+33% = 83% of 50.000$=41500$ that you will have to leave to the company if you leave after 2 years from you date of joining.:E

mmorel 5th Feb 2014 05:32

salamalikum2 thanks for the info
I thought they will just keep %50 of total bond if you leave after 18 months .

salamalikum2 5th Feb 2014 06:30

Don't think so ,as the bond lasts for 36 months.

Obbie 5th Feb 2014 07:46

Someone has an offer back in the US and wants to run away early. :=

Simba1978 5th Feb 2014 07:48

Hi Jerman, where and when did u get that info?
It sounds strange coz there are so many swimmers in the pool.

ASH 25 5th Feb 2014 09:59

About Qatar- must read!
If half of that is true, I will cancel my application.

The truth about the luxury of Qatar Airways | Nyheter | Expressen | Senaste nytt - Nyheter Sport Nöje TV

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