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winterinhell 16th May 2014 02:20

im airbus too..and still no news from them yet..oh man..y the wait..please just give me the date already..

PJ2009 18th May 2014 07:58

PAT Removed!!
Just received this email from HR!!

Due to a recent change in the recruitment policy, we have replaced the PAT requirements with PSA, (Pilot Suitability Assessment).

Please find attached the login details in order to complete the Psychometric Assessment. You may complete the Psychometric assessment at your convenience but not later than one week before the day of your assessment in Doha.

Best Regards,
Qatar Airways Recruitment Team

Any Ideas as I have a assessment in two weeks time! (DEC NTR B777)

Vmax400 18th May 2014 12:18

Anybody got an offer of employment lately?
Please provide us with the interview date and the current type.. Thanks

Hernando 18th May 2014 19:08

Question for those on 777 and 787!

Can any of you please describe what kind of roster pattern you have? In particular I'm interested:

Days off a month... How many together?
Nights away a month
Do you have any 'tours'? Or is it all there and back, let's say...
What about bidding? Do you have a system in place? Or is it pot luck...
Exit visas... Is it straightforward enough to get out? Say to go home for a couple if days?
What is the relationship like with say cabin crew?
And is there training opportunities within the airline open to first officers?
Or secondments to say hr or recruiting?

Thanks for you thoughts in advance!

Obbie 19th May 2014 12:06

127 hours total spent in the airplane last month.
9 days off.
3 days on standby
3 trans-Atlantics from Doha to North America and 2 other flights to
ports that were about 7 hours away.

You will very rarely ever get more than 3 days off in a row, unless
you are using up some leave.

There are opportunities to be a ground instructor, CRM, IPT.

A relationship with the cabin crew will get you terminated.

There is a bidding system, and the results are mostly pot luck.

casablanca 19th May 2014 15:51

35 block hours...doesn't include dead head( unpaid) from Chicago to Doha and Doha to Milan....so 50 plus hours in aircraft.
Had 2 days training and 4 days stby but not used. Too many days off for me but not in big blocks.
I average 60-70 hours per month and one time hit 100 in last year but roster is not bad right now for Captains.

Hernando 19th May 2014 20:57

Obbie, Casa, thanks again for your insight...

I'll pose a few more q's if I may...

What's the deadhead (unpaid) bit about! I mean are you rostered for one leg, and expected to postition back?? Please can you explain this one guys..

How long are you typically down route for... What do you normally do when down route?

What's the latest story with exit visas? Are you still eligible for the multi exit permit I've read about?

casablanca 20th May 2014 15:39

Yes you obtain a multi exit visa and and come and go at will.
There is quite a bit of dead heading with cargo flights... Unfortunately no pay for deadheading.,.hopefully that changes!
Most flights are overnights or 2 days at most except some cargo lines are a week plus

LeGu 21st May 2014 17:04

Any news about Airbus First Officers? Seems they are still overstaffed on that position

SIDS N STARS 22nd May 2014 01:27

With the addition of all the aircraft on order, does anyone know (or estimate) which aircraft type will have the quickest progression for F/Os to Capts, or the best opportunity to take up a training position in the future??

PAPI CHULO 22nd May 2014 09:56

Offer of employment
Has any FO for the 777/787 received any offer of employment these last days? If yes when did hireright contact you? And if not, how long have u been waiting since hireright contacted you. Thanks for ur answers!

Airlifter 24th May 2014 08:35

A little bird informed me that QR is sending a Pilot Recruitment team to YYZ in June for a couple of days of Info sessions. (June 19-20).

Wings23 24th May 2014 12:11

Hi all,

Been in the pool since July 2012. FTSO.

Is there anybody in the know that could perhaps shed some light if there is in fact any movement with FTSO's? I - like everyone else in the pool have been receiving updates and am anxiously anticipating the next one. Do you think it is at all possible while we wait in said pool that we could get an - Im sorry but you are no longer a requirement, thank you for your interest - email? Not putting this gig as my only option but really cannot wait for my eventual date of joining.



Right_Mover 24th May 2014 17:03

Also, will the people in the pool have to do the new testing if we previously passed the PAT?

wolf141 24th May 2014 18:13

Does HireRight call or send email to swimming applicant pilots ? What type of questions do they ask specifically?

Flyboy41 24th May 2014 18:43

They contact you via email. You log onto a portal and a password is sent to you. You fill out a form with different sections about work history, residence history, education history, etc etc...they may call you if they need additional information or alternatively request that information via email. Process takes anywhere between 2-18 days. They run checks all so for a police record. Most stuff requested is for the last 10 years...

wolf141 24th May 2014 19:47

Thanks again.

Captainhere 25th May 2014 01:05

Anybody knows if PAT removed ????
What's the news
Any new prosses for interview ???
Pls anybody has any info to share it with us
Thank you

PAPI CHULO 26th May 2014 12:59

The pat has indeed been removed! You get a simple questionnaire now to determine your personality. You still get an atpl questionnaire, interview and sim! Good luck!

Captainhere 27th May 2014 00:20

Thank you very much sir

It's good news
But anybody got invite lately for interview ????
I heard from one of my friend they start call again for interview

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