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wolf141 10th Jun 2014 19:45

B777 DOJ
Hello friends,
Got my offer letter today for B-777 FO position.
Did anybody get DOJ for B-777 training lately?

Captainhere 11th Jun 2014 05:59

Hi Guys
Friend of mine told me yesterday , he got a call from qr hr for interview invitation
So he asked them about the PAT they told him , yes it was removed and we put new exam + atpl + sim ? So whats that exam
As I heard its still new and nobody did it
So does anyone hear about it and what's the name of it ?
Pls answer

winterinhell 11th Jun 2014 16:49

one capt on a330 i know is on his stretch of 6 days off..its not so rare but not so often as well for off days that long..

wolf141 12th Jun 2014 13:06

for winterinhell
thanks. B-737..

pilot20002000 17th Jun 2014 13:20

Need help
Anybody know phone number of HR office?

The problem is that I don't have Instrument Rating because of the low of my country. It is assumed when we have IR when we obtained Type Rating and ATPL license.
In 2011 I passed interview and got the proposition as a first officer of 777, there was no any problem.

Now days they changed sight and I just can't proceed with my application without downloading IR.

Kind regards

virustalon 17th Jun 2014 15:19

Hello everyone!! Thanks for all the replies!! All the information I've found is very useful to know more about Qatar and all the hiring process.

I would like to ask for some help regarding my interview. I have passed all the tests(DEC) and I am very thankful to those who tell me how long it takes on average for the call or the letter telling me when they want me to be in Qatar.

I passed by the end of April... on May they asked me for a letter regarding my TT. It was sent and received. I was never denied... but now I have not heard anything.

Any clues? Are they figuring it out what A/C they setting me on?
Do DEC takes longer than F/O?

Thank again!


virustalon 17th Jun 2014 15:24

To pilot20002000:

I don't think anything in aviation is assumed. Also, IR must be printed at the back of your license.
As far as I know, you can't fly into upper airspace of any country flying VFR.
Call your local FSDO and ask for the IR printed.


casablanca 17th Jun 2014 16:08

In the USA the ATP license does not mention IR.....when they request your records the Faa makes a statement saying it is not possible to hold an ATP without an instrument rating therefore it is not mentioned...rather assumed....
Sounds like Singapore is the same?
I will try to come up with a number or email....I'm on the road for next week though

latetonite 17th Jun 2014 16:41

And you think Qatar Airways is not aware of this.

virustalon 17th Jun 2014 16:46

And well any heads up for me? :)

casablanca 17th Jun 2014 18:47

I'm sure That Qatar Airways is well aware of this, but it sounds like they may have a new application form?
I don't know exactly what your asking or what the problem is exactly but obviously all the blanks need an answer before submitting.....can you download your license in this spot?

latetonite 17th Jun 2014 19:24

The FAA ATP incorporates an instrument license.

rsbessa 19th Jun 2014 15:48

Hi guys...

I've applied for the 777/787 Non TR position a few months ago (currently typed on the 737 - 3100 hrs / 4000TT), but after a long time waiting for a response, I get an email saying that my application is incomplete (that happened at least 3 times).

They say that I have to send my ATPL theory exam passes translated to English, and the problem is: I've already send that... :ugh:

There are a few friends of mine who applied after me and weren't asked none of that, and they have the exact same qualifications as I do.

Anyone could shed a light here ?

Tks ! :ok:

mugal2000 19th Jun 2014 16:57

Dear rsbessa
Correct me if I am wrong you have mentioned that your TT4000hrs,and you have applied for B777 NTR position, which I believe that the required hours for this position is 7000hrs.

rsbessa 19th Jun 2014 17:23

Hi Mugal2000...

I've applied for the NTR First Officer position :ok:



mugal2000 19th Jun 2014 17:56

Good luck :ok:
I've applied also this week for A320 NTR captain, I will update you if anything comes up.

mugal2000 19th Jun 2014 18:05

Hi Guys
For those who has taken the interview this month, could you please share your experience, as I've heard the interview system is totally changed.

Thanks in advance.

rsbessa 19th Jun 2014 18:54

Hey Mugal...

Good Luck for you Capt !

If I hear anything about the new interview system I'll be glad to post here.

Captainhere 21st Jun 2014 05:51

Hi guys
I have interview next month
So anybody has new info about it
I need help pls

aviator_88 21st Jun 2014 06:29

let's say you pass everything and get your fleet assignment and your DOJ...

now, how long does it take to start with TR after you arrive in Doha?
is TR conducted in Doha or somewhere else?
what would be the average time from moment you arrive to the moment you start line training??
how long does line training take to complete (hrs, or sectors)??

thx :):ok:

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