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tpeixoto 7th May 2014 16:19


If it is so, Why they say that they are recruiting for 777/787?

And on my interview they also told me they have a need of pilots on 777.

I am rated 767 and placed on pool yesterday.


ksh 8th May 2014 21:23

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Any SO in the pool with any update for when can we expect a doj ?

paradisefound 9th May 2014 08:33

Moving slightly ahead.
Ok you get a Joining date and join.
What is the process after that. For a Type rated A320 capt/FO
How many days ground induction.
Time to get RP.
When do you get to fly the aircraft.
How much time to line release.
How many days/weeks to get RP for the family.
Lots of more questions.
If somebody who is already there can answer / PM.

Obbie 9th May 2014 10:47

It will take 6 months before you are released to the line.
Leave family at home until you are released to the line.

There are no exact answers here for anything, you better be the type
that doesn't get bent out of shape if things don't go according to plan.

doratheexplorer 9th May 2014 11:59

Hi All. So much information here and very little time to search through.

I am now a Qatar wings Cadet Pilot and will start training in September. And will be on the 320 in 2 years.

Please could someone help me and answer what these supposed strict rules are?
I'm not worried, just curious.

Also any other information in terms of contract, hours etc. would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Greatly Apreciated,

Flyboy41 11th May 2014 20:07

Hi all,

Mostly for the new joiners. Company called hireright contracted to carry out background/security checks on behalf of QR. Does anyone have an idea how long after you submit everything, that QR then sends you a letter of offer for employment? ( Assuming all goes down well!!!)


Flyingmachine01 11th May 2014 22:44

You will received it within 2 weeks. I actually got my letter of employment while hire right were still conducting there little interview on me. Give hire right more than enough information to keep them busy and if they can contact all previous employees. You will not have a problem.
Your on the home stretch...... Hire Right last hurdle.

Flyboy41 12th May 2014 03:11

Thanks flying machine....:ok:

winterinhell 12th May 2014 06:53

hi,may i know what kind of checks does hirerights do on u?

Flyingmachine01 12th May 2014 09:23

Previous Employment and security Checks.

prisoner24601 13th May 2014 11:04

Two of the guys I interview with have heard from Hire Right, I haven't :-(

Yboy 13th May 2014 14:08

prisoner24601 what was your interview date?

tpeixoto 13th May 2014 15:30


Are all of you still employed? All of you have the same notice period?

Maybe they have that in consideration the people with less notice period.

It is just a thought !


winterinhell 14th May 2014 00:45

im waiiiiiitiiiing for hirerights..please hireright now!well,apart from notice period, i have a feeling they only call the boeing rated now..

wolf141 15th May 2014 07:06

check your private messages

PAPI CHULO 15th May 2014 12:49

Anyone knows how long after the screening by Hireright it would take to receive the date of joining and the contract?

lollo1753 15th May 2014 14:55

Any Airbus FO screened successfully on Feb 2014 has been called so far?
The first contact you will receive is from Hireright or Qatar?
Thank you!

Flyboy41 15th May 2014 15:55

I had some airbus FO's interview with me in feb. They got the pass email after 5 weeks I think, then email from hire right.
After hireright I think they send a letter of offer for employment. Whether that letter is accompanied by a start date I'm not sure. It may or may not, depending on their requirements, your fleet, the date you are available to start, etc etc.
This is just my opinion.....

waas 15th May 2014 20:05

Applied in november 2013. Did my interview in february. Good news two weeks after the interview. Got the hireright email 2 months later. Offer of employment two weeks after that. DOJ another 2 weeks later. Currently on the Boeing 737NG. Will start on the 787 in october.

lollo1753 15th May 2014 20:25

Same for me. But I'm still waiting news from QR/Hireright, could you confirm the email from Hireright is referred to Qatar Airways?
I mean in the object is indicated?
I'm not sure if it could be fallen in my spam folder...however I'm Airbus so maybe that's the reason.
Thank you!

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