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Flyboy41 31st May 2014 10:24

Hi Trimaranus,

Check your pm. Thanks....

On the go 31st May 2014 19:46

Info needed
Anyone on the forum with information on the latest interview process in QR. heard they switched to some different exams and tests etc. Any info on above is appreciated. Happy landings to all

Captainhere 1st Jun 2014 00:15

What are they looking for?
Why they can say that security checks are not ok?

Any information pls

Trimaranus 2nd Jun 2014 13:39

The problem reported above has nothing to do with security checks. Those were Ok. There was no explanation.
Security cks are to check if your licences, douments, experience are all true since I ve been told they found pilots (mostly from india but not only) with fake titles and/or experience.

PAPI CHULO 2nd Jun 2014 17:42

Hey Trimaranus,

Did they also send you initially a doj? How many days after your employment offer/doj did they send the rejection email?

Thanks for your reply!

waas 3rd Jun 2014 10:11

It's not entirely true that they only check you licenses etc. They DO run criminal and credit checks (in mutiple countries if applicable) and in my case they even checked my University credentials.

wolf141 3rd Jun 2014 18:47

Since the beginning of last week, anybody got DOJ for Boeing fleet? If so, when is it?
Thanks in advance

SAFARI Fire Fighter 5th Jun 2014 06:05

careers page
I see on their careers page today, they staring to hire for the new ALMAHA airways, based in jeddah

So little word of advice, when you DO get offered a job, read carefully where they going to send you :ok:

jet747 5th Jun 2014 17:17

Toronto Road Show
Anybody going to Toronto June 19/20 please PM me


Trimaranus 6th Jun 2014 08:50


Got the mail withdrawing the offer after about 3 weeks from the offer and joining date.

istikbalgoklerdedir 6th Jun 2014 18:25

Capt. Martijn
Hi guys ! Can anybody post an updated B777 or B787 roster ? Are we allowed to take our family to flights ? Thanx.

winterinhell 7th Jun 2014 11:28

Anyone can share their upcoming joining date?and how long u were contacted by QR after hireright request for your info?

Guam360 7th Jun 2014 12:37

"Toronto Road Show
Anybody going to Toronto June 19/20 please PM me"


where is it exactly? thx!!

found it....Toronto Airport Marriott!

Trimaranus 7th Jun 2014 14:12

for winterinhell

Hire right will continue to request you documents and data and will continue their investigation even after you got the Joining date and you signed the letter of employment.
So don't relax until you are seated in the a/c because QR has no problem in whithdrawing your employment when they want. They don't care if you already resigned from your company or not and if they leave you jobless.
They just say they are apologize for any inconvenience....

Captainhere 8th Jun 2014 01:38

Hi guys
Any update ?
Does anyone got invite for interview lately ????

Thank you v. Much

rsbessa 10th Jun 2014 04:29

Hi guys...

Please, two simple questions:

How's the environment between Capts and FOs at the company ? Taking in consideration the size of the fleet, I'm pretty sure that there are some "hard to swallow" folks, but is it common to fly with that type ?

I'm from a Latin Country and, at most of the time, the cockpit environment here is very friendly (even though there are some guys I could pay not to fly with).

How Qatar deals with FOQA events ? Are they reasonable enough to distinguish violations from errors ? Is it cultural at the company that a FOQA event could end up with the termination of your job ?

Thanks for the attention guys...

Obbie 10th Jun 2014 08:40

There are many, many MANY different nationalities working here.
It is not the same as working everyday with your fellow country men.

We do have our fair share of CRM void idiots who should just leave
altogether, and unfortunately a few are even in the training department.

That said, I have found the very large majority of pilots here to be, very
friendly, professional, and CRM oriented.

All flights are run through computer review to check for an array of
different limits and profile margins. If your flight is flagged by the
computer, the phone will ring. If it is minor, then it will only be a
phone conversation. If it is more, then you will be making a trip
to the office to have a chat. You might walk out with a warning
letter, you might walk out with a termination letter. It depends
on the severity of the event and your personal performance history.

There are a couple of instant killers here, continuing past 1000 AGL
while still not stable is one, instant termination.

Fly the way they ask, never push it, and go around when it is not
working out and you will last a long time here. Fly your way, try
to rush things, and push a bad approach and you will leave faster
than you arrived. :ok:

rsbessa 10th Jun 2014 14:51

Hi Obbie...

Thanks for your answer !

I can totally understand that the variety of cultures will make flying pretty much different from flying home, but that may be a chance of broadening my own vision of the industry and the world...

The company I'm flying for nowadays was very known here for using the FOQA program as a punitive tool and I've had the chance to see how impaired a pilot could be for the slightest idea of having an event (something that could definitely jeopardize the safety of the remaining sectors of the day)...

But, on the other side, as you said, as long as you do exactly what they ask, nobody will ever bother you for going around or wasting more fuel because you could have lowered the landing gear 1 mile further.

Probably the best way to go through and survive to it is thinking: this ain't my plane, will do what the owner wants to be done.

Thanks for the thoughts... :ok:

hamd 10th Jun 2014 15:30

A330 roster
Hello guys,

Can any F/O share how a typical 330 roster looks like.


PAPI CHULO 10th Jun 2014 18:22

And also maybe a 787 roster?

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