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Xaxa 25th Apr 2014 20:36

I'm on 320 and I have more than 10 days off next month, plus some SBY. I guess it depends on your bids and luck. :8

Black Pudding 26th Apr 2014 12:08


Are you already an employee here ?

casablanca 26th Apr 2014 15:32

Normally all staff travel checks in at the economy terminal...in the back there is a staff check in area as well as for business......unfortunately we don't get the premium terminal access....to bad as it is quite nice!

migair54 26th Apr 2014 20:46

Hi Casablanca.

finally the opening has been announced, April 30 2014, that is for some airlines and not for all, but on 27th of May All airlines will operate from the New Hamad International Airport.

Apparently (not yet official) 1st of June CDG will be first QR destination for the A380, so with the new A380 joining, in a few months A350 and more planes joining the fleet (b787, B77W), I think we will see a lot of movements in training.

However iīm not sure how many new people will join, I also heard that the number of internal upgrades fro command is going to increase quite fast. So that will help for us waiting in the pool.

Letīs see what happen from here to end of the year.

Regards to all.

Btbp777 27th Apr 2014 00:23

migair54, how long have you been on the pool? When did you have your interview? Are you FO or Cap? Thanks for your answer Migair54!

leoninet 27th Apr 2014 00:53

Thanks for the reply!!

No Black Pudding, I am not, my brother is.... and I will be visitng him in the coming days....
To bad to hear that, I would love to experience the lounge, specially the LHR lounge that everybody says itīs awsome!

casablanca 27th Apr 2014 06:06

My previous job was for an Acmi carrier where we deadheaded often, usually full fare tickets. I was fortunate to be in First class on Qatar once and had 4 hours in the first class side of premium terminal.....I have been gold or higher on all 3 alliances for years and have seen many of the lounges, but Qatars was probably the best. ( to be fare I honestly have to say the economy terminal is one of the worst...but hopefully that changes here very shortly!)
You may have access to lounge in London, but in Doha you are literally in separate building when you check in.

"If " the new airport opens and the 350 arrives in November as predicted( apparently it is ahead of schedule ) I believe that you will see an increase in hiring later this year......I have seen many new joiners who have been called out of the pool after more than a year waiting, so there is hope for those swimming.

Iver 27th Apr 2014 20:06

Will the initial 350s be staffed internally or is it possible for newhires to be assigned it? Is there a lot of internal interest in bidding the 350 so far?

aviatormax737 27th Apr 2014 21:17

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how many days do they to call, after sucessful application online

Shooting_Star 28th Apr 2014 07:55

call? Days ?:}:} E-mail and months:ok:

Hernando 2nd May 2014 12:30

So, some carriers already using the new airport!?

Makes more space for qatar aircraft at the old Doha airport??

casablanca 2nd May 2014 13:10

The new airport opened on April 30 for ten low cost carriers...fly Dubai was first scheduled flight to arrive. I am surprised at the lack of press( maybe they didn't want to chance it might be further delayed). I drove over and walked in airport, it seems very nice and with the extensive landscaping and being built out in the water it had a nice atmosphere....felt more like Southern Caifornia. The 10 airlines operating there probably don't account for enough traffic to change much as far as congestion in the old airport though....I guess every little bit helps! Per a notam from the QCAA all airlines are to be operating there starting May 27. The transition will be difficult and probably messy but we desperately need it!

NinjaStar 5th May 2014 18:37

brief account
Applied november 2013
December got email with interview date february 2014.
March got news of having passed assesment and placed in the pool.
May got offer letter B777 FO and after acceptance immediately got DOJ August 2014.

Good luck to all waiting.

mmorel 5th May 2014 23:32

off topic question hainan airline
Is there a lot of pilot resigning and moving to china to work for hainan airline?

tpeixoto 6th May 2014 09:23

Talent pool
Hello everybody,

I just got selected to talent pool, after successful assement.

What can I expect now? Is there a chance of never be called to join Qatar???

I do not understand this concept of talented pool...

If anyone can help me.


wolf141 6th May 2014 09:36

Talented Swimmer
Succesfully finished interview and PAT two weeks ago and got email for swimming pool today!
A phrase from the email I got today;
"Our next planned update will be issued mid of the year and in the interim please communicate any changes that may affect your start date to "

Does it necessarily mean that I shouldn't expect anything(email, employment etc.) sooner than July?
By looking at NinjaStars journey, should I expect 5 months to start?
Anybody less than 5 months in the talent pool?

winterinhell 6th May 2014 10:42

I guess ninjastar is pretty much on fast track..i had my interview slightly earlier than him but no update yet..may I know if ninjastar is boeing or airbus rated?

NinjaStar 6th May 2014 14:26

Joining journey
Hello again. In my case, I am Boeing rated, 737NG to be exact. I know at least about someone else who interviewed succesfully before me but no date yet and he is airbus so i figure that must have somethig to do with it.

wolf141 6th May 2014 19:49

That's what I was told during my interview too. They need people at Boeing side ( actually interview captains from 777 told me they were short of pilots). For Airbus, I was told just the opposite. Over-staffed at the moment.

pilotcpb 7th May 2014 05:51

Before you guys convince yourselves that you'll be flying 350s and Boeings in a few months, realize that many 320 pilot training bonds will start expiring soon and they are offering fleet changes to the people who have earned it. With all the movement expected on the Airbus fleets i expect that most of you will go there.

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