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fulflap 15th Apr 2013 10:02

Is Qatar hiring non type DEC for A 320? if so does anyone know the min requirements, I check the web but is a bit confusing.
ATPL 2000 PIC over 50 Tons and total 5000 ??

King on a Wing 16th Apr 2013 01:57

Quite possible you're right with this.
But I don't have enough intel on the backend of the test to comment. But what you say sounds about right.
Qatar won't dis honor a contract solely based on the adapt.
But I'm certain that upgrades/transitions will be asked to take the test. And with good reason I'm sure.
As for new hires, the airline can always find ways for the employee to take the test in a non jeopordy atmosphere.
But too little intel on the matter to comment.

scruff 16th Apr 2013 15:50

King on Wing,

Now confirmed ADAPT is for applicants at interview stage and those looking for upgrade or fleet change within.


chrislikesblue 16th Apr 2013 19:16

What do you mean 'at interview stage' ? Does this include the swimmers in the pool who have not received a contract yet?

scruff 16th Apr 2013 19:53


I don't know!

FMSPEED 19th Apr 2013 04:35

Any non-rated FO called to Qatar with DOJ ?

SIDS N STARS 21st Apr 2013 14:30

Anyone have any idea what fleet allocation you could expect for a non-type rated DEFO, 8000TT, 4000 B737 (F/O) ???

Dibies 21st Apr 2013 14:59


I have a little problem. I was applying online for a position with Qatar Airways, but I was missing some documents on my laptop (copy of the licence, etc). So I saved my application thinking that I will complete it later. Now that I'm home, I wanted to update it , only to find that my application was in progress and I could not attach the supportive documents. So I withdrawn it thinking that I could re apply. Unfortunately now the system doesn't let me to re apply, telling that I've already did, and under the applications they put that mine was withdraw.

What can I do? I can not find any relevant contact information for this mater on their website.

CCDiscoB 21st Apr 2013 15:51

Unfortunately now the system doesn't let me to re apply, telling that I've already did, and under the applications they put that mine was withdraw.
Try using a different email address. I'm in process of doing the same thing with EK because I too messed up the original app and got the not under consideration response.:{

Dibies 21st Apr 2013 15:55

Another email address = creating a different account. And there is already an account with all my information. I don't think that they will like people opening several accounts.

no sponsor 22nd Apr 2013 11:41

I always find myself doing algebraic equations during my flying...:ugh:

Surely, those who can manage their capacity and work load, mitigate the risks they identify and plan accordingly are far better skills to look for in potential flight crews? What do I know.

Av8whore 22nd Apr 2013 18:50

Worth a read for those who don't "get" aptitude tests
Third paragraph particularly...

"Aptitude tests are designed to measure your work-related cognitive capacity. The concept behind these tests is that each test question has only one correct answer, and everyone can correctly solve all the test questions. The only difference between people is in how quickly they can correctly complete the test (i.e. answer all the test questions). That’s why these tests are always timed. The time is defined in such a way that only 1% to 5% of the population can correctly solve all the test questions within the allowed time frame.

What do aptitude tests measure? These tests measure what psychologists refer to as your fluid and crystallised intelligence. The theory of fluid and crystallised intelligence suggests that people’s intelligence is composed of a number of different abilities that interact and work together to produce overall individual intelligence.

Fluid intelligence is the ability to think and reason abstractly and solve problems. It’s more commonly known as ‘street smarts’ or the ability to ‘quickly think on your feet’ . This ability is considered independent of learning, past experience, and education. Examples of the use of fluid intelligence include coming up with problem-solving strategies, ability to quickly learn new skills, ability to quickly integrate new information, strategic thinking, etc. The aptitude test that measures your fluid intelligence is called abstract reasoning.

The second component of intelligence that the aptitude tests measure is crystallised intelligence. Crystallised intelligence is the ability to learn from past experiences and relevant learning, and to apply this learning to a situation. Employers, obviously, will only be interested in your ability to apply your learnings to work-related situations. Work situations that require crystallised intelligence include comprehending written reports and instructions, ability to produce reports, ability to use numbers as a tool to make effective decisions, etc. This type of intelligence is based upon facts and rooted in experiences, and becomes stronger as we age and accumulate new knowledge and understanding. There are many aptitude tests that measure different aspects of crystallised intelligence. The most common are verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning and mechanical reasoning"

Captain Partzee 23rd Apr 2013 03:02

With all this knowledge you don't work for Qatar Airways. Don't you?:E

from BG2CT 23rd Apr 2013 08:05

How about we first get the talent pool May update, than worry about the ADAPT test :ok: ;)

Lecm 23rd Apr 2013 20:50

May update = June email

aka_makavel1 25th Apr 2013 04:24

FMSPEED response
FMSPEED, I have a November 2013 join date. I'm a non-type rated A320 FO, curious, why did you asked?

chrislikesblue 25th Apr 2013 05:38

That is good news,that shows that swimmers are being selected,I hope we will not swim for much longer. Aka makaveli how long after your assessment you received the good news? Did they ask you to do the new aptitude test?

speedhold 25th Apr 2013 11:53

@ chrislikesblue

I also got a start date in aug and no test assessment mentioned .
Non type a320 f/o interviewed Feb 2012

chrislikesblue 25th Apr 2013 12:32

So who does the aptitude test then? I thought that all new entry pilots will have to do this before they are being given a date of join. Maybe this test is not for all pilots but they choose who will do it and who will not ? Noone of swimmers has got invitation about this test yet?

speedhold 25th Apr 2013 12:37

I think its schedule when u get there sometime also heard its when u do a fleet transfer or upgrade ..

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