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Flyboy41 29th Jun 2014 14:58


Anyone know what's the latest in recruiting for pilots? Both DEC and FO's? Any idea of the numbers required till the end of the year? Bearing in mind they acquire new aircrafts more or less every month and that things constantly change?....

Iver 29th Jun 2014 17:18

Wonder if Al Baker will ever pull the trigger on the Bombardier C-Series? True the C-Series has been plagued with delays, but Farnborough is approaching and they do have 4 flight test vehicles despite the recent engine issue. Al Baker has talked about his interest in the C-Series in the past - but I am also sure it is tied to flight access to Canada as well......... :cool:

Would be a good aircraft for long and thin routes throughout the region and into Eastern Europe and Africa....

Here is a recent article about potential Qatar interest:


No doubt hiring would be impacted by this type of decision down the line...

istikbalgoklerdedir 29th Jun 2014 17:27

For 777 pilots , Is it possible to take a 4-6 days off in a row and use company discounted travel tickets to visit anyplace ? That multi-exit visa works for that ? Thanks.

Obbie 29th Jun 2014 20:57

No it's called a multi-exit visa because you can only leave once. :ugh:

Captain Bundy 30th Jun 2014 16:11

I am going to be in Doha on Thursday, is it worth my time to drop in and hand an application in person?

Obbie 30th Jun 2014 17:58

They won't accept any applications in non-electronic form.
You have to use the main process to submit.

No one will have time to see you without an appointment,
and I don't think you will be very successful if you try to make one.

winterinhell 1st Jul 2014 23:33

Hi guys..sory to keep on asking this again and again..but anyone got airbus joining date so far?I just got a reply on my blood test saying its ok..made me sign some declaration thingy..yet still no DOJ..did I missed the recent joining course?

CDRW 2nd Jul 2014 00:35


In short the answer is yes.

Staff travel is very very good as long as u can connect to internet - obvious as that sounds!

Even without a multi exit permit getting a exit visa is relatively easy.

hamd 2nd Jul 2014 03:40


with what I have been told, they are running two courses each month...atleast from Jan'15 that is what it is... they wud ask you for your expected joining date..and you can pick and choose your dates.


winterinhell 2nd Jul 2014 10:19

Thanks hamd..

istikbalgoklerdedir 2nd Jul 2014 16:10

Thx for the answer

FL123 2nd Jul 2014 18:54

@ Ps7even
The only solution is to get your FATP asap and then apply. No other way out!
If they haven't given you a deadline for completing your application, then as you said --- by the end of the month you will have your atp. Get it and apply!!

jack.jones 3rd Jul 2014 02:15

Hi guys,

Regarding the PSA (Pilot Suitability Assessment), is it eleminating or not and what to expect from this? Is it like the PAT test?

Thanks for the replies!


FL123 3rd Jul 2014 10:59

Yes, it is eleminating.
PSA is all about yourself - personality questions. (you are asked to do this before you come here)
Its different from PAT.

winterinhell 3rd Jul 2014 20:56

Well,just wondering..if earliest course for airbus is early next year,y on earth are they sending me the offer 6 months early..i really tot it would just be weeks away from DOJ..hope they wont change they mind during this 6months..

NinjaStar 3rd Jul 2014 22:30

Joining dates are being given around 4 plus months in advance.

titto 4th Jul 2014 10:25

Hi guys,
When do u think the next update will be?

aviator_88 4th Jul 2014 17:35

let's say you pass everything and get your fleet assignment and your DOJ...

now, how long does it take to start with TR after you arrive in Doha?
is TR conducted in Doha or somewhere else?
what would be the average time from moment you arrive to the moment you start line training??
how long does line training take to complete (hrs, or sectors)??

thx :ok::O

JetRider81 5th Jul 2014 12:35

Hi, Ninja. I know some A320 captains who got their DOJ with 4 months in advance... Is that happening for FOs as well? Any 320 FO got DOJ recently?

NinjaStar 5th Jul 2014 13:55

Hello Jet, I can speak for me and one more Boeing FO who both got offers
4 months ahead of actual joining. Seems that's pretty common lately as that is probably what's taking them to put the courses together considering queue etc.

Best of luck

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