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Saam-85 29th Jul 2012 02:28

About interview
Hi to you all :)

I did my interview on Jun 2012, (applied for SO cadet, low hours, approx 200)
Been almost 6 weeks. Haven't heard anything yet but as i heard, if no reply within first 2 weeks, it means, hopefully good news will be on its way. hoping for the best and expecting the worst!!!
Anyone did his interview in Jun? If yes, an update will be appreciated ;)

Good luck and all the best :ok:

Wings23 30th Jul 2012 07:52

End of July update - Talent pool
Hi All,

Has anybody received the end of July update as indicated on the talent pool email?



Tritzo 30th Jul 2012 08:39

no update upon the talent pool yet :( still 1 day to go until the end of july though.

ronburgandy 30th Jul 2012 09:42

Received my end of July update, I've gone from signing the contract in April to the "Talent Pool" today. I was obviously hoping for a DOJ by now, to take a backwards step into the talent pool after already waiting for 3 months since signing my contract is frustrating to say the least.
They didn't even have the common courtesy of addressing the email to me personally, just a "Dear Sir" generic email.

jeanpaul172 30th Jul 2012 11:43

Hey guys,

Anyone that received the End of July update can share it's content?
I haven't received mine yet and am very curious if there is already an estimate for those guys still waiting for their contracts. Also wondering if the update is position specific, or the just an automated email for everyone? Apperently not since some did receive their update, but most didn't.

Flyingstig 30th Jul 2012 14:49

Supersonic, with respect I think that what you signed in May was not a contract.
Rather it was the acceptance of an offer.
Sadly the two are quite different!:confused:

ironbutt57 30th Jul 2012 15:21

WOW!!! That's the new and improved FD Talent newsletter...;)

upwhereIbelong 30th Jul 2012 15:41

same here ....as well as at least a few others i know ...
all already with LOE Signed ...

dissapointing ,and aslap in face ...


OXOGEKAS340 30th Jul 2012 18:03

I strongly agree also!!!Flying for more than 34 years, and after my company collapsed ,I am flying here in iran , and I am really v happy . I don't know if I will join QA and leave iran.

aka_makavel1 30th Jul 2012 20:05


I'm in the same predicament as you. A320 FO, signed the offer letter in May and I got the same email. I'm definitely not a happy camper.

727lvr 30th Jul 2012 20:48

Got the same email today as well. Contract signed in May 320 FO.... hard to sit in limbo for so long. The annoying part is that there is no word on a further update..... I guess we just wait , at least we aren't alone

Iver 30th Jul 2012 21:38

Qatar Airways holds HR job fairs in Somalia and North Korea. Ridiculous!

FL123 31st Jul 2012 01:03

Qatar Airways holds HR job fairs in Somalia and North Korea. Ridiculous!

Tibor090 31st Jul 2012 02:11

Same email here. 320 FO signed in April. Time to start looking elsewhere

overclock25 31st Jul 2012 08:37

Hi guys,
is there any chanche to get a job as second officer for a guy as me with 1100TT and about 600hrs on a turboprop SE? I have seen that in the past they got hired pilot without any experience...


Iver 31st Jul 2012 12:19

Qatar Airways lack of communication with applicants, especially successful applicants, is very disturbing. Is top management aware of this - would they even care? No doubt it would be a good plan to have a Plan B because, despite what you have been promised, your timing may not be aligned. You would think they would have the decency to send out a weekly or bi-weekly email to successful applicants. Not much talk about the big airline based in Abu Dhabi that cannot be named - they are growing too and maybe treat their applicants with more professionalism. Maybe worth more of a look...

ryanb5005 31st Jul 2012 13:44

I received my notification of passing the interview in April and the talent pool email in June. I was supposed to receive an up date at the end of July but I never heard anything. Anyone else in this situation? FO applicant.

Andrexxx 31st Jul 2012 14:08

Me too... It's really frustrating !!!!:ugh:

cccc 31st Jul 2012 15:41

Apparently they are still interviewing FTSO, check the post of Chutchcroft.
Maybe send him a PM.

I got a positive mail in March, for the position FTSO. And I haven't received anything since then. :(
It's frustrating! :(
QR is continuing holding interviews, but nobody is starting... What's the point of having a 1-year limit (if this limit exists), if apparently a lot of people will exceed this limit due to delay of aircrafts, sim slot problems...

I still hope to get any news soon!!


simmatch 1st Aug 2012 04:13

I am on the same situation as the one s with pass mail/on talent pool/but no update as promished. Fo position. Could anyone with any inside information share any updates?
cheers gentlemen.

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