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extricate 4th Apr 2014 12:21

Hey guys,

How long does it take to be promoted to a FO on an A320? Assuming the route is through a flying prog

Hernando 4th Apr 2014 14:50

Does anyone know what is going on with 777/787?
Not hiring anymore?

Jet 747 are you hold pool or waiting for an interview?

Btbp777 9th Apr 2014 13:22

Talent Pool Hold Time - NTR Heavy Boeing FO
Hello guys,

After reading all threads and seeing different opinions, I was not sure of the time that NTR FOs have to wait before they are given a Date of Joining and fleet. Can anyone help me with this please? How long will I be on the talent pool does anyone have a close idea? Thank you for your answer!

LeGu 9th Apr 2014 18:07

Same email
I'm applying for FO A320 position. they asked me for a copy of my passport and point of travel. A week later I received the same email "the vacancy has been placed On Hold" .

Any ideas? Could it be the delay of the new Doha Airport? Are they really in the need of new Boeing/A320 FOs?

wolf141 10th Apr 2014 16:52

ADAPT prep
Can anybody recommend me the best online resource for ADAPT prep? Is it worth buying the thelatestpilotjobs.com material?
I will be interviewed on 21&22 April for B777/787.
thanks in advance

Flyboy41 10th Apr 2014 17:40

Hi wolf141,

The stuff you see on latestpilotjobs as preparation for the adapt test is sufficient. Nothing much you can prepare for. I'm sure they must have sent you the package already. Just be yourself and answer as much as you can. Remember the adapt test is a personality test. No so much of flying skills as those will be assessed in the simulator. You will be flying 'missions' as they call it. But all will be explained to you beforehand, with a practise run before you start. Just a matter of how you keep your calm, prioritise stuff you do, etc etc.
Good luck. Did mine in feb...

PAPI CHULO 15th Apr 2014 12:56

Have any DOJ been offered lately for FO 777/787?

rsbessa 17th Apr 2014 14:35

Applied for the 777/787 Non TR FO by the end of the last month and didn't get any update on my application so far...

3800hs TT, 3000hs on the 737 (2500hs NG, 500hs CL).

Anyone knows how long is it taking to one be offered a screening date ?


SIDS N STARS 18th Apr 2014 03:23

My suspicion is their preference is for type rated applicants. So a screening date will be issued to non-type rated applicants when they run low/out, of type rated ones.

Not sure how many type rated applicants there are sorry.

wolf141 18th Apr 2014 17:08

thanks for the info Flyboy41

rsbessa 18th Apr 2014 20:16

Thank you...

Thank you very much for your reply !

I'll be here, patiently waiting for a screening date and, in the meantime, logging some more hours on the 737. Can't complain about that, right ?



PAPI CHULO 23rd Apr 2014 08:16

Does any one know the how many FOs on the 777/787 pilots will be needed in 2014? and 2015? Any date of joining been offered lately for FOs 777/787?

Smoothflight 23rd Apr 2014 11:10

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
December 2013 offered B787 doj as april 2013. Few weeks later received postponement. New doj september 2014. Hope iT does not change again. End may must give 3 month notice to current employer. If iT gets postponed again then i might be out of work. Anyone Any suggestions?

PAPI CHULO 23rd Apr 2014 13:58

Maybe have a talk with your employer if they are willing to shorten your notice period. And double check with Qatar airways if they might postpone the start date again..
Do you have any idea why they postponed you in the first place?

Flyboy41 23rd Apr 2014 18:22


Does anyone have an idea or heard when the next 777 or 787 course date is?


Smoothflight 23rd Apr 2014 18:50

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi papi chulo. According to QR doj was postponed due to operational reasons.

casablanca 25th Apr 2014 03:50

I think they may be overstaffed at this instant...but if the airport opens, and we get the 380s followed by 350 soon thereafter, we will have lots of training and movement....it is probably good they are fat on pilots right now because the it will be challenging

salamalikum2 25th Apr 2014 05:41

Java, not totally true.
Never got more than 10 days off/ month ( 330).
But instead plenty of STBY, without being called.( direct consequence of the above rule I guess).
I would rather be at home with my loved ones rather than sitting in Doha (sometime for almost one week )waiting for a call!:{

extricate 25th Apr 2014 12:52

How about the situation on the A320?

leoninet 25th Apr 2014 18:41

Hello everyone!

I have a question concerning staff tickets.. (sorry to post it here, but I know there are many actual employees reading the forum...). If I have a J class ticket (ID90), departing Doha, show I go to the premium terminal to check in (business class counters), or to the "regular" one? Will I have access to the Lounge?

Thanks in advance!

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