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Captain Galactic 5th Sep 2014 09:27

If you join now as a 320 DEC, what is the timeframe for left seat of a widebody? thanks

carioca 6th Sep 2014 11:52

Qatar treatment
Any one from QR can tell about management treatment ?
life wise, is it all about malls and restaurants?
See ya

Metro man 6th Sep 2014 13:19

Careful what you post.:hmm:

Lawsuit re: salary information - FlyerTalk Forums

FMSPEED 7th Sep 2014 04:58

Does anyone know if they will hire non type rated Fo's again ? it's been almost 2 years since they've done it..

Flyboy_SG 8th Sep 2014 19:18

They are hiring NTR FOs for 777/787

light and variable 9th Sep 2014 05:52

Note that any advertisement for NTR these days usually requires 737NG experience - or above.

They are really looking for modern Boeing pilots.

7Q Off 9th Sep 2014 09:48

Any example of a B787 Captain roster?

Flyboy_SG 9th Sep 2014 10:03

Qatar Interview
Yes, Ill be going sep 15th and 16th. Did you complete it already catalytic igniton?

Catalytic Ignition 9th Sep 2014 11:31

Assessment days
Hi Flyboy_SG pm sent...

lfbb 9th Sep 2014 11:45

Captain Galactic, expect 18 to 24 months after your final line check...

ItsMeFromEarth 9th Sep 2014 13:09

LFBB: Liquid Fly Back Boosters :confused: LFBB: Lange Frans en Baas B :confused: LFBB: Lairdland Farm Bed and Breakfast :confused:
LFBB : Ligue Francophone Belge de Badminton :confused:
LFBB: Laboratory for Fruit Breeding and Biotechnology :confused:

LFBB: Bordeaux FIR :ok:

gottofly 9th Sep 2014 16:27

Is Qatar going to exercise their remaining 30 B787 orders anytime soon?

Captain Galactic 9th Sep 2014 22:10

lfbb many thanks for the reply.

v4city 12th Sep 2014 04:01

Good Day Guys

Any info about SO recruitment application status?

Thanks in advance

jet747 13th Sep 2014 09:54

Pilot suitability assessment
When they ask you to do the PSA test ?
When do you get the result ?

TopGun 24 14th Sep 2014 07:12

Pilots Assessment
Hi Folks, have been asked to do the PSA as a part of the Qatar Pilots Assessment programme. Any links / advice on how to get info and do the PSA? Thanks, any advice/ suggestions are welcome.

FL123 14th Sep 2014 11:23

Go back few pages and you will read about the PSA.
Its just a personality questionnaire. If you pass, you are then invited to give the rest of the assessment in Doha.

TopGun 24 14th Sep 2014 12:04

Thanks, wilco, and also any links regarding the same on the internet?
TG 24

light and variable 14th Sep 2014 13:32

If you are used to living in the absolute centre of some cultural hub of the world i.e. Paris, Tokyo, Rome, London or New York then traffic will be no factor. You might miss the cultural part though!!

v4city 14th Sep 2014 14:10

@TG 24

Is your call regarding June 2014 SO application

Thanks and best regards

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