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Commuter0815 29th Aug 2015 16:44

I can just full agree with Stone Cold. I was there, hated it and took the only right decission - left this strange carrier(which counts for most of the gulf carriers including EK). Was a Capt. there, well, a while ago. Threads about QR didn't change over the last 10 years, whenever I visit to see if this 5 star airline(i have seen better ones) ever improved in handling their employees. Nope....

Now I am much poorer and much happier. Not much more to say about. But a lot of the negative posts are very true and it seems often to me that the positive ones are often from management pilots or even management itself.

Ldggrup 29th Aug 2015 17:12

Guys any update on how long is waiting in hold pool for NTR FO Boeing

Stone_cold 29th Aug 2015 22:19

BP , not sure if you are referring to previous posts , however in my most recent , I was just pointing out quotes from CAT1 as he made a personal stab . The last post was direct quotes of his (CAT1)...He seems critical of facts I posted , yet he seems to have had the same viewpoint . Interesting comments in his posts regarding Islam . Must be nice to fly in an Islamic country when you have such strong views against the people . I just found it curious that he could make these comments , among others ..
At least yourself and Flyd are consistently cheering on the team .

I agree ..no perfect airline out there , never said or implied this . However , as it still is a relatively free forum , I assume that just as you have the right to champion the positives , one has the right to provide an alternate view . I have said that many like it in QR , have made a career out of . So , money is good ..airplanes are good , cockpit atmosphere largely good ..but perhaps some may want to ask more questions ???

Vmax400 30th Aug 2015 15:42

Commuter wish you and all pilots the best in their career, I'm happy with my airline so far...
By the way I'm a first officer, so not in the management.

dream2013 30th Aug 2015 16:19

QR second officer
hello, folks .
hi to all.

Among these, is there anyone who have already gone through PSA and having any date for Interview or date of joining ?,
Please also, someone enlighten - when next are they going to start sending mails for PSA ,than subsequent interviews ?
cheers guys, highfly.

FL123 30th Aug 2015 19:08

Not anytime soon!

AbsolutSkyy 31st Aug 2015 05:11

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

I am a prospective DEC for the B787 and have a joining date for November 2015. I have a few questions for which I haven't quite found any clear answers in this thread. I would deeply appreciate it anyone could fill me in on the following questions:

1. How many hours do B787 captains average per month?
2. How many days off can I expect per month, along with the usual days one can expect get off together.
3. What is the average take home salary for a B787 Captain?
4. Can one travel without any restrictions on off days?
5. What are the B787 destinations?
6. What is the minimum and maximum layover/night halt duration? How many layovers can one expect each month?
7. How many same day return flights can one expect on the B787 each month?
8. Are there frequent roster/schedule changes?
9. Flight schedules when released are for what duration typically? (eg a month or more/less?)
10. Is it easy getting annual leave?
11. Do wives actually need your permission each time they want to travel outside the country?
12. Are company provided apartments/villas of a good standard and well located?
13. Is it better to look for accommodation at the pearl/west bay area?
14. Is there much for wives to do in Qatar, barring going to malls?
15. My confirmation letter states the B787 fleet has been assigned to me. Is it possible that QR will change this once I get there to say a A320 or B777?
16. Can wives frequently travel with you on your layover flights?

Some of these questions might be trivial or silly, but I would still appreciate some insight to help align my expectations with the ground realities before I get there!

Thank you.

foswillruletheworld 31st Aug 2015 12:43

666 i would appreciate a copy paste of the PM AbsolutSkyy received if there were some answers...

Southpole 31st Aug 2015 13:53

It could be helpful for everyone here..

Akrep 31st Aug 2015 17:35

Make that 3, would like a copy aswell

Panorama 31st Aug 2015 20:24

Hi there.
Could you please PM also for me?
I will be joining QR soon.

Track 31st Aug 2015 20:54

Looking for the same answers, PM appreciated thanks!

Flybartfcp 31st Aug 2015 22:55

Same answers
I would appreciate the same answers as well. Should there be for the A330 would be even better!

Chief Pilot 1st Sep 2015 01:52

666 AbsolutSkyy
Interesting questions were asked by AbsolutSkyy.

I would appreciate the information given(?) by 666 as well, if there is some.

If it's not top secret, maybe you could post it here for all of us. Otherwise a PM would be awesome.

zaxon744 1st Sep 2015 05:27

Hey 666, could u pls PM me as well!!

Or if u can paste here, that wud be great!!

Thank you, appreciate the help

Mr Boombastick 1st Sep 2015 07:05

Can anyone give a recent timescale from applying to DOJ - Type Rated FO 78/777?


Flytdeck 1st Sep 2015 09:33

If it's not top secret, maybe you could post it here for all of us. Otherwise a PM would be awesome.
Chief Pilot: Not really top secret, but company policy forbids employees from posting corporate information on public websites, thus the reliance on PMs. As PPrune states, there is no such thing as anonymity on this forum so everyone is a bit cautious about what they post.

At least it is not as severe as "the airline that shall not be named". :confused:

Hope you all got the answers to your queries.

ditchfail 1st Sep 2015 10:13

Please if you could sent me that same PM would be great!


phobosa 1st Sep 2015 11:40

how long does it take to hear back from them after submitting my application?

Ldggrup 1st Sep 2015 12:21

666 , will appreciate your PM too

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