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Captainsami 9th Dec 2013 12:04

When I go to the application center it says that my application status is NEW.

what does it mean?

H.El.Shafey 9th Dec 2013 12:45

same status as mine
i guess thats normal when they ask for more documents

Captainsami 9th Dec 2013 12:56

But they should send us an email to inform us about the missing documents!

I sent Cazar an email but the reply wasn't useful :(

jerman 9th Dec 2013 15:59

its normal whn they shortlist u , than u wont be able to edit it will say u have been considered

Flyboy41 9th Dec 2013 16:15

I got an interview date and was also told that I would be unable yo edit my application.

H.El.Shafey 9th Dec 2013 16:25

flyboi were u asked at any stage before the interview date to send them any extra doc other than required documents
i was aslo unable to edit application at first when it was completed i understand this
but when they sent me an email asking for another document that wasnt even listed
they explained in that email that my account would be accessible for this reason
but they didnt say that that it will be locked again

sent them the required attach, then got the auto gen msg thanks we are considering bla bla
and the same thing happened to my status was changed to new and my application was unlocked

Flyboy41 10th Dec 2013 09:44

Hi H.El Shafey,

Only extra doc I was asked for was a copy of the instrument rating. After that, like 10 days later got an interview date and when I logged onto their website I was told that I'm unable to edit my application

H.El.Shafey 10th Dec 2013 10:23

thanks flyboy
when they asked you to send your instrument rating they for sure unlocked your application
now you are saying after sending them the rating they locked your application again

hawk99 10th Dec 2013 12:59

Qatar starting a regional airline "al-maha" ?

hamd 10th Dec 2013 15:48

Guys any info about the Talent pool? they are putting widebody guys also into pool...and that too next communication would come in july'14...whats going on?:confused:

migair54 11th Dec 2013 05:21

I think that was the planned name for the Saudi airline they were planning to open to operate the domestic flights in Saudi Arabia, but in the las months I have not heard anything about it.

Maybe the long rumored C-series planes are for that venture and not for QR main fleet.

They said next email will be January 2014, but I don't think it will be very different than previous ones.

It would be great to have some more info about what is going on and what are the plans for all of us in the pool.

Sgt-Pilot 11th Dec 2013 06:18

Any idea people as to how many SO's are waiting in the pool approximately??(I am guessing close to 100 or more)

A320 FWS 11th Dec 2013 09:29

Talent pool
Good news November 13
Talent December 05.

Tr A320 FO.

Also a A320 Cpt had the same dates.

I heard that Qatar don't need A320 FO for now, and they don't have anymore simulator slots available until July.

hamd 11th Dec 2013 11:19

Any info as how many guys are there in Talent pool...I personally know 5 including me and this includes ppl from both 320 and 330 fleets.
so lack of only 320 slots cant just be the reason, its the same for the big bus aswell!:*

jerman 11th Dec 2013 13:28

so if i make it through i might have to wait a while to start right, interview march next year,
a friend interviewd july 12 , had a starting date 22 sep 2012,

Flyboy41 11th Dec 2013 16:41

So hopefully if all goes well, the time from when u receive the congrats letter to getting a course date could be anything from 6-9 months? That right?

Ref2010 11th Dec 2013 18:00

Hi man...I was with you on the same day....remember we were all F/o and one capt on the last day of sim
Guess I was the only one from the group given a joining date

FlyK 14th Dec 2013 04:18

FAA Cert Request
for casablanca

This is the fastest way to get your cert letter and it states that you don't need Inst. You can also email [email protected] for your AIE and PIRA

1. Open the Internet and navigate to GOOGLE.
2. Enter: registry.faa.gov
3. Click on: ‘Flight Standards Service – Civil Aviation Registry’ (usually at thetop)
4. The Civil Aviation Registry home page willopen
5. Look down and find the second bullet stating: ● Airmen Certification Branch
6. Click on: ‘Airmen Certification’
7. Find the second column titled: Online Services
8. Click on: ● Airmen Services
9. If this is your first time using AirmenCertification online services you must:
● Create anaccount
10. If you alreadyhave an account: click ‘Login’ (you must remember your password)
11. To create anaccount follow the instructions completing the required information.
12. You may then LogOn, select any changes to your account, or request several certificateactions.
13. To process yourown certificate verification letter select:
● RequestVerification of Certificate Privileges and provide the required information.
14. You will receiveyour verification letter by return email. Make sure that the signature of the Airmen Certification Branch Manageris at the bottom of the letter.
15. Once you havereceived your verification letter you should save the attachment to yourcomputer’s C: directory instead of leaving it only in the email which could bevery easily deleted.
16. If you need tocall Airmen Certification their toll free number is: 866-878-2498.

jerman 14th Dec 2013 11:34

QR education allowance
can anyone give me info on hw much QR pay for schooling ,? and housing for F/O
appreciate any info

ManFlex46 14th Dec 2013 15:44

Talent Pool
Any widebody guys in talent pool?? any info how things are moving there, esp for widebody f/o's?


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