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Iver 26th Dec 2013 00:45

Is it true that early QR 787s are not built with the separate crew rest quarters and thus not enabling flights beyond Europe?

With 80 A350s on firm order, I can see why many current QR Airbus pilots might look to skip the Boeing side and stay on the Airbus. The route variety over time should be great on the A350 with such a large fleet. That and the fact they can keep their sidestick... :}:}:}

Flyboy41 26th Dec 2013 03:53

Thanks vitorps87.....:D

ASH 25 26th Dec 2013 08:02

PAT Test

does anybody know anything about this PAT test? Is SKYTEST helpful?

Merry christmas

Flyboy41 26th Dec 2013 08:23


Anyone with recent info about QR interviews. Sim, interview, pat test, etc etc


Happy holidays

sumair 26th Dec 2013 09:18


Me too trying to figure out the same. Pat and especially the technical quiz.


ASH 25 26th Dec 2013 09:48

PAT Test
I applied on the 18th December and received a mail on the 23rd saying that they will be in contact with me during the next few weeks about the next steps in their assessment process.

I'm 737 NG rated with 3200 hours on type.

ASH 25 26th Dec 2013 11:46

About an hour ago I received the invitation for April. So that was 8 days from my application to the invitation.

I appreciate any information about what to expect in DOH.

Best regards

ssangyongs 26th Dec 2013 13:00

too bad im about 200hrs from being qualified to apply for Boeing F/O position. Currently about 1100 total.

casablanca 26th Dec 2013 13:16

I am not sure how it is today, but 2 years ago when I interviewed at Qatar I bought the interview prep at Latestpilotjobs.com
It was only 20 dollars but I think it is more now.....for the price I found that to be pretty good and gave you and idea on the process and what you need to study and brush up on.

TinkerTailor 26th Dec 2013 16:03

Any idea people as to how many SO's are waiting in the pool approximately??(I am guessing close to 100 or more)
I don't know but sorry to say SOs will likely be at the bottom of the priority pile as it is more convenient for them to take on type rated guys. I know historically it could be up to a year between SOs being interviewed and starting with the company.

Jmodel 26th Dec 2013 19:23

Ntr fo
Hi guys any idea about how many NTR FOs in the pool?
Interviewed April 2012 good news June 2012 from July 2012 in The pool

Flyingmachine01 27th Dec 2013 04:04

I think trying to guess how many people are in the pools is very hard... Impossible. :ugh:

It's such a waiting game... Keep building hours and check your email..

I was interviewed September 2012... Didn't hear a word until May 2013...
Re-invited for PATS assessment Nov 2013..
First week of December 2013 I got asked to re submitted my current hours and aircraft type etc, updated details etc..

And now I waiting for the results... I have never seen an updated.. I have no idea which pool I am actually in. If any.... I have never been told I have passed a particular assessment..
Applied for Non type rated FO position.

Bring on 2014 :)

casablanca 27th Dec 2013 05:57

I have a friend who just interviewed. He is non type rated and applied for wide body DEC. He just received his fleet allocation, which is the 787.
So that appears to be a change, before the 78 was pretty coveted but I think as mentioned many of the airbus guys now prefer to hold out for 2014 as the 380/350s arrive.
It appears that training is slowly spooling up for the 380 so would expect early 2014 that there may be that many more positions available as people start to transition to new airplanes

clearedfortaxi 27th Dec 2013 06:56

applied for 777/787 fo last month...been invited for interview spring next year. anyone has some interview info?
737/320 experience.

ASH 25 27th Dec 2013 11:14

Me, too. Interview in April?

upwhereIbelong 29th Dec 2013 09:00

Demand is definitely there ,Pilot wise.
Just heard about a New Road Show announced .
Things are moving .....
Airplanes by the way come and go ,as usual ,nothing to do with HIA.
Hang in there ,prepare your Stuff.Get Informed about here ,make sure all your family wants to do that Step.Once you here ,busy times.distraction from Family will decrease your Performance .
Just my 50 cents.....

Iver 29th Dec 2013 17:15

Are the A350-900/1000s expected to fly long haul and ultra-long haul flights to North & South America, Australia, etc and supplement the current 777-200LRs and 300ERs? Or will they fly more Europe/Africa/Asia flights? Trying to figure out where the A350-900s would fit in the route structure given the various types flown and about to be flown (ie 1000s, 777X, A380s). Looks like the 787s will continue to be leveraged on European routes.

Anyone know or care to estimate the possible range of a QR A350-900 at MTOW (late night vs middle of summer day departure from Doha)? Obviously all speculation at this point until the 350s actually arrive on property (probably wishful thinking for this time next year). :cool::ok:

ConcordeLegacy 30th Dec 2013 03:08

Received Invitation for March after providing a copy of my ATPL theory Passes. Like ASH 25 does anyone know which PAT test or can recommend which stuff to brush up on?

Feel free to PM me


FMSPEED 1st Jan 2014 22:28

@londoncalling2009, have you heard anything about NTR pilots for the 320 future slots ?

Iver 1st Jan 2014 23:04

What are the odds that we will see a big QR order for Bombardier's C-Series (probably CS300) in 2014? 50/50 I suppose. Al Baker has been a fan of the aircraft but recently stated that he would require more large orders from others to ensure stability of the programme.

Would love to see the C-Series eventually in the Goat paint scheme!

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