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salamalikum2 2nd Jan 2014 04:28

I presume the little big man is trying his best to increase flights to Canada...:hmm:which I can understand...
Still It's gone be tough I think.

upwhereIbelong 2nd Jan 2014 13:51

320 already to smalll...personally I rather see 330 be taking over.
Dunno what AC they want to introduce Al Maha Airways....but quite sure 320 's.

fantom 2nd Jan 2014 16:40

Now listen.

My mate is arriving tomorrow DEC T7.


Look after him please.

winterinhell 3rd Jan 2014 02:12

Hi guys..been reading for a while but none mentioned to be interviewed recently..i am programmed for interview end of this month..anybody did their interview recently?care to share any tips?well I know 1 from this forum who got his joining date within a month after interview..

Flyboy41 3rd Jan 2014 06:24


Got an interview in feb. Also asking for any tips from anyone who attended recently. Sim session, PAT test, etc ....


jerman 3rd Jan 2014 06:45

r u guys FO or Capt?
which A/c ?

K1000 3rd Jan 2014 13:17


When did you apply and what aircraft?

Flyboy41 3rd Jan 2014 13:28

Hi k1000,

I'm for Boeing. U in line too or u done? Applied late last year. DEC

K1000 3rd Jan 2014 13:32

No I,m A330 applied in late december FO, I guess they are calling fast Boeing rated. Just wanted to know after sending the application, would you get a response. Good luck.

TinkerTailor 3rd Jan 2014 18:29

They have been calling some 330 FOs but I couldn't tell you numbers. I also know some people have been turning down the offers because they don't want to be flying cargo.

K1000 3rd Jan 2014 18:39

Is it just cargo or mix operation ?

TinkerTailor 3rd Jan 2014 20:07

A mixture which will become increasingly cargo orientated over time.

MahirKaplan 4th Jan 2014 00:59

Hi Guys,

A question for Qatar Airways pilots: What does the second officer position in Qatar entail and how long does it take to reach F/O? Quiet an important question for me, if anyone can help i'd appreciate a lot!

TinkerTailor 4th Jan 2014 01:46

Type rating, extended ground courses, something like 120 sectors line training (forget the exact number). Used to take about a year to a year and a half to complete but I heard from an SO some time back that they were being sent home for a while because of a shortage of training captains. Not sure how long for or whether this is still the case.
I expect someone here can come along and fill in the blanks or correct me.

K1000 8th Jan 2014 15:09

Visual Exam 1st class medical
Anyone flying in QR knows if there's a restriction on corrected vision. After looking thru the Qatar regulations in regards de visual exam for 1st class medical certificate, it states:

Applicants shall be considered fit with respect to refractive errors if they meet the following requirements:
(1) Refractive error
(i) At the initial examination the refractive error shall not exceed 3 dioptres (see paragraph 2 (a) Appendix 13 to Subpart B).

(See QCAR - MED 215, 220, 335 and 340)
1. Refraction of the eye and functional performance shall be the index for assessment.
(a) Class 1. If the refractive error is within the range 5 dioptres the designated body or institution may consider Class 1 certification if:
(1) no significant pathology can be demonstrated;
(2) optimal correction has been considered.

Wanted to know if there is any pilot who has a refractive error greater than -5 when they joined QR. I want to know if exceptions are made, don't want to quit job and have my medical certificate denied because if this requirement. Thanks for your help.

migair54 10th Jan 2014 09:54

Any news of the January update??

are we going to have some real news, dates...?? What do you think??

I hope this time we can get some more accurate info.

regards to all

pilot hans 11th Jan 2014 09:07

correct me if i'm wrong but Qatar seems to be the quickest way to get to the left seat? (compared to EK and the another one in Abu Dhabi)

Does this also counts if you would enter in De 787 or 777 fleet?

Good luck to everyone!

safelife 11th Jan 2014 10:49

It is probably the quickest way to command, but this will quite likely be on A320 even if you got hired on a widebody fleet.

casablanca 11th Jan 2014 11:31

Actually I thought upgrade was only 2-3 years at "other airline".
Qatar has fast track command of two years after final line check if qualified....meaning you have total time and on the widebody either 2000 hours on fleet or heavy jet experience in excess of 2000(I think)

Most likely if you join on widebody/ Boeing you will upgrade on Boeing.
I know many pilots who have qualifications to be 320 capt and would gladly bid that but ere told they must wait and upgrade on Boeing....so many without previous widebody experience will have to wait another year or two to get 2000 on heavy ac
Assuming the new airport opens, Qatar will most likely continue to grow faster than most other airlines

Iver 12th Jan 2014 00:05

What proportion of recent newhires have been allocated to the 787 fleet? Do Airbus rated pilots also get 787 or are they more likely allocated to the A320/330?

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