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ItsMeFromEarth 12th Jan 2014 08:08

Considering Sim availability whoever is already rated on scarebus, will stay on scarebus

Smoothflight 13th Jan 2014 06:10

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Rated 320 and allocated 787. Start in April.

hamd 13th Jan 2014 08:36

Congrats smoothflight!:D
when were u interviewed? Capt or F/O?

salamalikum2 13th Jan 2014 09:17

Well Unless you are Willing to put you hands into your pockets, or renting a 3 or 4 bedrooms flat ( and even),indeed the housing allowance offered by Qatar airways most probably won't be enough to rent a comfortable villa for you and your family in Doha.( + furniture)
And apparently the rent is expect to rise in the coming years..as it's was not yet expensive enough...
Doha is not a cheap place to live when you have family with you,and to be honest, as a joining F/o with 3 kids, you will not save that much money here..:bored:

ASH 25 13th Jan 2014 11:32

Interview Preparation
Hi folks,

is the Interview Preparation at latestpilotjobs.com okay for Qatar?


Obbie 13th Jan 2014 12:17

Smoothflight, you are never on a airplane here, until you are here
and on the airplane. Know what I'm saying ? Don't throw the 320
manual away just yet.

Hernando 13th Jan 2014 14:18

Hi guys..

Just a question concerning how thy contacted you..

Did they contact you through the web based interface or directly through email?

Having received an email myself, but my online application portal still says under review and it's locked...would it be wise to consider this a genuine email?


jerman 13th Jan 2014 15:39

Two of my friends who interviewd July 2013, A320 rated F/O , now Released on B777,

Flyboy41 13th Jan 2014 16:25

So it's the usual operational requirements of the company that will decide which fleet u get onto?

Scott_T 13th Jan 2014 19:33

Hi guys,

Could someone please PM me the phone number for the recruiters, as I wish to discuss the hour requirement I am 30 hours short of the 1000 minimum multicrew commercial experience and I would like a definitive answer as to wether they can accept me, thanks in advance.

jerman 14th Jan 2014 05:33

@scotT , if Qr called u for an interview it will be some months later so by than u will have that 30 hrs , dont think it will be a problem,

salamalikum2 14th Jan 2014 10:46

"320 rated F/O now released on B777":eek:

Scott_T 14th Jan 2014 12:10

@Jerman it will be a problem as I am not current toy flying at the moment...... , do you work for them? Do you think they would reject an application over 30/40 hours??

FMSPEED 15th Jan 2014 02:48

makes me curious to see qatar hiring 320 rated fo's to the triple seven, 2 different types.. so again…why they aren't hiring non type rated Fo's once for all, as i hear the pass ratio for Fo's are very low.. well…too sad for those ready but without a boeing or bus rating..seems a little discriminatory to me.. hopefully they're gonna change their minimums soon..

jerman 16th Jan 2014 03:59

Anyone interview in feb ,

vitorps87 16th Jan 2014 11:55

Hi smoothflight, first of all congratulations...

Im curious about the date you were interviewed and if you had flown boeing before...

I was interviewed on the 9&10th of december and i'm still on the pool...

See you



vitorps87 16th Jan 2014 19:33

Hey flyboy both answer are AIRBUS ;-)

Flyboy41 17th Jan 2014 16:12

Thanks for the info vitorps

Smoothflight 19th Jan 2014 05:13

Hi vitorps87
Interview june 2012 for FO position
Pat test November 2013. December 2013 offer of employment. Yes, I was in pool for about 16 months. Flew 737-300/400 efis for about 6 years and now A319/320 for about 1 year. Things started rolling for me when i had reached 500 hrs on Airbus last october. I am offered B787 to start in April 2014.
Strange, since QA e-mailed me last year asking when I would-be reach 500 hrs on the Airbus.

Smoothflight 19th Jan 2014 05:28

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Sorry, all the spelling errors are iphone induced.

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